Incomming Lightsaber Staff

Hello Everyone,

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t come from a particular character but from a particular object. Such was the case with my next saber. I was watching the new film The Force Awakens, and an old friend appeared on screen in the shape of an X-Wing Fighter (albeit slightly modified). As the battle raged I was attracted to the wings and the turbolasers on the wingtips and thought “blimey, they look like a staff!…Hmmm!” I went to the builder and started off with a clawed emitter and the design grew from there. The X-Wing was built by a company called InCom in the films, so in a play on words I call this saber, Incomming..

The clawed emitter is the business end of this weapon and I had to recreate the barrel from a staff extension. The housing for the mechanics of the weapon is formed by using two body parts and a coupler to produce the capsule shape. Again an FTE pommel gives the impression of a power source in the capsule module.

This is from a standard version of the X-Wing but one special character had a customised X-Wing and that prompted me to tweak this design to reflect his fighter. But that design will be in my next post. For now I hope you enjoyed this design, and please check in again when I will have the best pilot in the Resistance as a virtual guest!

The Force Awakens, X-Wing and InCom are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

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