Halo Lightsaber (Inspired by the computer game)

Hello Everyone, today I wish to bring to you a saber inspired by a computer game that has become one of the biggest sellers in history. The game is the first person shooter called Halo. When the original game came out it caused a stir and went on to build a large following. The game featured many gadgets and weaponry which all had a distinct chunky, grimy and Lime Green tinged appearance. The characters in the game had distinctive body armour prompting fans to create replica outfits. I thought the look would work well with a Lightsaber so I set about designing, this is the result of my efforts, this is HALO…


I recalled that on the TV show American Chopper, featuring Orange County Choppers, the team built a Halo themed custom motorcycle and I liked the utilitarian nature and look of it. I tried to create something similar. The saber has a rugged shrouded emitter to project the acid Lime Green coloured blade. The activation switches are no nonsense, but are mounted on the side of the hilt to avoid accidental button presses during combat. The body has diamond cross cut milling on the grip to prevent the weapon slipping in the soldier’s gauntlets. The FTE Pommel this time represents a power cell full of the acid green energy that produces the blade. The overall look is finished with the old weather beaten coating to give it that battlefield tested vibe.

That concludes this saber and the mission was a success (I hope!). I partly decided to post this design as I saw the novel, Halo – Fractures, in a review Paperback Princess wrote on and I have another saber Joyce may like for tomorrow’s post, but you will need your tickets for the Express train leaving Platform 9¾ to see it! Thank you for joining me for this post and please call in again. Till next time.

Halo is Trademark/©Copyright of 434 Industries (developers) and published by Microsoft.