Snake Eyes Fire and Water Lightsaber – A Ninja’s Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, today we enter the world of  Comic Book international peace keeping and the franchise known as G.I. Joe. This range of action toys created by Hasbro, started out way back in the 1960’s as 12″ tall authentic styled figures named Action Sailor, Soldier or Marine. They represented the branches of the military of the US and a licenced version was launched in the UK called Action Man. Eventually these toys were re-vamped in a smaller size of 3.75″ poseable action figures. They had vehicle accessories, play-sets and a new back story of the G.I. Joes facing the threat from COBRA and their leader Cobra Commander (Long time followers will remember my Destro Lightsaber , he was Cobra Commander’s right hand man). However one of the most popular figures in this new range was that of a mysterious black clad Ninja with a Katana and a pet wolf. That Ninja was called Snake Eyes, and this is my lightsaber design for him…

I tried to create a saber similar to a Katana but with the added advantage of a lightsaber blade. This design I created long before my The Long and Short FT Katana Collection. I used the body sections that have Grenade grip blocks as I thought they looked like the tattoo Snake Eyes had on his forearm. The tattoo was the insignia of the Ninja clan he was a member of with his spiritual “brother” however things would change and they end up on opposing sides. The emitter has what appears to be a snake’s fangs and a medium blue blade. The whole saber is in tactical black to help it remain stealthy, just like it’s new owner.

As you can see from the images above Snake Eyes is a formidable looking guy, due to having to wear a mask to cover facial injuries he sustained on a mission. These injuries didn’t stop him from mastering 12 martial arts and serving in the Special Forces and Delta Force. The second image shows his clan tattoo, representing the I-Ching symbol for Fire and Water! Snake Eyes represents one half of the symbolism, and his “brother” (who we shall meet in my next post) is the other half.

I hope Snake Eyes approves of this new weapon, as in the movies based on the toys he is portrayed by Ray “Darth Maul” Park! I also hope you liked this back to basics Katana style hilt and you will join me to see his “brother’s” hilt. Thank you so much for your support today, I appreciate it but sadly I have to end now so…Till next time!

G.I. Joe was created by Hasbro Toys. and is Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys. The G.I. Joe movies are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Hasbro Toys.

3 thoughts on “Snake Eyes Fire and Water Lightsaber – A Ninja’s Lightsaber”

    1. Hello TVTA, the G.I. Joe action figure I owned had a katana styled sword (along with his Timber Wolf) and was my favourite character. I tried to combine a traditional Japanese look with that of a lightsaber and the grip sections looked so much like the symbols of the I-Ching I just had to use them. Thanks for the kind comments and feedback!

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