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Opela Moraf – A saber for a follower


Hello Everybody, thank you for joining me once more as this is my 400th post since starting this blog. In that time I have posted some sabers I liked and then there is my next design which I am particularly fond of. I designed this hilt in conjunction with the Alex Khaar “Khaarnage” saber after being inspired by a story written by a member of the forum I belong to, The young lady is called Lady Revan and her story, “Only Light Can Cast Shadow” (contains some Adult themes) revolves around a character named Halin Chan, who defies the Jedi Council to defend her homeworld during the Mandalorian War. Halin Chan’s disobedience led to a revolution of sorts and she inspired a group of other Jedi to join her cause and this saber is for one of those followers…Opela Moraf. I imagined that Opela would already have a saber but maybe modified it to display her fealty to her leader Halin Chan. Halin by this time had taken on a new name and was known as Revanchist or Revan. This is Opela’s saber with the modifications to show her allegiance…..

This saber may seem simple at first glance and it is, sort of. It is basic in that it is a symmetrical cylindrical shape with clamshell shaped emitter and pommels, but this hilt is very multifaceted. Literally, it is covered with many tiny ridges that give the saber a rippled, knurled look almost like diamond cut and that makes this hilt stand out. I created this effect when I discovered I could edit the edges and vertices (lines and corners) of the model with the same techniques as the flat faces of the model. This meant I could select the lines and points of the model to form a mesh or “net”, then I stretched that net outward and thickened it to form ridges and depressions. I think the resulting effect is beautiful but I’ll let you decide as I have a few “Glamour Shots” for you to look at…

I think you will forgive me for not having many “work in progress” pictures after seeing these glamour shots. I think the hilt looks soo much nicer all painted up and with the lighting effects. The pommel and switch are modelled on the Revanchist logo and are the badges of honour this saber wears. The white blade represents the fact that Opela aligns herself with Revan, and not the Jedi or Sith but somewhere inbetween. The red and black bands are also the colours of Reavn’s battle mask on which the logo is based on. The hilt has a basic D-Ring loop for hanging it off your belt as most sabers from this era of the Star Wars story had. The clamshell emitter and pommel bookend the most striking feature of this hilt…the handgrip! As you can see all those ridges and depressions created an ornate diamond-like pattern that glints and shines from every angle!

A simple and yet complex saber for Opela. I hope you liked it and I hope Lady Revan also likes the full finished design. I did send her an initial sneak peek of the first unedited model but this is the final specification…well almost! I have one final picture of the hilt and I used a blade colour that Lady Revan developed for her own saber, and it looks a bit like this….Opela Revanchist Blossom

Lady Revan owns a custom saber with special electronics that allow you to create different blade colours and this is the colour she created and I have been able to recreate in Blender. So again I hope this meets approval!

I am running out of time once more, but I am not running out of designs. I still have the “Glamorous Lady Detectives” saber, one for a lady called Alice, some more KOTOR?SWTOR inspired staff sabers and I cross franchises once more when I show you some “sabers on the starboard bow!” Finally I have a hilt for a Norse Marvel superhero god…and it’s a 3 BLADED CROSSGUARD!

As always before I go I want to thank Lady Revan for sharing her writing talents and story. And I can’t forget to say a big thanks to you all for the support you have given an old saber designer. It means a lot.

“Opela Moraf Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. The names “Revan” and “Revanchist” are elements from the BioWares computer video game “Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic” aka KOTOR 2003.

