Em-Ray Ultra and Junior Lightsabers – A Father and Son pair

Hello Everybody, I have a pair of sabers for you to see today. I have heard of Fathers and Sons passing sabers through the family (and from Father to Daughter to Mother etc!) but I haven’t seen many matching styled hilts designed for a Father and Son etc. I decided to remedy this and I know of a gentleman who is a very big saber enthusiast and has a Son. This individual posted a YouTube video of his then 18 month old son swinging a saber! I thought who better to design a matching pair for? So here are those designs….Em-Ray Ultra…

This is the saber for the Father of this pair and I hope it represents him well. The hilt is imposing, featuring a double Grenade style grip either side of the activation switch. This layout I feel gives the hilt a look of power and is useful in that you have much more scope to vary your grip (much like you can with a Katana hilt grip). The main body is trimmed with two silver couplers to prevent the saber being flat black from top to bottom. The hilt has an FTE pommel to give it that power advantage and boost. The blade and pommel power crystal both share an Indigo colour to give it some attitude (and as I have mentioned before Indigo and Purple work really well with black).

Ok so we have a saber for the Father, now for Em-Ray Junior!….

At first glance this looks the same as Em-Ray Ultra, but the Junior version uses a clever trick using coupler pieces to build the grip section with.(For other examples of this check out my Barkeeper Lightsaber and my Bumblebot Lightsaber). This enables me to make a shorter version that still looks similar, as the couplers have Grenade ridges on them. Even better is, that when Junior grows his saber can be adapted to have full length grips just like his Father’s does! Everything else about the Junior saber is the same as the Ultra version. And here are Father and Son together..


Well I think that just about concludes this offering. I hope to contact the person(s) who I designed these for and they might have a look and comment! Regarding commenting thanks to everybody who leaves messages and likes, they are appreciated and show me that my little posts make a difference to folks, so thank you. Please call by again when I will be getting ready for the build up to the big Blockbuster movie (March 17th release) and my SIX tribute designs for it. Till next time.

“Em-Ray Ultra” and “Em-Ray Junior” are For Tyeth Editions designs and ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This website and it’s content is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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