Frankly M Lightsaber (For Michaela on YouTube)

Hello Everybody, just before Christmas I made a comment on YouTube regarding a Darth Vader Replica Lightsaber (I get around the Internet Galaxy quite a bit now 🙂 ). The channel I commented on was set up and is run by a young lady calling herself “frankly Michaela”. I congratulated her on her new lightsaber and posted some information and advice. We exchanged a few comments and I thought the chat had ended, but I just received a notification that Michaela had commented once more on the thread and loved my comments. I was pleasantly surprised, after all the hustle and bustle of the festive period Michaela took the time to respond and to like/love my contributions!

In the videos Michaela mentioned that she and her husband had an Ultrasaber which they swung around a bit in “combat”. But all I could imagine was her husband with the Ultrasaber and Michaela defenceless, as the Darth Vader replica isn’t really duel worthy! That isn’t right, so, as I am an observant fellow I picked up on a few things Michaela said in her videos and thought I could design a saber for her, so here is Frankly M…

There are elements of my Abietes Conum Lightsaber Harry Potter themed saber and a bit of Star Wars. The blade is her favourite colour and I noticed a tattoo on her finger that I thought looked a bit like the pommel which I have used. I think all these things combine (with a bit of magic) to form a saber I hope Michaela likes. I just wish I could arrange to get it built so Michaela could use it! Oh and this saber would be DUEL WORTHY!

So I’d like to thank Michaela for being so polite and if you like Myths and Magic, Art, Star Wars or Girly Girly Stuff then please go and check out her channel by clicking this link  Frankly Michaela YouTube Channel. I shall be visiting the channel regularly from now on.
Thanks to everyone for looking in on this design, I hope you will return for more in upcoming posts.

Till next time.

7 thoughts on “Frankly M Lightsaber (For Michaela on YouTube)”

  1. Honestly the most beautiful lightsaber I could ever hope for! I never thought someone would custom make me a lightsaber, and that it’d be so perfect! Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. I am so happy you like it! I thought it was great that you make such efforts to respond to viewers of your channel. I look forward to more of your videos! MTFBWY!

    1. Hello Abby, thank you for the compliments on this saber…and thank you for the second nomination I have received. You like to keep me busy don’t you! I will do my best again with the nomination process but I am still just a beginner 😀

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