Bastion Legend Lightsaber – Emperor Roan Fel’s weapon

Hello Everybody, I have delved into my archives for this next saber as I am a little busy (I will share the news with you in my next post…Big Secret!). So today we travel back to the Extended Universe (non-canon) material and the conflict involving Darth Krayt and Cade Skywalker. The appointed ruler of the Galaxy at that time was a man called Emperor Roan Fel and he resided from his palace on the planet called Bastion. Bastion used to be called Corellia, the planet from which Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon came from many years before. As ruler of the universe I felt Emperor Fel needed a saber befitting of his position, this is my design…Bastion Legend…

This saber I feel would suit an Emperor, it has a classic emitter, similar to the one on Luke Skywalker’s first saber. The switch gives the saber a sweeping grace as it pinches in then flares out to the grip. This grip features bold parallel grooves to give good non-slip characteristics, useful when ordaining Imperial Knights (you wouldn’t want an accident as you knight them!) The blade is a Cyan colour, which we haven’t seen much in movies or comics etc so stands apart.

The Galleries are nearly ready to Go Go…

This is again the end of my post, hopefully I haven’t rushed it or missed anything out. I hope you liked this nod to the old canon material, I like to make sure that the great works aren’t totally erased from Star Wars history. I have the Father and Son double set and the Galleries are nearly ready ^see above^ so I hope you can join me for those. Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite today, it is appreciated. Till next time.

Emperor Roan Fel, the planet Bastion and Darth Krayt appear in Dark Horse Comics Legacy series and are Trademark/©Copyright of Dark Horse Comics ltd.


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