Rey’s “Crown” Lightsaber – Inspired by The Rise of Skywalker saber.

Hello Everybody! Today is the day that I complete my The Rise of Skywalker saber collection so….

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! Oops! Wrong franchise! If you haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie then you may not want to continue reading as this post may contain info on events and stuff that may or may not happen in the film ok?

If you are still with me then I assume you have seen the film and I can now say I have built the saber that appeared for about 10 seconds at the very end of The Rise of Skywalker. And I have to have a little boast because I did predict what happened way back in September of 2016! Let me explain, a long time ago when The Force Awakens was big news, I posted an article about the new character Rey and her staff and in it I predicted she would make a lightsaber out of her staff! I did! Here is the link to that post Scavenger’s Twins Lightsabers (a pair of sabers for Rey)  Ok, I did give her new sabers a green and purple blade but this was before Disney changed the canon Lore that dictates lightsaber colours! I said that Rey would use the end of her staff to form the handle and I used an online virtual saber builder app (provided by Saberforge) to mock up how it might have looked like. I think I came pretty close (maybe I had a Force Vision!) but always knew I could do better and build a near exact replica so now I have Blender 3D I have and here is a gallery showing my 2016 attempts and a few preview images of my new 2020 Blender hilts…

Wow! That was actually a bit of a scary flashback for me! To think how far I have progressed from the early days of FTSabersite and those basic pictures I produced. But back to the new saber, I modeled this as soon as I had finished the Leia saber when I got home from the cinema. I had both saber models built within 48 hours of watching the film but as I mentioned in the Leia post last week I couldn’t post the designs as I didn’t want to spoil anything for you all. However other members in the lightsaber manufacturing industry have posted their versions this past week or two complimenting themselves how fast they did it. Well….if you had read my year in review post and took a close look at the title image you might just see…Rey’s new saber!….Take a look behind the spectacles!…..New Year Review Plate Yep! There it is! Rey’s new lightsaber in all it’s glory and posted before my compatriots posted theirs. OK I’ll stop boasting now but I was kinda proud that I had come up with the designs so quick and that they are fairly accurate. But you will want to see a few close up Glamour Shots, so here they are….

The hilt is the end of Rey’s staff and has an emitter that is reminiscent of Darth Maul’s saberstaff. But Rey’s saber has a set of diamond shaped plates that hinge open and closed when the saber is switched on/off. These plates form the shape of a “crown” around the blade. The blade is in my renders, a yellow colour but there has been an argument online as to what colour the saber is, some say yellow, while some say it is amber….it is just like the Blue/Black or Gold/White dress incident all over again. But mine is “Optimism Yellow” which is the colour as described by the producers of the film. The hand wrap is made of a leather like material and is physically wrapped around the hilt handle as a strip! Finally there is the activation switch…that is the round cog shaped wheel below the emitter. Instead of depressing a switch or sliding a slider to operate the saber, you actually rotate the cog clockwise/anti-clockwise to switch it on or off. Want to see a video to demonstrate? Of course you do….so here you go another quick animation for you….

I managed to get away from just rotating the camera around the hilt and I even got some close up zoomed in detail shots of the “Activation Wheel Cog” in action! Plus I added some Snap!Hiss or sound effects as the saber lights up and switches off.

I am getting near to the end of this post and as I mentioned above this was the final hilt in my The Rise of Skywalker Collection so I thought you might like to see ALL my models in one place so I gathered them together and posed them for a family glamour shot….I hope you like it….

Rise of Skywalker Collection MK
The For Tyeth Rise of Skywalker Collection!

At the top is the famous Darkside Rey folding staff (see the post HERE ) below that is Rey’s repaired Graflex saber once owned by Anakin and Luke Skywalker (see that hilt HERE ). Next down on the left is Leia Organa’s saber from last week’s post (click HERE to view that) and of course finally we have Rey S….well, Rey’s new saber!

Phew! That was another long post but thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you enjoyed this series of designs. I really enjoyed building them but now I have to search the galaxy for new inspiration for designs as the Skywalker saga has ended…but I think I can find some new original designs in my head. I hope you will return to see those in future posts. Thank you so much for all the support, comments likes and follows you have left, whether you are a first time visitor or a regular to FTSabersite, you are all valued and appreciated. Till next time….

“Rey’s Crown Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions model and animation and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. It is inspired by the design seen in the movie The Rise of Skywalker and all other Star Wars names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.  

7 thoughts on “Rey’s “Crown” Lightsaber – Inspired by The Rise of Skywalker saber.”

  1. Hi FT. Excellent job, especially as there was so little screen time to go by for this unique saber. What struck me the most in the scene was the ‘crown’ parts of the emitter and the raggedy strips of leather for the handle. Maybe your handle is a bit too clean here? As for the light colour – you’re right, plenty of online debate about that. Yellow, orange, amber. Whichever, it certainly places Rey in uncommon territory for this special saber!
    Top work, and a nice group shot too with all other sabers!

    1. Hello TVTA, it was a challenge to build this hilt but as it was based on the end section of her staff made it a little easier. But as always there were numerous images of varying quality (focus/lighting/perspective) so knowing which was the “accurate” images was hard to determine. I still think I got fairly close…and I may add some grime to the hilt, I just need to learn how to add that to the leather texture (the leather is a custom texture itself so I will have to layer the grime f I can) Thanks as always for the great feedback.

  2. Ahh, I’ve been waiting for this one! Excellent job once again. I think “optimism yellow” is perfect! It was an interesting choice for Rey, especially considering that in Legends, yellow was the color of Jedi Sentinels’ lightsabers (Bastilla Shan, etc.)

    1. Hello Mei-Mei, thank you so much. We didn’t get to see much of the saber on screen but thanks to the fact Rey scavenged her staff to make the hilt I did have some reference pictures etc to work from (but I did predict Rey would cannabilise her staff way back in 2016 – have I really been blogging this long?) I think the producers did a good job with Rey, Leia and their sabers – and the choice of Optimism Yellow worked well as Rey is now the custodian, protector and Baance of the Force in humanoid form. (And I sort of predicted this too in my post “Which way for Rey?” where I pointed out she was at the centre of a Figure 8 loop of events/swings between light and dark and would have to make a decision of which path she would follow or stay neutral.) Anyhoo, I am so glad you have enjoyed my take on her saber….now I just have to figure out what I’m gonna build next!

    1. Hello Resa, thank you I’m glad you liked the post. I was really pumped when I got back from viewing the new film and seeing the new sabers I had to attempt to model them. I think I got pretty close with my first build considering I modeled it from memory, and later, adding the leather wrap just rounded the model off. I felt the group glamour shot was a nice way to wrap up the collection..a few other designers have one or two of the hilts on their sites but I think I’m the only one to have all four all together!
      Now I have to scour the galaxy for inspiration for new hilts…it should be a fun adventure! Thanks as always.

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