Seabright Saber – Lighthouse inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, while I put finishing touches to my new Comic Con inspired hilts (and a new secret project!) I thought you might like to see a holiday photo from when I took a break last October (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging here for 10 months according to my stats page). It technically isn’t a “holiday snap” as you would have at home but a saber design inspired by an object I saw while on holiday. Now I had a break in a mobile home (I believe Americans call them RV’s) and took a trip along the coast of the Outer Rim of the UK. Dotted along this coastline were structures which looked like the pinnacles of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (made me a bit homesick) but these tall structures were lit to signal passing boats of danger! They were of course Lighthouses, and I thought I could replicate one in saber form so here is Seabright…

As you can see I tried to recreate a lighthouse and I think I’m pretty close to it. I am fortunate that lighthouses and lightsabers are tubes with lights installed (albeit on different scales!  😀 ) Starting at the bottom for a change, the pommel replicates the foundations for such a tower to stand on, whilst the switch section rests on a coupler to form the outhouse or accommodation for the lighthouse keeper (though many are now automated). I returned to an old trick I used on the saber Barkeeper Lightsaber (a concept saber for Maz Kanata) of using coupler sections to build the body so I could recreate the banded look of the main tower. The emitter is obviously meant to represent the Lantern Room where the powerful searchlight beam mechanism is located. I imagine lighthouse designers such as John Smeaton and Robert Stephenson would face similar problems as a lightsaber designer would face to make sure they get the lighting just right!

As this is a shorter post I have a bonus picture a friend sent me who warned me I was in danger when I was on my holiday – the Empire get everywhere…nearly!I dont care if hes swimming

That just about wraps things up, as you can tell I escaped from the pesky Imperials and continued my holiday. Sadly the holiday came to an end and so too this post will have to. But before I go I want to say a big thank you again for looking in and supporting the site, it’s greatly appreciated. Please call back and see what new stuff I have coming up (and details of my secret project) in upcoming posts. Till next time.

“Seabright Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition saber and the For Tyeth Meme are copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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