Emergence Lightsaber (An unexpected design)

I am still in the process of contacting the saber enthusiast I mentioned in my last post so in the meantime I will present a new design that came about by accident. Sometimes when using the online builders you start building a design with an idea in mind but then you swap a part and it changes what you have into something completely different. This saber falls into this category. I was working on a Rogue One inspired hilt and then I inserted the body part which gave a long slim saber. I felt this looked like it may be a good duelling saber for one or two hands. I will discuss this further after I show you the pictures, this saber is called Emergence..

Some members of the community have commented that the rails down the length of the body are uncomfortable, others say they’re not a problem. I would hold the hilt up near the switch in the concave curved section of the rails, and use my second hand around the lower hilt with thumb and forefinger around the smooth section and the pommel resting in my palm. I am no master swordsman so I may be wrong but I still like the look. The name just reflects how I came upon this design, it “emerged” from something else!

Regardless of how to grip it or how I named it, I just hope you like the saber! Thank you for looking in and I will work on my communications!

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