A Tribute to TRON – Lights, Cycles, Sabers and Tanks

Hello Everybody and welcome to my second post of this weekend. As I mentioned in my “Khaarnage” a saber for Alex Khaar – Inspired by Lady Revan’s FanFiction post earlier, I am a member of a custom lightsaber forum run by Ultrasabers (a custom saber manufacturer) and I have recently been invited to post my designs on that forum too. Well, the reaction to my designs has been nothing short of phenomenal and even if there was a criticism it was always put forward with the intention to help me improve. I posted my Speeder Lightsaber design and a member commented “That hilt and flat blade would look like something out of TRON if it had all the glowing edges”. Another member “hinted” they too would like to see a TRON themed hilt, then another so I guessed it was a challenge. I took on that challenge and went to work, here are the work in progress pictures…

In the film a computer programmer named Flynn is double crossed and his software stolen by an unscrupulous employee of  the tech company ENCOM. ENCOM had a mainframe computer and a super security system built into it. Flynn tried to hack the computer but he gets digitised and “sucked” into the computer itself. There he meets TRON the “cyber police program” and together attempt to get the evidence Flynn needs to prove he was scammed and as a result fired. The problem? Well the ENCOM computer had developed an Artificial Intelligence and a self awareness, even going as far as developing the super security system program called SARK. SARK tried to stop Flynn and TRON and the film featured many memorable scenes including a “Search and Destroy” mission where SARK used “Recognizer Tanks” to find and destroy rogue programs (bit like anti-virus). Then there was the LightCycles! Computer generated glowing superbikes racing around a powergrid. These things inspired my designs, one saber with a handguard crafted to look like the Lightcycle and the other based on the Recognizer Tank.

Now the film has spawned a cult following, and a sequel film was made along with computer games and other merchandise. My good friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser will be posting an article later showcasing adverts released for the toys, games, merchandise and the movies themselves. He was also kind enough to send me these images to include in this post…

You will have noticed the Recognizer Tank on the Video Game poster, I couldn’t believe how close my recreation in my saber was, I built the handguard from memory! However there is something obviously missing from my work in progress pictures and that is a bit of a GLOW! So here are a few “Glamour Glow Shots”…

It turns out that the “glow effect” I used on the blades of my other lightsabers works particularly well for a TRON themed design! And an added bonus, the effects in the 1982 film had a “grainy faded” look highlighted by neon and the glow effect in Blender recreates this perfectly. I normally try to reduce all the speckles but didn’t need to here 😀  And to finish I mentioned a few scenes in the film…the “Recognizer Tank Chase” and the “LightCycle Race” so I decided to recreate those too and here they are to better show off the handguards’ shapes…

Phew! That was quite a big post and assault on the senses! I hope you enjoyed this flashback to a classic 1980’s film franchise. I need to say thank you to the members of the Ultrasabers’ Forum for the challenge and a big thank you to TheVintageToyAdvertiser for the adverts he shared with me. I also need to thank you my viewers and followers, you support me and keep me designing so thanks for that. I still have more to share in upcoming posts including the Glam Detectives based hilt and the Biotech Saber plus if that wasn’t enough more Star Wars KOTOR style hilts. So please call back to see those, but for now….Till next time…

“TRON”, “Kevin Flynn”, “SARK”, “LightCycles” and “Recognizer Tanks” are all Trademarks/©Copyright  of Disney Films and the film is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. “TRON/Flynn LightCycle Sabers” and “Recognizer Sabers” are For Tyeth Editions inspired by the Disney film and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

Dameron Saber – Blender Version 1

Hello Everybody, hopefully you all got some bargains in the Black Friday Sales (but didn’t spend all your money 😀 ) I didn’t buy anything as I’m saving for a new computer but I do know most new items come with a lot of packaging. This packaging needs recycling to save the Galaxy, so I wondered what I could recycle to do my part. I recycled part of a droid for my SCOMP Saber but felt I could do more when all of a sudden I saw something in the Empire Strikes Back film that inspired me. I saw something I could recycle into a hilt! That something was a part from an X-Wing Fighter and I know just who to give it to…The Best Pilot in the Resistance! This is Dameron Saber….

