Abietes Conum Lightsaber (for the Potterheads)

Hello Everyone, after meeting a very nice book reviewer and fellow blogger, the Princess of Paperback, I was re-introduced to a fictional, magical world of wizards. No, I don’t mean Waverley Place, I am of course referring to the world of Harry Potter. Numerous members of the Lightsaber forum I belong to have created designs inspired by the famous wizard but I never made one myself…until now. I will admit I am not the greatest authority on the subject of Harry’s world but here is my attempt at making a “wooden” magic wand, this is Abietes Conum…

I think I have mentioned that making a Lightsaber that is made of metal look like wood is a bit difficult. After chatting with Joyce, the Princess, I had a stroke of inspiration. I thought that the trunk or branches aren’t the only parts of a tree, there are roots, leaves and on some particular trees Abietes Conum! Now the fluent Latin speakers will know this translates to “Fir Cone” and hopefully that counts as a “wooden” part of a tree and qualifies to make a wand with! I used a lot of small parts called couplers to make the body and grip of this saber. Couplers are usually used to connect two sabers together to form a double bladed weapon (like Darth Maul’s). These couplers have rectangular blocks to form ridges and I thought they looked like the segments of a Fir cone and linked together made the saber look just like one. The emitter forms a decorative top piece from which the Spell (blade) is projected from. The switch and pommel form the slightly more bulbous base of the cone. The weathered finish coating “hides” the fact the saber is made of metal. Here are some bonus pics showing how it looks in metal…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Phew! I think I may have performed a little magic of my own and I hope you liked the result.

This is the end of today’s performance, this wizard needs to board the Express back to Platform 9¾ as I have a connecting train to the Outer Rim of the UK to catch! Thank you so much for looking in on this wand and I hope you return to see my next design tomorrow and the final Elements saber on Saturday! Till next time.

Harry Potter, Platform 9¾ and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Entertainment.


7 thoughts on “Abietes Conum Lightsaber (for the Potterheads)”

  1. Potterheads rejoice, an inspired design, master Tyeth!

    I knew the name was Latin, but I was not sharp enough to translate it on my own. Now I see why you named it so, as the texture of the hilt resembles a fur cone.

    The tree inspiration is so appropriate for Harry Potter, as various types of magical wood are used for the construction of Olivander’s wands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you EF, having read the many blogs on this platform including yours, I have picked up bits and pieces of information I would never have imagined! Thanks once more for your comments.


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