Stormtrooper Rogue Saber – Lightsaber for the Rogue Generation

Hello Everybody, I am still busy “Tagging” everything so much so it feels like I’m working in a Department Store! But as alaways I try to bring you something nice or new to look at and today I have another version of my Stormforce Stormtrooper hilt. The funny thing is I have been struggling for inspiration recently but this saber was staring me in the face all along. I will explain that comment later but first let me present the new version to you, this is Stormtrooper Rogue Saber…

This saber shares the same parts as Stormforce and the other trooper based hilts, but this version has the new “Rank and Squad” colours added. During Rogue One the regular Stormtroopers appeared and some had these coloured patches on their usually gleaming white armour. The emitter has a long window which looks like the grill on the front of the troopers’ helmets and just above the switch section I added two panels of colour in-between the black ridges. The final panel which is yellow I added to the vented block just above the pommel of the weapon. Now this saber has an Identification system, so in theory if a parent had two younglings who both wanted one of these hilts they could buy two with a different combination of colours and rank. That way the younglings wouldn’t argue over who owned which saber!

Now remember I said that the inspiration for this version was staring me in the face? Well the reason is that I went to my local cinema complex to see Rogue One and managed to get the set of drinks cup toppers seen above. One of the figures is the Stormtrooper and mine is stood on my TV stand watching me! I was struggling to think of a new design and happened to glance up at him then thought “Wait a minute he’s got new colours on his armour!” and so I adapted my original repaint! I have said before that I get my inspiration from some strange sources!

Well that little design and a quote I heard recently has triggered my imagination again. The result is three new designs inspired by a 1980’s Sci-Fi film which was over 7 hours long! Hopefully you will be able to join me to see these new hilts. First before I go, I need to say thank you again for your visit today (and continued support if you are a regular visitor!) It means a lot to me. Till next time.

Rogue One, Star Wars and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

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