For Tyeth’s First Comic Con – It was Ace!

Hello again, welcome back! On this page I will tell you about my encounter with the Bounty Hunter(s) called Bossk. Hunter(s) wasn’t a typing error, let me explain. On the next table to Miss Aldred was the display for Mr Alan Harris who as you know portrayed Bossk in Empire Strikes Back and in Return of the Jedi. He also stood in for Terence Stamp as a double and various other roles around the SW galaxy. Feeling brave and full of the force I approached Mr Harris and introduced myself. We had a short chat about Empire and I thanked him and told him I appreciated the efforts he put into the role of Bossk. Some people may have missed it but in the scene where Vader instructs the Bounty Hunters to capture Han Solo, Bossk is stood on a gangway above some Imperial minions. One of them looks up at him and Bossk responds by giving the offender an evil glare. This would be difficult in the head mask and costume, but I saw that Mr Harris exaggerated the pose and tilted Bossk’s head to give off a look of contempt. This prompted Mr Harris to say “You mean like this…” and then recreated his scene complete with a hissing snarl! It was awesome.

I explained I had Bossk’s Bounty for him and Bossk then proceeded to show the pictures I had. Mr Harris could see the resemblance and saw what I tried to achieve and appeared impressed. However more fans were filling in to chat so he had to excuse himself and I went on exploring the convention. This was when I encountered Bossk number TWO!

Regular followers of this site know I am a member of an online forum dedicated to custom lightsabers. Well, one particular member posted a guide on how he assembled a Bossk costume step by step. I was amazed by it’s detail in his photos. As the forum is based in the US, I mistakenly assumed he was American. Now I go over and start chatting with the group of Cosplayers that included Bossk and I get to talk about lightsabers as one cosplayer had a pair of sabers, then it happened.  The gentleman dressed as Bossk introduced himself as Takamatsu, the very same member from the forum…I was speechless (I know it doesn’t happen often 😀 ). So after my shock we chatted and I showed him Bossk’s Bounty and got his approval too! So my design has been liked by TWO Bossks! The day couldn’t have gone any better.

I am running out of time and I am very tired from my travels so will have to end soon but as always and more importantly today I have some thanks to hand out. To Sophie “ACE” Aldred thanks for putting me at ease and your kind words. Mr Harris, thank you for your impromptu  performance as Bossk and your comments. The organisers of the convention, the staff and visitors who all made it a fantastic day, thanks. Finally thank you, my followers and viewers for checking this post out and your support. I should hopefully have gained some inspiration for new designs so please call back to see those but for now I am off to dream….Till next time.

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8 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s First Comic Con – It was Ace!”

  1. What an awesome experience! LoL at the part with Mr. Harris and him recreating that scowl! I recalled the scene immediately when you started describing it. Sounds like a fun day.

    1. Hi there EF, thanks for the comments. Yes Mr Harris managed to make me jump with that scowl, as he also repeated the hissing noise he made UNDER the mask that we didn’t hear in the film! The whole day couldn’t have gone any better, and it won’t be my last Convention visit either!
      Thanks again,

  2. So glad you a great time. Quite the nifty experience there. 🙂

    Great costumes too, and I’m glad they liked and appreciated your designs.

    1. Hi there! Hope you’re well. Sorry I haven’t been in contact recently but this was the first bit of exciting news I’ve had. And just when I was gonna announce it on the forums my Photobucket account crashed! I did manage to get my hands on an Ultrasaber Scorpion (staff!) to look at, and man it’s a beast of a lightsaber! I will log into Saberforum in the next few hours to chat!

  3. Awesome story. I was 46 when I went to my first comicon. I was trembling when I first asked Greg Rucka to sign my copy of Whiteout, now I am contacting cons to see if I can appear on panels.

  4. Hi Dave, thanks man. Meeting a writing legend of Greg’s talent would rank very high too! I am going to attend more cons in future, funds permitting.
    And sorry again about the link, my laptop is beginning to creak with age!

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