This hilt looks quite normal but it is a recycled part…and it has a nice little special feature! That feature is a Crystal Chamber! As you can see from the final two images above there is a crystal chamber mechanism (highlighted in orange) and the real neat thing is that the part I chose to base this hilt on has a window that allowed me to include the crystal. The hilt went through a few modelling versions as I added the various parts and here are a few more pictures, and as you take a look see if you can guess which part of the X-Wing I have recycled!…

As you can see the hilt is painted in a black and orange/yellow scheme in tribute to Poe Dameron and his famous X-Wing from The Force Awakens. There is also an activation switch modelled on the Rebel/Resistance logo. Any guesses which X-Wing part this is? No? Well to be fair you would need to be very observant as this is actually a part of the X-Wing Cockpit control panel! I saw it when Luke Skywalker crash landed on Dagobah. As he climbed out of his ship Artoo Detoo falls into the swamp. And if you look closely into the cockpit you will see a cylindrical object like a telescope mounted on the dashboard! Here is a picture from behind the scenes…xcockpit

Look in the upper right hand area of the picture and you will see a black tube…familiar? Yep, that’s the component I based this hilt on. I thought it was perfect as a hilt and it had a window just right to add a crystal chamber in! So how about a few Glamour shots, OK here they are…

There you are Dameron Saber, a tribute to the famous X-Wing Fighter and a tribute to Poe Dameron, one of it’s most famous pilots (Luke already had two lightsabers 😀 ). I hope you enjoyed this hilt and my attempts at recycling. In future posts I have some new designs based on a Star Wars themed PC game, along with a hilt for some 1970’s detectives and a Bio-Technology Corporation! So please call back and check those out. In the meantime thank you for your visit and support today. I appreciate you all, whether this is your first visit or if you’re a regular caller. Till next time….

“Dameron Saber – Blender Veersion1” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-18. “Poe Dameron”, “X-Wing” and “The Force Awakens” are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Bumblebot – A saber for Bumblebee (FT’s Blender Version)

Hello Everybody, today I have a bit of a buzz going on. I just received a couple of nice presents, a new copy of a Star Wars computer game known as “Knights of the Old Republic” and some fantastic movie posters! Well today’s hilt is inspired by a blockbuster Hollywood movie due out shortly and it is Star Wars inspired as all lightsabers are, But this hilt is for the heroic robot disguised as a car….Bumblebee!

I built this saber as soon as I heard there was a new Bumblebee movie due out and because recent Transformers films showed Bumblebee as a Chevrolet instead of the classic Volkswagen Beetle I based it on the new Chevy version. Then just my luck I find out that this new film depicts Bumblebee as a Beetle! Well I have a saber to show you all and I hope you like it, here is Bumblebot Version 2!

I tried my best to model this on a Chevrolet so much I even added a Chevy flag logo on the speaker grille. The pommel also features faux lens covers to imitate the rear brake lights and the black details represent the rear impact bars. There is also a colour co-ordinated Covertech Knob to attach the saber to your belt clip. Custom sabers usually obtain their power from replaceable batteries or  they have a permanently fixed rechargeable battery. The type that have rechargeable batteries need a socket to plug the wall charger into to charge up the hilt. This socket looks out of place on a saber so to disguise the socket I made a cover for it that looks like a fuel filler cap! A really nice feature are the on/off switches which I modelled to resemble the logos of the two warring factions in the Transformers universe. They are of course the good guy Autobots (this is the activation button) and the bad robot Decepticons (this is the deactivation button). The switch box represents the power bulge found on the bonnet/hood of  muscle cars. The emitter I made to look like the front end of the car and included headlights. And to finish the hilt off I gave it an overall yellow and black colour scheme to match the heroic little robot with the big heart.

The new Bumblebee movie is due out in December 2018 (26th in the UK) and I just happened to go and watch another film yesterday called “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the famous rock group Queen and it’s lead singer Freddie Mercury….but guess who I bumped into as I left? You’ll never guess….DSC_0590 MK

Yep it was the Autobot himself (sort of!) And talking of leaving, I’m afraid it is that time again where I have to bring this post to a close. I hope you enjoyed this saber design, maybe one day the film studio will decide to stick to one version of Bumblebee! Thanks to everyone of you for looking in and supporting my site. Your visits are very much appreciated and one final bit of news…you have all helped me reach 9000 views which is fantastic. Please call back to see future posts as I still have many more hilts to show you including another “Watery Warrior” themed saber linked to another new movie due out in December! Thanks and Till next time…

“Bumblebot Saber Blender Version 2) is a For Tyeth Edition design and is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite. Bumblebee, Autobot/Decepticon, Transformers and any name or related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys.

