Cade Legacy saber – The Last Skywalker rebuilt

Hello everybody, today I revisit an OLD design I posted from way back in 2016. It was built using the old online Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) software that I used to use and I always said to myself “If only I could make it better and my own model and not use the ASP system”. For a while I was stuck with ASP but eventually I was able to switch to Blender and started building my own models…but I always got sidetracked and never got around to “reforging” the Cade Skywalker lightsaber. Yes today I present my Blender model of Cade Skywalker’s lightsaber from the Expanded Universe/Legends stories seen in Dark Horse Comics. Here is the original hilt using ASP…

The first image shows the ASP preview render whilst the second picture shows Cade’s hilt (which belonged to his father Kol Skywalker before him). I think I did pretty well to match the Wookiepedia reference picture but as I said earlier, I knew I could make a better version if I learnt 3D modelling. I eventually got around to building a new Skywalker hilt and here it is…

The first image shows a test build and render to see if I had the basic shape but I quickly realised I had made a mistake and forgotten to add an accent ring around the handgrip near the emitter – I need to learn to take my time and not overlook details (I still do it all the time 😀 ). I quickly fixed this omission and set to work adding a few extra details. These included the activation switch, a recharge and data port along with the two little gold coloured anchoring posts you can see peeking out of the handgrip. These detail parts are actually connected to another component in the hilt you can’t see just yet. The component is a special capsule that holds the electronics in place inside the hilt (this part is called a chassis by real life saber builders). I have a few new hilts that feature this “Capsule” system coming in a future post. But for now here are a couple more close up detail pictures…

These pictures show from top left – the emitter with a “Tombstone” ventral fin. Next is the activation/control section showing the switch and input port, as well as the two gold attachment posts. The third shows the T-Track grips that hark back to the original Graflex lightsaber that belonged to Anakin – Cade’s ancestor from 130+ years earlier. The final image shows the pommel and attachment point for a belt hanger loop.

I also thought I’d have another go at making some “artwork” and made a quick poster of Cade Skywalker himself. I used an image from Dark Horse Comics and cut him out then added a gradient background and some transparency effects to create the blends. See what you think.

Ok it’s not going to win any art awards but I like to keep my skills current and I think I did a fair job cutting around Cade. Anyhoo I am drawing near to the end of this post but as always I have to give a big shoutout and thanks to you all for your visit today and support. Whether you are a regular caller to FTSabersite or this is your first trip here you are welcome and appreciated. I hope you will return to see many more new designs including hilts inspired by The High Republic (Disney’s new franchise project) some sabers inspired by famous blasters and maybe a few more hilts for fans of Star Trek – Enterprise. Till next time….

“Cade Legacy” is a For Tyeth Editions design modelled and rendered in Blender 3D. It is based on the weapon of Cade Skywalker who appears in the Expanded Universe/Legends comics published by Dark Horse Comics Ltd. The 3D model and renderings are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. The name, images and character of Cade Skywalker are Trademark/Copyright of Dark Horse Comics Ltd.

2 thoughts on “Cade Legacy saber – The Last Skywalker rebuilt”

    1. Hi there Resa, this saber should be quite refined as Cade Skywalker is a fifth generation Skywalker. His saber has features and links that go all the way back to Anakin Skywalker (his Great, Great, Grandfather!) This saber existed around 130 years after the events of the first Star Wars film. In the Star Wars universe time is referenced from the Death Star battle in Star Wars which was known as “The Battle of Yavin”. So events that occur before Star Wars are given the date stamp of BBY – Before Battle of Yavin, events after are dated ABY – After Battle of Yavin.
      There was plenty of time for this design to be improved on since Anakin built his first version of it. But I think the Dark Horse artists did a fantastic job with the real life concept of this hilt, it would make a great real life sword.

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