Sorry everybody, disaster has struck! (But at least I’m still here)

Hello Everyone….

I am not in my usual jovial mood today as I have a bit of bad news. Luckily I am still here but one of the sabers I have been teasing you with and was hoping to post this weekend has been lost.

Let me explain….as some of you know I have a really old laptop and I have been struggling to keep it running. Well I had been saving all my designs onto USB stick drives because the laptop kept reporting it had no memory left. I fixed this problem by doing a full system and drive clean up but I still had my designs stored on USB. I was busy this afternoon creating the title header image for my Thor inspired crossguard hilt and had the folder open which I had it stored in. As I attempted to save this image to the USB stick I got a message saying “Write Protect is active cannot save”. I tried several times but it wouldn’t save so I removed the drive and re-inserted it. The laptop immediately reported an issue on the drive and asked did I want to scan and fix it. Before I had a chance Windows proceeded to do the disc scan and “fixed” the problem. ONLY PROBLEM WAS….IT ALSO DELETED THE FOLDER THAT THE THOR SABER WAS IN!. I feel as if I have been run through the chest with a saber myself….I had worked on that design for more than a month and now it’s gone.

And yes, stupid rookie mistake, I only had the design on ONE USB stick not both that I own. Even worse (or a good thing depending on how you look at it I suppose) it left all my other work intact. So I will still be posting a design this weekend…just not the one I was really planning for. I am going to post the two teaser images I did upload to WordPress and I will set about bringing the Thor saber back to life….I WILL REBUILD IT SOMEHOW!

I feel sick to the stomach to be honest, but I just want to say sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this design…I was just as much, as I was especially proud of it…..hopefully you will return this weekend when I will post a surprise saber!

Thanks for your support and looking in today (it’s very much appreciated after today’s events) Till this weekend…..

For Tyeth (p.s. to self….Back up your Backups!)

9 thoughts on “Sorry everybody, disaster has struck! (But at least I’m still here)”

  1. Sorry to hear you lost that work 😦 such a pain when it happens. I just finished a huge project and backed it up, as normal – and then I backed it up once again just in case the 1st back up failed as well as the original! Crazy measures eh, but you can’t trust technology (nor Windows updates) sometimes. Good luck getting back on track matey!

    1. Hi there TVTA, fortunately you should have received my latest hilt in our series for approval. This mishap just deleted the crossguard. I think it was because the folder which contained the design was open when the glitch occurred. Well I have learnt a valuable lesson so it won’t happen again (if I can help it) And I’ll set to work rebuilding the lost saber tomorrow when I am calm. Thanks again.

  2. Dude, that sucks 😦 I am very sorry that happened to you. But yeah, basically, you can never trust computers and I work with them all day lol… my best advice for anyone that needs to save data is always save it in two places if you can. Have you thought of saving to the cloud like OneDrive? That’s one alternative so that you always have a backup. What kind of file type do you use to save your design data? I don’t know how a windows scan could delete those files – have you tried searching for just the extension in the same location? Anyway, looking forward to what you have to show us next 😀

    1. Hi Xen, great advice and I did follow that, but I had a problem where my laptop (or rather Windows) didn’t perform the disc cleaning schedule properly and not all the trash was removed. As a result I was getting “Memory Full-delete files to create space” messages all the time so I had to save to USB. I used CCleaner and fixed the laptop but didn’t transfer the USB contents back!
      And the Windows scan was performed on the USB stick as the OS didn’t recognise the stick when I reinserted it. Windows scanned and “fixed” problem areas on the USB which deleted the folder that had the saber design in (because I had that folder open when I had to remove/reinsert the USB). I did look for the files afterward but there was just a file titled “Asguard.file”. Luckily fellow blogger and friend Neo Trinarty has suggested I try a File Recovery software called Reccuva to find the files on the USB in case they are recoverable. Thanks for the support and encouragement and thankfully I still have a surprise for you all this weekend….so stay tuned!

      1. Okay that’s good to hear 🙂 Yeah there are some pretty powerful apps out there designed to rescue lost files, it all depends on how they were deleted (nothing is ever really gone!) haha 🙂 I look forward to seeing the surprise 🙂

      2. Hello Xen, I’m afraid in this case it HAS gone. I installed Recuva and ran it but all that remained was a partial image file ;(
        But that has just fuelled my desire to rebuild the design (as close as I can) and have already set about finding the textures I need and working out how I applied them again.
        So yes, lesson learned.
        And the surprise saber should “swoop” in this weekend!

  3. The people whom do ccleaner also do reccuva. A free file recovery program. Try that on the usb stick. Online storage Google drive and Dropbox. I have several machines. You can often pick up an old windows 7 machine for less than £40 on ebay. I know your pain though. I had a 750 gb external hard drive fail a few years ago. TVTA is right about windows updates too. Your a 3rd geek now, act that way and get some more computer tech 🙂

    1. Hi Neil, I hadn’t thought of file recovery software, I was so annoyed at myself it didn’t cross my mind. I was just thinking I gotta rebuild it! I guess I am going to have to try and invest in another machine, just hard to one as I’m unable to work. This laptop was a reconditioned one from a college! Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated.

      1. Hi again, an update on your suggestion to try Recuva. Well, not so good! I downloaded and installed the software but it only found a partial image file of the saber, all the model files and textures etc were gone. Definitely worth a try though. So thanks again.

        Back to my initial plan and “I can rebuild….I have the technology!” or was that the Six Million Dollar Man? 😀

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