“Coaxium Grandeur” Saber for the noble…and a new hobby?

Hello Everybody, I hope you are doing well (and to my friends who contacted me recently I wish you both speedy recoveries – my Force Meditations are with you). Today I present a very heavily decorated hilt that runs on my Coaxium Capsule power source pommel which I designed for “Coaxium Saber” and “Copper Coaxium”. I posted my last hilt, the Praetor Power V2 on the Ultrasabers’ forum site and folks there kinda liked it and one member especially said “I’m a sucker for red hilts”…well this next hilt is definitely red and is powerful as well as regal looking. This is Coaxium Grandeur…

I really went all out on this hilt to make it stand out…and it is quite complex hence the reason why I only have 6 images of it for the gallery. The model and it’s texturing is so complicated it took forever to render the images to look correct. But I think the effort and wait was worth it. The hilt has a modified capsule pommel that I used as an emitter so both ends of the saber had a similar theme with the chrome and hex-head screw decoration. They both have the cut out windows to allow both the blade and Coaxium crystal helix to shine out. The handgrip is adorned with an array of chromed ridges to assist grip and give the hilt an interesting elegant visual. The ridges are created by dividing the grip using a function called “Loop Cuts” which as it sounds creates a set of loops around the hilt. These loops can then be modified and made into solid geometry just like the rest of the model. The loops are aligned with the shape of the model so when applied to a regular cylinder the loops would be lateral to the tube (matching the top and bottom edges)…but if you angle the top and bottom of the tube so they are slanted then the loop cuts are applied in a slanted orientation. I then thickened the loops to form ridges and applied the chrome to them. The ends of the hilt body were still slanted so I just reshaped them back to being perpendicular to the tube. I also added a new activation switch with a nice bezel plate to add to the regal/noble/High Republic style look. To finish I added the red and chrome coloured texturing, a purple blade to match the Coaxium Helix, a Covertech Knob belt attachment to hang the saber from and I had a finished saber. I think my friend on the forum will love this one.

And that just about wraps up…..WAIT! Incoming news! For Tyeth may not quite be feeling like his normal self! In news coming in For Tyeth may have fallen into madness as he has purchased some…blasters? Yes, I have purchased some “so uncivilised” blasters in the form of a pair of Nerf foam dart guns. But don’t worry I am not going mad, I have a plan. I have nearly finished my Jedi costume (I got a new undershirt for it recently and just need a decent belt and accessories now) and pondered on what props and accessories I could add to it. Well I have a saber so I thought “How about a blaster pistol?” With the popularity of “The Mandalorian” and bounty hunters I figured I could try my hand at modifying a foam dart gun into a movie prop! So I found an online store and managed to snag TWO Nerf Firestrike pistols which I was going to modify. If you haven’t seen them before they look a bit like this…

I only have one problem…I’ve kinda fallen in love with how cool these Nerfs are and am now hesitant to mess about with them! They are so much better quality than the old dart guns I had access to as a kid and these ones even have “red dot targeting laser beams”! I will probably buy another 1 or 2 and keep these two to play with (I’ve been shooting darts at the light switches in my flat turning them on and off! – I know I’m a BIG KID!) I will have another think about this new hobby and I’ll get some paints and parts together and if I can make something decent I may even consider selling them. I’ll keep you all posted.

And for a little more on nostalgic NERF blasters please take the chance to check out my friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser’s post…https://thevintagetoyadvertiser.org/2020/08/11/nerf-its-nerf-or-nothin/ (Myself and Mrs T are thinking of you my friend, hope you are back to full force soon).

But that does wrap up this post, thank you so much for taking time to check it out. I hope you like “Coaxium Grandeur” and it lived up to the name. I still have many more new sabers (and maybe pistols) to show you in future so please be sure to call back and see what’s in store. You are an amazing community and I appreciate all of your support. So comment, like and subscribe if you like what you see here and please call back next week. Till Nerf Time….(next time!)

“Coaxium Grandeur” is a For Tyeth Editions design, built and rendered in Blender 3D. The 3D model and renders are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “NERF” and Nerf Firestrike” are Trademark/Copyright of Hasbro Toys and the product image belongs to Habro.

15 thoughts on ““Coaxium Grandeur” Saber for the noble…and a new hobby?”

