Aura Lightsaber (Halo standard finish)

Hello Everyone, today I return to the Halo themed saber I brought to you two days ago. That design had a grimy war torn look to it but I know one friend of this site likes sabers that have a bit of contrast so I will showcase the Standard dual tone version now. This saber looks like it just left a Jedi’s workshop nice and shiny, you could say it has an AURA…

This is a weapon for an experienced warrior. It shares the same utilitarian parts as Halo Lightsaber but has a distinct Light-side look to it. The deep blue blade projects from a beautiful scalloped, two tone emitter. The switch section is robust and again with the activation buttons located on the side to prevent accidental clicking on or off. The dual tone finish gives the body section nice black inlaid, diamond cut grip pads, framed by the saber’s  light metallic frame. The design is completed by an FTE pommel which houses the extra power crystal which in turn shines through the lozenge shaped windows. This is a saber I hope any Jedi would be proud to hang from their belt.

This brings to an end this presentation but there are two more versions of this saber I will showcase in future posts. I hope you liked Aura and please come back tomorrow as I have the privilege of bringing to you the culmination of the Medwyn DEK Elements saber, a special design that brings all the Elements we have seen so far together. I also have something to celebrate on a personal level so there will be TWO posts! Thank you for looking in. Till next time.

Aura Lightsaber, FTE Pommel Emitter and For Tyeth Editions are Copyright© of FTSabersite and For Tyeth.