Incomming D.E. – Dameron Edition (X-Wing inspired Lightsaber

My last post showcased the design inspired by the iconic X-Wing fighter from Star Wars and The Force Awakens and this post will show a variation of it. The X-Wings were usually white with coloured stripes, however there is always one that will stand out. That particular one belongs to the best pilot in the Resistance, Poe Dameron. His fighter, as some may know was black with striking orange stripes. The ASP builder I use gives users the option to change the colours of various parts which allowed me to adapt my first version. This is Incomming D.E…

Poe and his X-Wing stand out and I hope I have captured that with this design. I was lucky as the colours in the builder matched really well to the fighter in the film. The design of the X-Wing really helped me with this staff and I enjoyed creating it.

I shall post a few varied sabers in the next couple of posts and I hope you will join me. Thanks for looking in on my site, I appreciate the support!

Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron and all related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.



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