Bumblebee is produced by Hasbro Studios, Di Bonaventura Pictures and is distributed by Paramount Pictures.


Ecto-Plasma Saber – Inspired by the 1984 movie Ghostbusters

Helloooooo Everybodies!!!!!!!! It is getting near to that time of the year where the Ghouls and Ghosts, Spectres and Spooks all come out to play. And to help protect you all I have joined forces with fellow blogger and friend The Vintage Toy Advertiser to bring you some Ghostbusters themed adverts and a new Ghostbusters themed hilt!

As you may know back in New York of 1984, the city suffered from a wave of supernatural shenanigans and it fell to three Parapsychologists to save the day. Their names were Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler (and later) Winston Zeddemore otherwise known as the Ghostbusters. They were college professors and scientists who built some cutting edge equipment to catch and contain the ghosties. Unfortunately they weren’t politicians and fell foul of a devious city official. As a result they get arrested for operating without a license, just as a big paranormal event occurs and a large gateway to another realm opens above the city…allowing all kinds of spectral beings in!

Luckily this was a film from Columbia Pictures and the apocalypse never happened. The film however was a phenomenon and a range of toys and computer games were produced, and here are a couple of TVTA’s archive pictures of the Ghostbusters toys…

Now where do Ghostbusters and Star Wars come together? Well, they don’t really but after seeing my Knight Rider themed hilt a few posts back TVTA approached me to design a range of TV and Movie inspired hilts and so I thought “OK that’s a challenge”. I had built a saber to look like KITT from Knight Rider….how about building a saber to look like the Ghostbusters’ famous car ECTO-1! This is what I came up with….

Phew! This took me quite a while to construct despite the skills I have learned so far. Hopefully I have done justice to the iconic ECTO-1 which was originally a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. The emitter is meant to represent the chrome work on the radiator grille so reminiscent of cars from that era…it also sets off the “Slimer-Green” coloured blade quite nicely! The hand grip I attempted to shape as much as possible to look like the body of the car. I was even able to incorporate the famous red and chrome “Streamline” fins, chrome around the windows, a couple of Ghostbusters logos (with one on the roof acting as an activation switch!). You will even find I have included a yellow license plate and rear impact bars! And for the fans of flashing lights…yes I added an emergency services Light Bar on the roof. To see how close I got here is an image of the real ECTO-1 car…Ecto-1 Reference

OK! Some of you will have noticed a glaring mistake! I didn’t make a roof rack full of equipment did I? Well, I couldn’t add one to the hilt as that would make the saber hard to handle. It would be awkward just as it is. So my solution was to make a separate Roof Rack and use it as a cradle to display the saber on! Clever huh? And just as with the saber I tried to cram a few neat details into the roofrack too…take a look….

I think this Roof Rack might have more detail than the car! I made a frame from a rectangular cube but I deleted the panels to form the rack. Then I created the yellow capsule shaped canister and duplicated it so I had four in total. Next I made two “rolled up blankets” one blue, one red and a portable ventilation fan. But the real neat detail is the world famous “Ghost Traps”. I created four of them and arranged them on the rack so the saber can rest suspended on the handles of the traps. Interestingly, the real roof rack was so large that the filming crew had to ship it by air between the studio and some filming locations!

I think that just about covers my Ecto-Plasma Saber design and I have Stephen Dane to thank for the Ghostbusters props (Dane was the Hardware Designer on the film). I also have to give a big thank you to The Vintage Toy Advertiser for laying down the “challenge” to me. I must say that TVTA will be posting an article in a day or two with many more Ghostbusters themed advertising materials and images ready for Halloween so please check his blog out by clicking HERE.

As always thanks to all my viewers and followers you are much appreciated and I hope you all enjoy Halloween safely (should you be celebrating) and please call back to FTSabersite afterwards to see many more new saber designs in upcoming posts.


