Destro Lightsaber – A GI Joe inspired hilt

Ooops! I got a little carried away celebrating Mr Hamill’s birthday yesterday and forgot to post my second purple saber I promised! Well I will set that right here. Back in the 80’s in the Outer Rim of the UK (where I live!) a comic was launched that pitted brave international military specialists against an evil dictator and his minion army. The good guys were called Action Force and the bad guys were called Cobra. In the US however the comic and the good guys were titled after the nickname for military personnel – GI Joes. Cobra remained Cobra and was headed by Cobra Commander and his right hand man DESTRO! It was this individual that stood out as he wore what appeared to be a chrome full faced mask. It completely encased his head and contrasted with his black outfit. At the time it was startling.

While using the ASP builder I noticed one particular pommel looked to have a pattern that mimicked a face. When I changed this pommel’s colour to silver I immediately saw the potential for a Destro hilt. So here is Destro…

The pommel has a ridge that looks like the bridge of a nose and a few details that look like eyes when held at a certain angle. Combining this with the jet black hilt handle and silver accent lines make this elegant and aggressive at  the same time. To top it off I added a purple(indigo) blade which contrasts with the black and looks intimidating.

Destro never used a sword as far as I recall but he may have chosen something like this had he done so. I do know of two brothers from the GI Joe universe who did use swords to great effect, the brothers Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. They were brothers, they were Ninjas…they were enemies! One fought for the Joes, the other for Cobra. I designed sabers for them also but those weapons are for a future post. (I know I’m a tease!)

I do hope you come back to check out the sabers for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and all the other designs by me and my friends. Meanwhile I thank you for your company here and hope you enjoyed! Till next time.

GI Joe, Destro, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro toys.

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