IRebel Lightsaber and Baton (inspired by Jyn Erso)

Hello Everyone, I have a double offering here today. I mentioned before I wanted to create a few Rogue One inspired designs. I have created the Empire Droid, Director (for Orson Krennic) and now the new female lead gets some attention.

Disney/Lucasfilm released promotional pictures of Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso wearing a Tie Fighter pilot costume. What was interesting was the backpack she had on, or rather what was attached to that backpack. This is what I am referring to..

Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm. Posted by Jonathan Olley

There is an object which looks like some kind of aviation marshalling wand, for directing aircraft/spaceships, but it could be some kind of baton weapon also. This got me thinking and I went to design something to represent it. I came up with this…

I have shown this with a full blade but I imagined that the emitter and switch sections could have a twist mechanism to adjust the length of the blade, turning the weapon from a marshalling wand into an electro baton or full Lightsaber type weapon.

I had designed a standard Lightsaber weapon for Jyn based on earlier pictures which were released. These pictures weren’t as clear, so I just designed a saber that she may use if she had one. Here is that Lightsaber..

When I created this design there wasn’t much information about Jyn only vague pictures. I went with a saber with a purposeful look by using the emitter with the integrated handguard, reminiscent of a gladiator’s weapon and I added my little trademark, the FTE pommel.

This concludes this double offering, I hope you liked my ideas and as always thank you for checking them out. I will continue to work on new stuff and hope you return to see it.

Rogue One, Jyn Erso and all related names or material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm. (I believe the Jyn Erso pic was posted by Jonathan Olley)

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