Swoop Saber -A weapon for Enfys Nest

Hello Everybody, now today’s post is definitely not the one I was going to bring you but as you may know due to a technical “glitch” the files for the Thor inspired crossguard hilt I had built were wiped from my computer and USB stick as I was finishing preparing the images for the post. Silly me had removed the USB stick and re-inserted it but when I attempted to save an image  to the stick Windows jumped in and began scanning and “fixing” the stick as it didn’t recognise it properly. The “fix” included deleting the folder (because it was open) and ALL the files. I was distraught as I had spent over a month building it!

But back to today and another saber is ready to “Swoop” in and fill the void! That saber is a design I had for a new character from the recent SOLO – A Star Wars Story movie, and she is called Enfys Nest. Nest is a pirate and marauder who led a pirate group called the “Cloud Riders” who rode advanced speeder bikes called “Swoop Bikes”. So this design is named after their flying bikes….here are a couple of studio work in progress images of “Swoop Saber”….

This design stemmed from the weapon Enfys Nest uses to break open packing crates and containers and which she used to attack Han, Chewie and Tobias Beckett whilst they tried to steal Hyperspace fuel from a moving train! The weapon is called an Electroripper Staff and I quickly saw interesting details on it that I thought would look good on a saber, The section above the handhold has a perforated shroud (probably for cooling purposes) and interesting angled panels and edges that I really liked. It was these details I tried to incorporate in my design – the rest of the staff was fairly plain. I had to build the hilt handle but fortunately had a handgrip that I was able to flip and modify, then I had to model the perforated shroud. Man, was that fun! I had to learn how to create a flat sheet, divide it into smaller squares then punch holes through it – and if that wasn’t hard enough I had bend the sheet so it wrapped around the hilt! Luckily I was a quick learner and I achieved it…now I guess you would like to see some Glamour Shots? Ok here they are…

This saber has a few neat little details which didn’t show up in the studio pictures above, the first of which is the logo on the pommel. This logo is associated with Enfys and the Cloud Riders and I thought it would look good on the pommel stub. The saber has a nice blue illuminated switch that matches with the electrical sparks on her Electroripper Staff. The emitter was a scavenged part I thought looked sleek and a little like a carburettor head or part of a Swoop Bike. Finally there is the shroud and this I really like, if you look closely you will see it isn’t just a flat sheet but is in fact hollow and has the perforations running through both sides of it. But the shroud is also removable and a peek underneath it will reveal what that blue glow is…Yep this saber has a twin crystal chamber…

Twin crystals shine through the windows on the underside of the hilt and once more if you look closely you can see the four mounting pins to hold the shroud when it is fitted, little details make all the difference!

Enfys Nest – Copyright Disney Studios/Lucasfilm.

And I think that just about wraps up this design. I think Enfys might be tempted to use a hilt like this, it suits her style. And so again I apologise that I couldn’t bring the Thor hilt I had been teasing but hopefully this one was just as good. I have started the job of rebuilding the lost hilt from memory and hope to have a new version in a week or two.

Fortunately my technical mishap didn’t erase all of my work and so I still have a lot more new sabers to show you in upcoming week’s posts. And next week we will be visiting Bay City and a police crime drama show where the inspiration will be the “Grand Tomato”! If you don’t already know what that is then I hope you’ll all return and I can show you. Thank you so much for all the support this past week and for visiting today, whether a new or regular visitor you are all welcome and appreciated. Till next time….

“Swoop Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “Enfys Nest”, “SOLO – A Star Wars Story” and all names, logos and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney Studios/Lucasfilm.

11 thoughts on “Swoop Saber -A weapon for Enfys Nest”

    1. Hi Mei-Mei, glad you like the hilt. It was a last minute substitute but I turns out my post was a little longer than usual.
      Enfys intrigues me as there was a quote she made about the mask belonging to her mother and I’m trying to work out who it might be. (In one article someone said to understand who Enfys is, you had to understand Tobias Beckett which was cryptic)

      1. Hello again, I’m hoping her story is explored on screen as Enfys seems to have a potentially good backstory. The Cloud Riders had a long term rivalry/opposition to Crimson Dawn (as well as four other crime syndicates and the Empire) so there is plenty of material/history to work with.

  1. Cool-looking design FT. I’m still waiting to see Solo so have no point of reference yet, but the character looks interesting from the pic you posted. As for next week… looking forward to the ‘Grand Tomato’ post 🙂

    1. Hi TVTA, SOLO is a good adventure/heist style film and has action (and bits of comedy)throughout, worth going to watch. And I admit you’ve had to wait for the “Tomato” but it is coming up next. Dig out your cardigans!

  2. This one was definitely amazing!!! We need more Enfys Nest things in the fandom anyway so I was very excited to see this one!!!

    1. Hello Tara, Enfys was definitely an interesting addition to the Star Wars story and one that Disney could more easily develop rather than revisiting another character, say like Boba Fett. I’m also glad you liked the hilt as this was the last minute substitute for my Thor inspired hilt I lost. And stay tuned for future posts as I have a Vader style hilt from ESB and a hilt for his apprentice Galen Marek!

  3. I watched Solo with my grand son it was very good. That is a nice Saber. I still have to show my grandson a few more SW films. A friend of a friend owns 2 Tomatoes. I once wrote an article about them on a website I ran for a Club. LOL I miss my mustang. Funny how unrelated things bring back memories.

    1. Hi Neil, yes Solo is a good introduction to SW as it doesn’t need you to have seen the previous films. I think of it as a “Gateway” movie. I wanted to make a saber that matched Enfys Nest’s look and weaponry and it seems I managed to do that.
      And two Tomatoes! what a lucky guy! I did sort of own a Toyota Celica 2ltr with sports tuning (the one with huge long doors and flip headlights) but a family friend wrapped it around a street light 😦
      Thanks again and we only have six days to wait now!

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