Power Blue Katana – The Nex-Gen Power Ranger sabers.

Hello Everybody, it’s that time again for another post and a big trip down “memory lane” to some sabers that I covered way back when. To be precise, I’m going back to March of 2017 when Saban Intl released the reboot of their popular “Power Rangers” movie. As I usually do I created some designs inspired by the characters in the film and from my knowledge of the TV show, but I was using the old design software I had access to. The designs were OK and I was pleased with them because I created techniques to use the “Virtual Saber Builder” software in ways it wasn’t meant to be – I found a way to put the parts in unique order so I got combinations other members of the saber community using it couldn’t achieve. The saber I designed for the Blue Power Ranger (aka Billy) looked like this (old pictures coming up!)…..

This design was loosely based on a Katana with the elongated handgrips and silver switch, mid-hilt decorative band and the ornate pommel. The pommel is the section that I tweaked so that there was a silver insert in the pommel opening. This object is actually a blade plug part usually fitted into the emitter of a saber when not in use and the software normally wouldn’t allow it to be placed in the pommel but I found a way.

You can see further images of the original here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/ranger-blue-lightsaber-billys-new-gadget/

So I was pleased with my design but you know me, I always felt I could do better I just didn’t have a 3D design software to do it, FAST FORWARD to 2022 and I have finally gotten around to re-forging my designs after I created my first proper Katana a few weeks back. So without further wait I present “Power Blue Katana” the Blender 3D version!…

I took the “Snake Eyes” themed hilt with the lengthened handgrip and gave it a Power Ranger Blue colour scheme and blade. The texturing again is quite detailed when zoomed in and you can see the grain in the leather. The Tsuka Ito wrapping imitates the Power Ranger costumes nicely with the diamond patterning. This range of Katanas also has a bespoke Power Rangers lightning bolt logo on the pommel (instead of a blade plug!).

I really had fun revisiting this old theme and I even had a ” happy accident” that resulted in a kinda unique view of this hilt…whilst positioning the virtual camera in Blender, I accidently set it’s co-ordinates so the camera was INSIDE the body of the hilt looking down through it – it created a sort of “time tunnel” or wormhole effect….

The spiral effect is created by the Tsuka Ito grip wrapping showing through the inner cylinder of the handgrip. I just thought it looked a bit arty so I created the final image by duplicating the model of the hilt and arranging them to show off their lines.

I hope you enjoyed this revisit to an old theme…and hopefully I did justice to the Blue Ranger with the new custom Katana. I do have hilts for the other members of the Ranger quintet which I’ll post in upcoming instalments I also still have another G.I. Joe themed saber and a range of hilts for some teen Ninjas….and if that wasn’t enough I have a nother Starfighter saber….and more blasters and gifts to talk about!

Thanks so much for your visit and support, it does mean a lot to me and keeps me designing and posting. Please be sure to call back to see all the upcoming stuff, and don’t be afraid to comment or leave a like or two. But for now I have to bring this post to an end so Till next time…..

“Power Blue Katana” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by Saban’s “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” franchise. The 3D models and renders were created by For Tyeth/FTSabersite and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. MMPR and all associated content (names, movies, shows etc) are Trademarked and ©Copyright of Saban International and Lionsgate Studios.

9 thoughts on “Power Blue Katana – The Nex-Gen Power Ranger sabers.”

    1. Hi TVTA, you know me well enough by now to know that every now and then something wierdy wonderful happens – this “wormhole” appearing being just the latest. Hope it wasn’t telling me I should go travel somewhere far off!
      And I noticed you saw your “shout-out” on Resa’s “Graffiti Lux Art & More” blog! So kind of Resa to mention us.

      1. Hi EF, hope you’re well. There is a rich tapestry of lore and backstory to the Star Wars universe, it’s just so complicated and sometimes difficult to keep track of it all!
        I learnt most of the knowledge I mentioned about Amidala when I researched her for my “Aggressive Negotions” saber design based on Padme’s Geonosis arena costume from Attack of the Clones. I read a few articles by the SW costume designer Trisha Biggar regarding Amidala’s wardrobe .
        But that mural Resa discovered was nailed on perfect!

      2. It is all very interesting, and I remember the fantastic Aggressive Negotiations post! The most impressive things I learned about Amidala was that the red lower lipstick symbolizes the spilt blood of her people, and that it is Naboo tradition to elect young rulers because they are less cynical. That is a neat idea!

      3. Hi there, electing rulers at an early age is an outside the box idea, the only drawback was that Queens only had short tenures as monarch, being replaced by a younger queen. However it was Amidala that the people of Naboo petitioned for to serve another term longer than usual because she was so popular…but Amidala turned down the chance and instead became the Senator of Naboo.
        Glad you remember Amidala’s saber I designed…it feels a long time ago since I did that one and you’re still here supporting me so thank you!

      4. Her people loved her so much they petitioned… That part I def remember from the movies. And she turned it town! As any inspiring democratic leader should👏 It’s a privilege, my friend!

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