“TY Silencer Elite” – For Tyeth Strikes Back!

Hello Everybody!!!!! Yes I am back…..for the moment at least. I have managed to rectify my tech issues…it was a burnt out power adaptor in the end but I had a problem ordering a new one as I was sent a charger with the wrong connector plug so I had to order a SECOND adaptor with the right plug! Trying to make purchases using mobile phone internet access is tough🤣 . Anyhow I succeeded eventually and I am back for now. I had to entertain myself watching DVDs of Dr Who and Star Wars so I kept sane while I was offline but fortunately I had a post readied to publish before the adaptor had it’s meltdown so I am going to get right to business. Here is a re-worked design based on my Mandalorian Quatermaster saber (https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2021/07/24/the-quartermaster-saber-inspired-by-the-mandalorians-the-armourer/) and my Kylo Ren Silencer saber (https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/ty-silencer-tros-saber-for-tyeth-editions/.) …this is TY SILENCER ELITE….

I really wanted to post this saber and was worried I had lost it went my laptop crashed but thank the Force I didn’t. I went to town on this hilt combining the “starfighter” body shape and wing shaped shrouds with the handgrip of the Quartermaster. Then I dressed it up in the classy black and gold colour scheme I used on my Amban Pulse Rifle saber. The Handgrip has proper textured leather graphics and the display plinth is made of the black ash woodgrain effect material I have used a few times (I used to have some flat pack furniture made of the same wood!)

The emitter is the front cockpit window and when the blade is removed you can see a small red light through the windshield (which replicates the targeting scope in Kylo’s starfighter cockpit). Behind the shrouds and emitter are two shine-through windows to let the blade glow out. Next is the activation slide switch in black and gold then the textured leather. The saber has a pommel taken from the original “TY Silencer” hilt but scaled to fit and re-textured. The saber is angular but also sleek at the same time. It has an overall intimidating look I think but it’s time for a few more close up detail pictures….Gallery Two!……

In the final image above you can see the red crystal/targeting scope and there are also two small red glowing “barrels” to represent the laser cannon barrels seen below the cockpit windshield of TIE Fighters.

I hope you like this saber, I was so pleased I was able to share it with you all as I was worried I’d lost it. I also have another version for a Dark Lord of the Sith too – but that will be in a future post. I am going to have to bring this post to an end very shortly as I don’t want to stress my laptop too much after just getting it back operational (it’s getting old like me!).

So I hope you will call back to FTSabersite for more sabers, Star Wars stuff and designs from every corner of the galaxy. Did I mention the collection of Katanas for a colourful bunch of Rangers, or the set of Katanas for the Teenage Ninjas? All that and more is coming soon. But now I need to say thank you for being patient while I had my problems and thanks for calling back. Your support is always greatly appreciated and made me determined to get back posting. So Till Next Time…..

“TY Silencer Elite” is a For Tyeth Editions design. The 3d model and renders were created in Blender 3D by For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022.

10 thoughts on ““TY Silencer Elite” – For Tyeth Strikes Back!”

  1. The images look so much nicer on my 4k screen, LOL. I think the whole of the UK had black ash furniture at one point. I love the tie fighter (near enough for me) handle feature. Your work is gaining a lot more detail and is so much better for it.

    1. Hi Neo, thanks very much. I’ll have to take your word that the images look good in 4K as my laptop is only a tiny 12.5in screen! I did visit my local library while I was “offline” last week and used the computers there to have a look at my site and I surprised myself seeing it on a widescreen monitor – my blog almost looked professional 🤣
      Anyhoo, I am currently scraping some money together to get a brand new computer(not refurbished) as soon as I can but I also need a new TV as that has failed this week too!

    1. Hi TVTA, thanks so much…it feels good to be back online. I was able to monitor my blog using my mobile phone but couldn’t interact with it very well. Trying to type comments on a phone screen and keypad is torture….and then I had to purchase a new battery charger using the phone. Then it turns out I was sent the wrong adaptor so I had to order a second one with the right connector on! It was so much fun…not. Anyway I’m back and so glad you enjoyed the new design…thanks for waiting for it!

  2. Welcome back! Quite a different saber.
    It’s not as sleek as some, but it has a solid sturdy feel.

    So, turns out I have Disney+ free for a year. I see they are advertising Obi-Wan Kenobi series.
    I wish I could watch and you could see through my eyes, but tech is not there, yet!
    So…… I might try having it on when I’m home alone and drawing.
    LOL! Best I can do, for now…unless I get hooked.

    1. Hello Resa, it’s good to be back while it lasts! I’m glad the saber gave the impression you got from it because I intended the hilt to be aggressive looking. The character whose spaceship this is based on is Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver), the grandson of Darth Vader from the original movies. Kylo tries to follow in his grandfather’s footprints and attempts to end the Jedi Order by killing them all. But Kylo is not as well trained and instead of skill he uses aggression and brute force to achieve his goals. As a result he never quite lives up to his grandfather’s shadow. Kylo’s spaceships are all very angular, sharp edged, intimidating and usually back and silver in colour with splashes of red.
      Regarding the Kenobi series it looks as if it might be really good and it’s confirmed that Hayden Christensen who played Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader in the Prequel movies has returned to reprise those roles! But don’t worry I will get to watch the show eventually. Thanks as always.

      1. I’m glad I felt something close to what you were getting at.
        It is a limited series. 1st ep. on May 27.
        I’ll let you know if I watch it.

      2. Hi again, the show takes place between the events of Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4 the original Star Wars movie. The story will show what Obi-Wan was doing on the planet Tatooine whilst he was protecting Luke Skywalker during his childhood years. It’s rumoured to show some epic Darth Vader scenes too! If you do see it I hope you enjoy it, it should look stunning.

      3. Thanks for prepping me! You make it sound really good! I’m sure the visuals will be beyond excellent!

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