The Last Jedi Trailer – For Tyeth’s Trailer Talk Ep.II

Hello Everybody, WOW! The new trailer looks amazingly dark and sinister in tone (not to mention all the RED bits!) and I am quite excited now to see this film. Before I go any further just in case you haven’t seen the trailer I will insert it here but as always “DON’T WATCH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!”

I had to wait till 4am this morning to see this and then was too tired to comment (I ran out of Jedi Energy Capsules 😀 ) But now I am awake I can say there are going to be some really serious encounters and twists. I am now going to get my VIP tickets as quick as I can!

I haven’t done a break down of all the bits and pieces in this trailer as you can find other videos on YouTube that will do that I just thought I’d post the video here to for you all. But in all this excitement I’d like to remind you I have a new design for a talented young lady blogger I have “met” recently and a “real” life Graflex Lightsaber to showcase for you all from DK44 Designs! So please join me here for those posts. Thank you for looking in on this video post (it’s only the second video I’ve used!) your support, as always, is much appreciated. Till next time.

“Star Wars – The Last Jedi”, “Rey”, “Kylo Ren” and all names, images, video and related material is Trademark/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2017. Video via “” on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “The Last Jedi Trailer – For Tyeth’s Trailer Talk Ep.II”

  1. I have not watched it yet. I’m waiting till I get home from work tonight and can watch it on the big screen! It sounds like there are lots of good things to get excited about 😀

    1. Hello there, the trailer has everything you would want in it, but I suspect there is some heavy editing and manipulation of the storyline too. Visually, it is deep and textured, very dark and ominous. For a franchise that is all about “balance” in the Force, I reckon Disney/LucasFilm got the balance right in this trailer. Hope you enjoy it later.

      1. I just watched the trailer, Old Luke speaks!

        I like reading your perspective of the trailer’s craftsmanship. It is indeed dark and ominous, and I like all the Red surrounding Kylo Ren. I have to say, I am now much more intrigued about Adam Driver’s character. What is his destiny? Will he join the rebellion? Will Chewy be able to adapt without his companion of so many years? Dec. 15 cannot come soon enough!

      2. Hi Experience Film, Kylo is very fractured it seems, much like the crystal in his saber! If I dare say it, it feels as if the Darkside and First Order may be getting the upper hand (no pun intended!). And I agree with you, Chewy has been ignored or passed by so far regarding his grief.

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