“Ghostbusters” and “Ecto-1”, “Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore” and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Delphi Films/Black Rhino Productions. Distributed by Columbia Pictures. “Ecto-Plasma Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

Jedi Knight Saber – Inspired by Knight Rider

Hello Everybody and in particular to two friends of this site, namely The Vintage Toy Advertiser (TVTA) and his pet office cat WOOOF! In one of TVTA’s recent comments he mentioned classic TV shows and that he had searched FTSabersite for a design dedicated to, or a mention of a very special show. That show was Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff as a man on a crusade to fight crime using the aid of an indestructible supercar. Hasselhoff played the part of Michael Arthur Long, a cop who was working an undercover case. He was shot in the head and left for dead by the female criminal he was investigating. Lying in the desert Michael Long was fortunately discovered by a passer-by who took him to get medical aid, and saved his life. The man who found Michael was Wilton Knight, a reclusive millionaire who provided the hospital and treatment Michael needed to survive. That treatment included plastic surgery. Michael Long served in Vietnam and had a metal plate in his skull which actually deflected the bullet intended to kill him but his face was damaged when he was shot.

Michael Arthur Long awoke with a new face, a new identity and a new challenge should he take it. Wilton Knight enlisted Michael as a secret crime fighter and supplied him with a new name, Michael Knight and….a new supercar to help his crime-fighting exploits. That car was called KITT and I was sort of challenged to create a saber inspired by this show. These are my work in progress pictures…

As you may know the supercar, KITT, is based on 1982/3/4 model Pontiac Trans-Am and Firebird cars. They are very sleek, aerodynamic and in the case of KITT….was jet black in colour. This caused me a problem as it is hard to make details stand out on solid dark objects! But if you check out the picture above you can see the slanted emitter that reflects the hood and nose of the car, above which is a bulge. This bulge is the housing for KITT’s iconic sweeping red light sensor you see as “he” drives toward you (yes KITT is a he, voiced by actor William Daniels). The switch plate is just below that sensor bulge but isn’t visible with out the textures but you’ll see it below. Next on the hilt are two panels to represent the “T-Bar” sunroof of the Pontiac which enabled KITT to have ejector seats! At the very bottom of the hilt is the pommel, complete with Tyre Grip knurling around it’s edges and the logo of Wilton Knight’s corporation Knight Industries (fans will remember seeing the chess piece logo on the side of the semi-truck used as a mobile headquarters!) AND there is a SPOILER! No not a spoiler to ruin the enjoyment of a show or film but the aerodynamic kind to improve the performance of the car. I considered adding one to the hilt but didn’t as I thought it may look too busy, but after giving TVTA a sneak peek he suggested I add one…so on receiving great advice I did. Now enough chatting how about some Glam Shots? OK here are the rendered pictures…

I have done my best to show the details of this hilt but as I mention due to KITT’s colour scheme it is difficult to show details on dark objects. However hopefully you can see the famous red sweeping sensor above the emitter (with a new yellow blade to represent headlights!). There are two orange indicator turn lights either side of the hilt to make it street legal 😀  Also the activation switch is modelled on the electronic display used to mimic KITT’s “mouth” on the car’s dashboard. In reality I would use a touch sensitive panel similar to a smartphone screen lock, you swipe your thumb up or down to switch the saber on and off. The pommel has the Knight chess piece logo in silver and there is of course the Spoiler that just finishes the hilt perfectly. OH wait I need one more thing for this to be legal….a license plate!….How about one of these?….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok folks that just about wraps up this design. I’d like to thank TVTA and Wooof! for the inspiration and suggestion to come up with this hilt. Please be sure to check out their site showcasing classic advertising material, just click HERE.

And again as always thank you to all of my viewers and followers, new and regular, you are all much appreciated (and a Hi to my friend Rebel from Hong Kong, I saw you had visited!) And to everyone please be sure to call back for future posts as I have those two movie blockbuster film hilts coming soon. (One is based on another car and the second is based on a film that just released a 5min trailer!) So thanks again and

Till Next Time…..

