Opposing Force Lightsaber (A Resistance Legend’s Saber)

Hello Everybody, today I have a NEW design! As you may know I have recently been to see Rogue One and it has triggered my imagination again! I have already created a few Rogue themed sabers (Katuso (K-2SO), Empire DroidIRebel and Director) but now I have one for a Legend of the Resistance. This person was a Rebel fighter for many years and had the responsibility of looking after Jyn Erso after..well you may not have seen it so I won’t say what happened! He suffered many injuries and became less mobile, being forced to live in his compound on the planet Jedha. This legend is Saw Gerrera and here is the saber I designed…Opposing Force…

I tried to recreate a saber with a weather beaten look. It also tries to look like the body armour and respiratory equipment Saw wears and relies on to breathe. It looks as if it has been put together using scavenged parts in the long practiced tradition. I think it might have been through a few battles too, just like it’s inspiration. The blade shares the colour of the desert planet on which Saw Gerrera resides and the saber’s pommel is taken from a lightsaber Saberforge call the Rebel..which I felt was appropriate. The name of the weapon comes from the laws of physics, where Resistance can be referred to as an Opposing Force!

Saw Gerrera – Resistance Legend

Hopefully you can imagine Saw wielding this weapon, maybe in his glory days. I mentioned earlier I had a burst of creativity. This has resulted in TWO more new sabers inspired by a man with two hearts who has travelled through many galaxies and had many lives! I hope you will return to check those out. May I thank you for visiting and all the support. Till next time.

Saw Gerrera, Jedha, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

2 thoughts on “Opposing Force Lightsaber (A Resistance Legend’s Saber)”

    1. Thanks Abby, There are links in the sidebar to Ultrasaber’s website and to their forum, SaberForum.com! I have to say Ultrasabers have decorated their site quite nicely! 😀

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