Ranger Blue Lightsaber – Billy’s New Gadget

Hello Everybody, I hope you enjoyed the Wonder Woman hilt I presented yesterday and I am pleased to say I have the next Ranger hilt to show you. In today’s post we will meet William “Billy” Cranston. Billy was the “Brains” of the Rangers and in the beginnings was thought of a s a nerd. This nerd however created the wrist worn communicators the Rangers used, the system for teleporting and found a way to enter the evil Rita Repulsa’s (her again!) Dark Dimension world. As with most academics Billy wasn’t the most gifted physically and wasn’t the most natural martial artist. But through hard work and several tutors, he attained a Red Belt in Karate. Billy possessed the Triceratops Power Coin and Dinozord and was later given the Wolf Power Coin and became the Blue Ninja Ranger. Well, all Ninja Rangers need a weapon, so in recognition for his hard work here is my design for Ranger Blue…

I think Billy would appreciate the “Tech” behind his new saber. From the blue blade and combat ready grips all the way down to the clawed emitter. The saber is nicely balanced and I am sure he would be fascinated by the Plasma emitter and return rings which create the containment field for the blade, all focused through a Kyber Crystal (Ooops sorry got a bit technical myself there!).

Anyway back to Billy himself and the saber. Billy developed over time and grew in confidence to become the second longest serving Ranger. And here’s an interesting bit of trivia…Billy’s surname is Cranston, named after Bryan Cranston the actor who voiced some of the monsters in the early TV series. And Bryan Cranston will play Billy’s boss Zordon in the new reboot! How strange is that. Before I forget Billy will be portrayed by RJ Cyler in the same film.

Ok folks that just about wraps things up. I just have time to thank you all for visiting FTSabersite and supporting me. I would like to invite everyone back to check out more new designs including the final Ranger and a special appearance from one their most famous opponents and her staff! Till next time.

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