“Leia’s Knightsaber” for Princess/General Leia – Inspired by TROS

Hello Everybody, today I have a BIG SPOILER WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! There may be details in this post that might hint at events or situations in the new movie The Rise of Skywalker. If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to know anything about what may have happened then I don’t mind if you stop reading here! But if you’d like to see one of the newest saber designs in Star Wars then read on, I have preview images, full colour renders and an animation of what I think is a very classical saber.

So, if you are still with me, part way through the film we see Rey attempt to escape her destiny, for a while, by flying back to Ach-too and hiding on the island. She destroys the ship she arrived in and as the ship burns Rey throws the Skywalker legacy saber into the flames. Only for a certain person from the past to catch the saber and hand it back to her so she could continue her training. Rey had been training with General Leia at the Resistance Base. The figure from the past convinces Rey to continue to her destiny and gives her something that his sister would have wanted Rey to use in her quest. That object was a lightsaber. And not just any lightsaber. It was so beautiful that I had to model it in Blender as soon as I returned from the cinema….this was what I came up with…

Organa Skywalker MatCap 5 MK
Leia Knightsaber first model attempt

Now this is pretty close to the hilt seen in the movie considering I made it from memory! I had no reference pictures to work from but I knew there were a few tweaks I needed to make. Soon a few pictures were posted on forums and message boards and I saw how I needed to fix the switch and pommel. About twenty minutes work later I had come up with this….

Organa Skywalker MatCap 7 MK
Leia’s Knightsaber – Second build.

As you can see I reworked the switch, reshaped the pommel and defined the triple ring bands around the hilt. I also took the opportunity to thicken the neck tube. I felt I had this design finished (I didn’t add the loop to hang it on a belt as it just gets in the way) so set to work making it the proper colours and materials. Here is my glamour shot gallery….

The saber is elegant in rose gold and silver with the same blue blade as the Graflex. And it shouldn’t be such a surprise that this hilt is so beautiful…it was built and used by Leia! This is the weapon of a Jedi….and yes Leia trained with Luke after Return of the Jedi but when she saw a vision of a possible future stopped training and the hilt was kept in storage by her brother. But I mean, this saber looks so sleek and elegant. The ringed emitter and thin neck is reminiscent of Luke’s and Old Obi-Wan’s hilts. It is also this trinity of characters I think the banded rings represent, one for Luke, one for her “only hope” Obi-Wan and the third representing herself. I have also shown the saber with a purple/pink blade as Carrie Fisher always stated that purple was the colour she would have liked to wield had Leia been given a saber to use in the films.

And that brings me to the subject of films and video. I have managed to compile a little video and because I have learnt a new animating trick I can nearly double the length of the clip. So here is that new animation….

I am still getting to grips with cinematography so it is a basic orbit around the hilt but I feel that shows off the saber best. But I did try to find a suitable location to film this video at…it looks very much like the planet Ajan Kloss, location of the Resistance Base.Finally, I have a couple of Darkside versions, just because I had the thought “I wonder how the story might have panned out had Leia given in when she was tortured by Darth Vader on the Death Star all those years ago”…would she have turned to the Darkside? We know the answer, Leia was too strong and survived but here are the dark hilts for show…

Ok folks, I sincerely hope you like this model and the wait and the teasers were worth it. I certainly hope I did justice to the legacy of both Leia the character and the fabulous actor Carrie Fisher. I have so far now built three of the hilts seen in The Rise of Skywalker but I still have one final hilt to showcase that we see at the end of the movie which has caused some heated debates online. So I would be honoured if you would call back next week as I complete my Rise of Skywalker collection.

Thank you so much for checking this saber out, I hope I haven’t spoiled too much (I don’t think I did) and thank you for all your support. Whether you are a first time viewer or a regular visitor you are much appreciated as you have now propelled me past 16,000 views! Incredible. Till next time….

“Leia’s Knightsaber” is a For Tyeth Editions model and animation and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. This saber is inspired by the hilt seen in The Rise of Skywalker which is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

8 thoughts on ““Leia’s Knightsaber” for Princess/General Leia – Inspired by TROS”

  1. I read the entire post. I’m not going to see the movie, so there is no spoiling.
    The Saber is fabulous!!! The rose gold and silver are outstanding. Your video is really good! Your art is advancing, nicely!

    1. Hello Resa, I have to say that the Art Dept at Lucasfilm did an outstanding job with the design of this saber. It has elements that are reminiscent of past designs (as I mentioned Luke and Obi-Wan’s sabers) which gave it a more emotional connection for fans. But that colour combo just shook me in a good way, so elegant. I am pleased to hear you like the hilt and thanks for the compliment.

  2. Outstanding. The colour combinations are wonderful, perfect for Leia in her later years as a General – authority, wisdom, poise and elegance! Plus, that’s a nice homage to the actress who played her, Carrie Fisher, by including a purple beam. I thought also that some of the background ‘greenery’ scenes reminded me a little of Endor – another nod to Leia, and her action scenes in ROTJ.
    Really good job, FT! Bravo!

    1. Hello TVTA, thanks very much. As I mentioned to our friend Resa, Disney and Lucasfilm actually did a great job on this saber for Leia/Carrie. I also think a purple blade would be quite regal for the Princess – though Leia would probably bark at me for calling her “Princess”! And from what I have read the scenery of Ajan Kloss were also meant as a reminder of the foothills of Alderaan.

  3. That’s a nice looking sabre FT. I love the video nice flow through and enough time to read the captions. You’re inspiring me to spin up a few Daleks. A picture story comes to mind to.

    1. Hello Neil, thanks very much. I had a plan in mind when I did the video and had an imaginary storyboard in my head. And the trick I mentioned that has halved my animating time was as simple as setting Blender to keep the GUI on screen instead of the frames being rendered! I test the rigging in preview and then trust the Force that the rendered animation turns out OK.
      Dalek picture story? I’d like to see that…and for the exterminator ray you could invert the colours using the Negative filter in the sequence editor! Thanks again.

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