    1. Hi TVTA and thank you, I liked this design quite a bit myself when I built it as it stemmed from the pommel chamber and crystal helix.
      The Nerf blasters are soo much fun I haven’t put the thing down yet! It is almost as if the pistol was custom fit for my hand – and there’s just something about the “POP” it makes when fired, it rings out, I couldn’t believe it took me so long to actually get into Nerf even after commenting on your Nerf post. And that post has some really interesting classic designs.

      1. Dang. You’re making want to get a Nerf blaster now 😉 You wrote it’s a step up from the rubber sucker dart guns we had as kids, you’re right. In the 90s I had this brightly coloured plastic blaster pistol which shot out soft pingpong balls, and one which you could load up to six balls – had a lot of fun making Lego castles and shooting at the hiding mini figures with those!

      2. Hi again, yes and if you got the range just right you could (if lucky) knock parts of the Lego fort off too. But the “pop” guns back then suffered greatly from being made of that thin “egg-shell” like plastic and I always felt as if they would shatter if you handled them wrong. Not with a Nerf…this thing has a “weight” to it that makes it feel so much nicer and solid.
        One thing I forgot to mention about modding the blasters is that this pistol is fastened together with screws, not plastic welded so taking it apart is much easier. The latest version of the Firestrike known as the “Nerf Volt Elite 2.0” has no screws and clips together BUT the catch is some of the clips are glued/welded as if Hasbro don’t want people to open the pistols up (so I chose a good pistol to modify).

  1. LOL ner(d)fS – I will have to go buy one as soon as in out of isolation. Chrome and red Sabre two of my favourite colours. Bought my grandson a 6 shot one that rotates the barrel one Christmas. His mum cussed me for weeks.

    1. Hi Neil, glad you like the saber. The red and chrome just work so well together and immediately hints at being regal or expensive. And someone also pointed out this has a Valentine’s Day vibe to it which I hadn’t considered.
      Ah yes Nerf – I think I have started a WordPress trend, everyone is now planning on buying blasters too! I looked at the 6 shot blasters but they were a bit bulky for what I needed but I might get some later just to mod and sell if I do well with the ones I have already. And even though I am a grown up adult (< that's questionable!) I did ask Mrs Tyeth first if she minded me buying them! Stay in the good books!

    1. Hello Resa, thanks so much. I like this hilt quite a bit myself. A long time ago when I started out designing sabers I discovered that I could use emitter parts as the pommel of the hilt (and because some emitter parts had windows/slots cut into them I could illuminate them creating a lit decorative chamber – members of a forum I used called it the For Tyeth EmitterPommel or FTE for short). Whilst building “Grandeur” I realised the chamber would make a wonderful matching emitter instead, sort of reversing my idea. The chamber had windows to show off the blade and as the two sections shared the same main body it formed a “Top and Tails” look. The red and chrome just naturally work well together and give off the “regal” vibe. Thanks again and I hope you’re doing well.

      1. My sprained ankle is healing slowly, but I’m on the mend!
        You should be in the Production Design department of a sci-fi film!

      2. Hi Resa, I’m so glad to hear you’re on the mend – I’ve suffered a few sprained ankles in my time as I used to play soccer quite a bit (goalkeeper) and know they are annoying. And I am honoured by your appraisal of my talents, I’ll be honest I never really considered a career in TV.movie production – I always feel like I need to learn more but thank you it means a lot coming from a person who worked in the industry.

    1. Hi there EF, no I can’t say that I have attempted to make blowguns but the ironic thing is I used to work as a warehouse operative in one of the UK’s big hardware stores so could have bought tons of PVC plumbing supplies cheap (using staff discount) However nowadays I live in an apartment in a tower block so crafting and building stuff has to be small scale due to lack of space and ventilation (for fume removal from glues/solvents and soldering etc).

      1. This one’s easy easy! Next time u go to the hardware store, take a nerf dart with you and get a section of the pvc diameter that it fits. Just load the dart at one end and blow! But Don’t Point it at anyone! You won’t be disappointed

      2. Thanks for the tip (even if it sounds a bit like a Sith/Darkside scheme!) But from my research into Nerfing (yes that is a word) it seems that brass tubing is the preferred material for making upgraded barrels.. The Nerf builders that modify blasters to competition grade use brass tubing and cut out a breech slot to load the darts then another sleeve slides down to seal the barrel. But I guess a length of PVC would be much easier to explain to authorities than a brass barrelled blaster!

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