Spring Website Maintenance! Bits and Bobs!

Hello Everybody,  I have been quite busy recently “Networking” around the Internet trying to get to know people and let them know about FTSabersite. It was during this time I decided to take a look at my site as a visitor and I realised I had made a big mistake in my organisation of the site. I discovered that most people visiting just check the home page for the latest posts and maybe not realise there are many more designs/posts than those highlighted in the scrolling header at the top of the homepage. And even bigger I forgot to use “TAGS” for my posts (Silly me!) I was so eager to get the site up, running and start posting regularly I didn’t add these useful little stickers to help folk search for particular categories. So over the next few days you may see the “Tag Cloud” in the sidebar getting larger with more topics and categories, such as “Other Sci-Fi” which you can click and all the Star Trek and Dr Who themed hilts will be displayed together. This is post number 271 so adding all the little stickers may take me a little while!

However whilst rummaging around my virtual storage locker and workshop I discovered I had some odd bits and pieces lying around. Remember yesterday’s post Phantom Tie Lightsaber where the Tie Phantom Starfighter reminded me of the clawed emitter, well I discovered another strange thing about that part. Did you know it looks very much like an Imperial Probe Droid? Here take a look…

I just had to add a pommel on the end of the emitter and Bingo! One spy droid. It doesn’t actually do anything, no lights or such it is just an ornament. I also received my copies of Rogue One recently on DVD and Blu-Ray and I watched that movie and saw a weapon in it that doesn’t get mentioned very often. That weapon is a Thermal Detonator, well it so happens I have a couple of those too (don’t worry they have been deactivated 😀 ) They were used during the attack on the Imperial Troopers and Cargo Hover Transporter and look a bit like these…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This one is based on a new version which you can see during the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One, and here is an older model I never got to display earlier..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a trip to Tatooine I bumped into some Bounty Hunters and had to confiscate these ones!

These are just a few fun little things that can be made out of ASP saber parts. But now I have to get back to sabers, so I will work on some more hilts whilst I update the indexing of the site. I do have a Rogue One Stormtrooper hilt and a hilt I designed in under 30 minutes for somebody on YouTube who asked me if I could do it! I hope you will return to see those, but for now I’d like to say thank you as always for today’s visit. Your support is very welcome. Till next time.

Star Wars, Rogue One and all other related names, logos and material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

FTSabersite and all it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


4 thoughts on “Spring Website Maintenance! Bits and Bobs!”

  1. They say back linking really helps your site, makes it easier for search engines to arrive you, Etc. My experience has been that if hasn’t made much of a difference (yet). If it doesn’t for you don’t get discouraged. My site is relatively new also. Could take time, and will probs pay off if u get more traffic.


    1. Hello Experience Film, thanks for the info. I think it does help as I was a little bit curious and decided to do a quick search for “For Tyeth Editions” (I know I’m vain!) and a lot more hits came up in the results. Let’s hear it for Search Engine Optimisation!

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