Re-Evolution Lightsaber -The (For)ce of Change

Hello Everybody, I am again running a little behind schedule but there is good reason. Last night I decided to treat myself and had a “night off” from designing and took in some entertainment. I got to see the fantastic band I saw a month ago once more. I had to travel across the whole country to get to and from the venue this time, which is why I am late posting (sorry trains in the Outer Rim are terrible). But the show was outstanding and one song, “The Ace of Spades” reminded me of my next offering…

I have a design for a “Faction” from the world of wrestling. A faction is a group of three or more performers who form a team and compete together. One of the most successful of these had FOUR World Champions in it! The first Champion was the son in law of the WWE’s owner, the second was a SIXTEEN time holder of the belt, the third was called The Viper and the fourth was a star of Guardians of the Galaxy as well as a wrestler! I am talking about EVOLUTION and they need a special saber to reflect their achievements, this is RE-EVOLUTION….

The saber is gloss black to reflect the sharp suits and limousines that Evolution liked to wear and travel in. The yellow grip and blade colour signify the amount of gold that the team won (in terms of championship belts). The pommel also shares that significance and I think of the FTE pommel as a Power Enhancer to make the saber more formidable in combat. Evolution were formidable also and had brains to back up their brawn! And just to add a bit of bling the pommel end cap looks a little like a diamond set cufflink gleaming against the black of the suits! Oh and the wrestlers themselves are included in the design, the coupler between the leather grip and pommel has four silver bands, one for each member.


Hopefully Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and big Dave Batista would approve of my tribute to them. I certainly wouldn’t want to annoy them. We have reached the end of this gallery and the end of the contest with Evolution walking off stage celebrating to the music of Lemmy and Motorhead’s Line in the Sand. See there is a connection between the concert I saw and the saber! I am now about to leave to work on my next post, I hope you will return to see it. Thank you for visiting today. Till next time.

Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton along with Dave Batista and Evolution are Trademarks/©Copyright of WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.



6 thoughts on “Re-Evolution Lightsaber -The (For)ce of Change”

      1. I am well thank you, after a little incident I experienced at another website last year I promised I would take things easier. So at the weekend I had a night out to a Rock Concert and I have decided to resume playing my Keyboards again! Very calming!

  1. I had stopped playing seriously as I developed arthritis in my fingers but after 3 years I need to start playing again. Fortunately I am not as rusty as I feared I might be, old but not rusty! I will follow the link to your post now,

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