For Tyeth’s First Comic Con – It was Ace!

Hello Everybody, today I have an update on my visit to my first Comic Convention. And boy what an experience it was! To start with it was the hottest day of the year in the Outer Rim of the UK, and after a long journey dodging the local Imperial blockades and troopers I made it to the venue. I was equally nervous and excited. As I entered there were more Imperials, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader all stood on the entrance steps…I’m not sure but I think Vader sensed my presence as he and his group followed me round for a few minutes!

The place was busy with traders, Cosplayers and visitors, just like Jedha’s market place. As I shuffled along the crowd thinned and a clearing appeared. And believe it or not right in the middle of the clearing was a signing table with one of the special guests of the convention, Miss Sophie Aldred. The force was with me it seemed as Sophie was sat waiting for someone to approach so I took the opportunity to introduce myself and show her the saber I had designed for her. I was shaking like a leaf with nerves but Sophie was unbelievable and calming. Once composed we chatted about Ace and Dr Who then I explained I had the Ace Assistant Saber for her. At first she seemed confused, but when I showed her the pictures she then understood. I am pleased to say Sophie thought it was a great design and I had the pleasure of having my photo taken with her and getting an autograph!DSC_0301

So after exchanging some details about my site and her current project it was time to let other people meet Miss Aldred – who really is ACE! Thank you Sophie for everything.

Now I promised I would mention the new project Sophie is working on and it is a “free comedy drama podcast for anyone aged 8 to 80” called Strangeness in Space. It is written by British TV comedy legends Trev and Simon, and orbits around the exploits of Sophie (Miss Aldred), the manager of the NASA Space Centre Gift Shop and two idiots (their description not mine!) who claim to be the next big Electronic Synth Pop duo, Pink Custard. Somehow they all get stranded in a spaceship orbiting Planet Mirth. Will they get back to Tillbury? How diid they get there in the first place?! All the answers to these questions and details on how you can support this project can be found by clicking this link Strangeness in Space.

I wonder if they need a wannabe jedi knight lightsaber designer?…hmm maybe not but please go and take a look then you can click to go to page two of this post and hear what Bossk had to say about his saber design….and a bit of a surprise for me!

8 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s First Comic Con – It was Ace!”

  1. What an awesome experience! LoL at the part with Mr. Harris and him recreating that scowl! I recalled the scene immediately when you started describing it. Sounds like a fun day.

    1. Hi there EF, thanks for the comments. Yes Mr Harris managed to make me jump with that scowl, as he also repeated the hissing noise he made UNDER the mask that we didn’t hear in the film! The whole day couldn’t have gone any better, and it won’t be my last Convention visit either!
      Thanks again,

  2. So glad you a great time. Quite the nifty experience there. 🙂

    Great costumes too, and I’m glad they liked and appreciated your designs.

    1. Hi there! Hope you’re well. Sorry I haven’t been in contact recently but this was the first bit of exciting news I’ve had. And just when I was gonna announce it on the forums my Photobucket account crashed! I did manage to get my hands on an Ultrasaber Scorpion (staff!) to look at, and man it’s a beast of a lightsaber! I will log into Saberforum in the next few hours to chat!

  3. Awesome story. I was 46 when I went to my first comicon. I was trembling when I first asked Greg Rucka to sign my copy of Whiteout, now I am contacting cons to see if I can appear on panels.

  4. Hi Dave, thanks man. Meeting a writing legend of Greg’s talent would rank very high too! I am going to attend more cons in future, funds permitting.
    And sorry again about the link, my laptop is beginning to creak with age!

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