Fremen Leader Lightsaber – Inspired by a Frank Herbert Classic

Hello Everybody, today we visit a desert planet that is part of a galaxy ruled by an Emperor, has giant worm-like creatures with big teeth. It even has a band of rebellious fighters, a strange mystical and magic religious order and a prophesied “Chosen One” to restore peace(?) to the galaxy. Sound familiar? Yes it is the Sci-Fi classic we all love….DUNE! What?…Wait a minute Tyeth you were describing Star Wars weren’t you? Er…No I am describing Frank Herbert’s classic story of Dune and the planet called Arrakis, the noble houses of Atreides and Harkonnen, the drug called “Spice” and the man singled out to restore peace…Paul Atreides…Usul….Paul Maud’Dib!

Paul Atreides became the leader of the rebel desert fighters called the Fremen and used his knowledge and skills to train them to become a formidable army. This army he would use to end the war between the two noble families of Atreides and Harkonnen. The war was fuelled by the desire to control the drug Spice which gave it’s users abilities to navigate vast areas of space and he who controls the Spice controls the Galaxy. So Paul Atreides became the Fremen Leader and this is my design for him…Fremen Leader….

This a saber for the leader of desert fighters. It is simple and rugged to withstand the rigours of the planet nicknamed Dune. The blade is a similar colour as the sun, sand and storms that makes the planet special. The emitter and switch section work together to create a wonderful choke point (grip section) for holding the saber, enabling smooth spinning and secure grip. The body has another section that is ribbed and this represents the famous Fremen moisture suits that they wear. The suits trap the waste moisture exhaled and released from the body and recycles it to give the wearer a clean source of water to drink helping them to survive the desert! The pommel looks architectural, like the base of a pillar. Paul Atreides’ secret Fremen name is Usul which means “base of the pillar”!

Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides…Usul…Paul Maud’Dib….Fremen Leader!

That was Fremen Leader. Now the film based on the book was over 7 hours long originally so I couldn’t possibly cover all the events in this short post, however there is always a character in opposition to the “Hero” in these stories, and we will meet him and his saber in an upcoming post. Oh and the book was published in 1965, TWELVE years before Star Wars!

I am drawing close to the end of this post but as mentioned the story of Dune is EPIC so I will be returning to it. I sincerely hope you will all return to see these posts which have brand new designs. I want to say thank to you all for visiting today, including the recent viewers from as far away as Trinidad and Tobago and Spain! Till next time.

Dune, Arrakis, Paul Atreides/Maud’Dib and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Dino De Laurentis Company (De Laurentis). Dune the novel was written by Frank Herbert.

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