Stormforce Lightsaber – A Slight Redesign.

Hello Everybody, today I am delving into my back catalogue of designs! This saber I designed over a year ago but as much as I liked it, it wasn’t quite perfect. I have now set that right. The problem was I intended this saber to be used by the Stormtroopers and all of their equipment is black and white in colour (I know black and white aren’t colours, they are Shades and Tones!). The saber builder only allows the four colour schemes I’ve mentioned before, Standard Dual Tone, all black, all silver or old and weathered. I wanted a white hilt with black accents, now the Stormtroopers can have one, this is that saber….Stormforce…

As I said at the beginning, this saber is old and I posted the original version 1 year and 2 weeks ago on the Saberforgeforum website’s ASP Hilt Design Page (Found Here). The members had discussed the fabulous concept art by Ralph McQuarrie and one particular image shows a Stormtrooper with a saber! It was originally intended by George Lucas that the Troopers also had sabers but decided against it, as just having the Jedi Knights and the Sith owning sabers gave them an aura of mystique and exclusivity. It didn’t stop fans from dreaming and designing however and a few bespoke built sabers were made by fans. In this next mini gallery are a few pictures showing the concept art, my original version of this hilt and one of the fan built Trooper sabers.

I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the fan who built the Stormtrooper styled hilt but will credit them when my memory comes back. As you can see Stormforce lacked something when it was just silver and black, and I was so pleased when I was able to add the white effect to it.

Well that time is fast approaching, and I will have to bring this post to an end. I hope you liked my redesign (though for many of you it will have been the first time you had seen this saber  😀 !) I have a few more hilts I want to revisit and display here so I sincerely hope you too will revisit FTSabersite to see them. Thank you for your company today and your support. Till next time.

“Stormforce Lightsaber”  is a “For Tyeth Editions” design. This website, it’s design and contents including “For Tyeth Designs” are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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