Moondust – A saber for Annlyel

Hello Everybody, what an amazing and exciting few days it has been! We have seen a new poster for The Last Jedi, in all it’s ominous RED glory. Then if that wasn’t enough we were treated to an even bigger visual feast with the film’s new trailer! I am still shivering with anticipation. But today I am going to “hand over” my latest saber design to a young lady who also blogs and is a big Star Wars fan.

Her name is Annlyel James, and her blog, is crammed with great balanced reviews of film, TV shows, books, sport and beauty products. Annlyel has a bubbly, enthusiastic style of writing yet still points out the important aspects of the topic at hand, which makes you want to read more. For having such a giving style, I wanted to design a saber for her and I am proud to present it here. I call this saber MOONDUST….

This saber is, I hope, classic, sophisticated and just suited for a confident, intelligent young lady blogger (and Jedi). The blade is purple just right for a person with such a positive attitude (regular viewers will remember my hilts named Attitude Lightsabers also had purple blades!) The emitter is based on the classic Luke Skywalker ROTJ saber and connects to a very interesting switch section. The reason it is interesting is that if you look closely at the two black rectangular recesses, there is something written in them. That is Aurabesh and spells out Annlyel’s name so this hilt is personalised! It’s the first time I have tried to add inscriptions on my designs. The body section and pommel are designed to be ergonomic. And the inspiration for the name of this hilt? It was in an article about a particular brand of lipstick Annlyel reviewed and the shade was called….MOONDUST! So I hope you like your “new” saber Annlyel and if you ever dream of having a lightsaber duel then you might like to use this one!

I am quickly approaching the end of this post but first I would like to recommend that you check out, it will brighten your day! And as always I will finish with a few thank you’s to you, my viewers and followers. Your support is much appreciated and I hope you will return to see further new designs AND DK44 Designs’ real life Graflex in my next post! Till next time.

“Moondust – A saber for Annlyel” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This site, including all designs, content and images are © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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