Scavenger’s Twins Lightsabers (a pair of sabers for Rey)

Here is the next post as promised and I will be showing you a pair of sabers this time.

In the previous post we saw Scavenger, my attempt to recreate Rey’s staff weapon from “The Force Awakens”. There was speculation whether Rey would use her staff, or if the staff was a long forgotten Lightsaber staff or would Rey build her own new Lightsaber? I thought perhaps she would make her own weapon from salvaging parts from her staff and make two sabers. The ends of the staff resembled saber hilts already and some parts looked like the emitters of Darth Maul’s saber. Enough talking from me, I will now get to the pictures of the two designs.

This is Hilt One.

And as a bonus this is Hilt Two.

That concludes the picture show. Rey didn’t have two sabers in the film in the end but I still had fun designing these just in case. The “What if ..?” question helped spawn a few new sabers for characters who didn’t normally use a Lightsaber and I will post them here in time. Thank you for checking this post out and hopefully you liked what you saw.

Star Wars and related names are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

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