Nightfall Lightsaber – Savannah95

In this post we have a bit of a purple theme going as I have seen a video recently debating whether Mace Windu is Supreme Leader Snoke. I am not going to chat about that theory, but I am going to present a fantastic design by my friend Savannah95 which has a purple (indigo) blade. How this young lady manages to come up with these designs with her schedule I don’t know, but I am so glad she does and allows me to bring them to you all. Now onto the pictures, this saber Savannah95 calls Nightfall…

I really love this design, I can picture a Grey Jedi waiting to attack an enemy just as the sun is setting. Then, when the final ray of sunlight falls below the horizon, darkness descends and the Jedi ignites this weapon…truly Nightfall.

The use of the purple with the weathered finish balances beautifully and the shape of the saber also shines with the pommel balancing out the clawed emitter. Add to that a nice black leather grip and the saber is complete. Again you can see the thought put into this design.

In my next post I have a design that was inspired by a graphic novel character from G.I.Joe (aka Action Force in the UK), which also has a purple blade. As a side note after posting Incomming D.E. I had another spark of inspiration and tweaked another saber for Poe Dameron, but I will save that one for a future post!

So I would like to thank Savannah95 once more for her fabulous contribution to my site, and say thank you all for supporting the website (I checked my stats page and discovered I had visitors from Romania, Norway and Ireland so the word is spreading about FTSabersite!). Till next time.

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