For Tyeth’s Comic Con 2 – “It’s a Trap!” (pic heavy)

Yes thanks for joining me on page four (nearly finished!) I have found R5-PHT and retrieved the Top Secret plans and must now hand the Droid over to the Rebel Leadership. Now who in the leadership should I give the plans to? There can only be one person…

DSC_0496 SmlMK
Aren’t you a little underdressed to be a Jedi?

OK I may not have my robes (though I am saving to buy some!) but I did have my saber and the vital plans. Princess Leia was fantastic and thanked me for my efforts in helping the Rebel cause. Leia asked if I wanted a medal but I politely declined, just knowing I had done a good job was enough for me. However upon studying the information it turns out that they weren’t vital plans after all but a message sent to me warning of the danger I would be in if I attended this year’s Comic Con. Can you guess who sent me the message?….It was….

DSC_0502 SmlMK
“Run For Tyeth, IT’S A TRAP!”

ADMIRAL ACKBAR HIMSELF! Well actually this is the part of the story where I got to meet the talented actor Tim Rose who was the actor/puppeteer for Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi! Click HERE to visit his official site. He also operated Salacious B. Crumb, the spider monkey looking alien pet belonging to Jabba the Hutt. I got a chance to have a quick chat with him and showed him my lightsaber design I created for Admiral Ackbar called, Mon Calamarian Lightsaber. I think he was impressed and when I showed him my Bossk Lightsaber pictures he immediately recognised it and said “That looks like his pressure suit!” I could not have been happier to get such a warm response to my work. I thanked him for all that he (and the other unsung hero puppeteer/actors) brought to us fans and I got an autograph as you can see! So thank you again Mr Rose! (Now Admiral Ackbar has mentioned me does that mean I’m part of Star Wars canon?  😀 )


Now I also have to give a MASSIVE shout out to all the members of The Sentinel Squad UK once more. They are a costuming group who make charity appearances up and down the country raising funds for much needed causes. “Edrio Two Tubes”, “Darth Maul”, all the various Trooper types and the wonderful “Darth Vader” and “Princess Leia” seen in my pics are amazing people in the group, so please take a moment or two to check out the Sentinel Squad UK’s online social media pages (I will provide links below). Thank you Sentinel Squad UK for again making the day at the con one to remember!

Sentinel Squad UK Facebook page can be found HERE

Sentinel Squad UK Twitter page can be found HERE

The Droids R2-D2 and R5-PHT appeared courtesy of the R2-D2 Builders Club UK who build and display these fabulous (and fully functioning) droids around the country at conventions and charity events. You can find their website by clicking UK R2-D2 Builder’s Club

Well that is the end of this story and the end of the post. Thanks to all mentioned above and to you my viewers and followers for reading this far! It was a great day out that reminded me why I love Star Wars and sabers so now I have to go and design some more. I hope you enjoyed this post and please call back for future posts. Till next time..oh wait someone isn’t happy I took his Droid!….DSC_0500 SmlMK

All Star Wars related material are Trademarks/Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2018. “The Sentinel Squad UK” and “UK R2-D2 Builder’s Club” names and material are Copyright of each group. For Tyeth and FTSabersite (including all material and designs) are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

13 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s Comic Con 2 – “It’s a Trap!” (pic heavy)”

  1. Brilliant. Looks you had a really fun time there. Some cool costumes and nice folk. Last time I went to a convention in the UK was way back in 2009 I think, where I got to meet Darth Vader who luckily didn’t force choke me, R2-D2 (such a friendly chap) and a trio of Tusken Raiders.

    1. Thanks TVTA, it was a real treat but hard work. There were a lot of youngsters that thought they were Darth Vader and all of them tried to take me on in saber combat! I had to take it easy on them LOL but I think I have a few more bruises. For a local Con it is amazing and was better attended this year. I hope to go all out next year and have a costume too.

      1. Cool. There seems to be a lot of interest now in local cons and the bonus is they attract good cosplayers. Were there any merchandising stalls? What is your proposed costume for next year? I would love to cosplay one time but don’t have the skill, dedication or time that cosplayers have in creating their costumes.

      2. There were a lot of merchandise stalls which concentrated on comics, figurines and collectables – Funko Pop figures ect. A lot of the things were vintage but unfortunately unboxed. I am hoping to put a Qui-Gon Jinn costume together as I recently got a Q-G Jinn replica I am installing electronics in. Plus some folk have said I have a passing resemblance to the Jedi!

      3. Haha thanks, I am sure I posted a side by side “Look-a-like” image of myself and Qui-Gon. I will have to dig it out and post it again!

    1. Thanks Paul, yes it was an amazing day. Sadly I only have a cheap mobile phone/camera so didn’t get many good pictures but there was plenty to do, see and buy. I just have to recover from all the lightsaber battles I had ready for next year!

  2. Read you post on my phone earlier. Can see the images better on my pc. I really must go to a convention myself some-when it looks like loads of fun. Glad you had a good day. Always wanted to build a R2 unit – and a Dalek – I do not have the time or the space sadly. Love the photos – the force is strong in this one-

    1. Thanks Neo the day was brilliant and I wish I could have gotten beter pics but my camera is in storage. The Astromech droids were fascinating and surprisingly bare and empty inside! I think a lot of servos and Teensy boards were used. The “pilots” of the two droids, Artoo and R2-PHT, had all the moves too, I will have a look and see what cons are in your area and let you know.

  3. What’s up buddy! Looks like a great time! I’ve got to make it to one of these some day. Those were some sweet pics you got, my kids especially liked the one where you battled it out with Darth Maul!

    1. Hello my friend! Great to hear from you. Yes it was an awesome day (exhausting with all the battles but I came through it all!). The strange thing was during the day I felt energised, it was when I got home I tired. The photo with Maul was my best picture I think too, but as I was in the picture I can’t take credit for it …Princess Leia took that photo! MTFBWY and your younglings!

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