“Jedi KNIGHT Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-18. “Knight Rider”, “Michael Long/Knight” and “K.I.T.T.”  were created by Glen A. Larson and are Trademark/©Copyright of Glen A. Larson and Universal Television,

The Crossguard Awakens – A For Tyeth Tribute

Hello Everybody, Wow what a post my last one turned out to be! Thankfully this post is going to be a little bit more calm and relaxed (at least I hope!) I promised I would give you all a sneak peek at my progress with the 3D design program Blender. After suggestions from Evil Genius180 and Neo Trinarty, I realised that it would be a good idea to recreate something that was already in existence and the weapon of Kylo Ren, the “Crossguard” lightsaber seemed to be popular…so I decided to build my own “inspired by” model of a 3 bladed hilt. Now the model was built by eye, meaning it isn’t to scale exactly, I just built it to look right so I could get experience. So here are pics of my first version of a Crossguard…

I was pretty pleased how this turned out, as I didn’t have any plans or diagrams to work from I just winged it. As happy as I was, I know this was pretty basic and it is. The hilt consists of just two cylinders, one that is heavily modified to form the main body and a second plain tube for the side blades. To create the model there are  functions that allows you to segment the tube (or whichever object you are editing) and create “Faces”, “Edges” and “Vertices”. Faces are flat panels which form the “skin” of the model while the edges are the boundary lines of the Face. Vertices are the points where two or more edges form a junction. By manipulating the position of these Faces, Edges or Vertices you morph the shape. Very much like Play-Doh or modelling clay but a bit more angular! So by pushing and pulling the model I created the basic hilt and “pulled out” the detail features (such as the area for the switch and the ridges on the grip) then added a tube for the side blade emitters.

In the pictures above you can see the two cylinders clearly, and you may be able to see how the model is divided into segments. When in edit mode each segment gets marked with a dot and you can see all of the segments of the second tube selected and highlighted in orange. If I scaled this selected cylinder the whole tube would grow or shrink according to how much you tweak it. So to make the details on the main body I selected alternate Faces and pulled them out to form ridges. It is so intuitive. And I know the expert 3D modellers out there would delete the bits “inside” the model, I will in future but I’m just finding my feet and making mistakes early. And I did make mistakes, the hilt was a little bit “thick” and I needed to slim it down and work on the pommel. Here is MK2…

It was beginning to take on the shape I wanted, I even added a possible FTE crystal chamber pommel! Well my FTE pommels do look a bit like the pommel on Kylo’s hilt but there were still details I wasn’t happy with. Now the hilt looked too “heavy” around the emitters and the pommel needed more work. About an hour and a half’s effort led me to version 3 and the one you had a sneak peek of in my last Blender post. It has a much nicer shaped pommel, the main body now looks balanced and the side blade emitters have little notch details. There are still gaps between some Faces but these holes can easily be fixed by adding extra Faces. For now here is MK3..

And that just about wraps up this model, except for wrapping some textures onto it so it looks like it is made of real materials….but I can’t do that just yet….I haven’t finished reading that chapter in the manual! I did learn how to take a glamour shot sort of so though (I’ll leave that below!)

I hope you all (especially you Neo!) enjoyed seeing the process I am going through, Thanks for reading this post and your support and I hope you’ll return to see how I progress and my upcoming Blender based designs in future posts. Till next time here’s a glamour shot!

KyloNotVer3 MK
The Crossguard has Awoken!

This design is heavily influenced by Kylo Ren’s Crossguard lightsaber. The Kylo Ren saber is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. FTSabersite and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

For Tyeth’s Comic Con 2 – “It’s a Trap!” (pic heavy)

Hello Everybody! Wow! Oh Wow! What a day I had yesterday (Sunday 17th). I received a HIGHLY IMPORTANT SECRET COMMUNICATION from the Jedi Council, who wanted me to take on another mission. This mission involved top secret documents, an Imperial Droid, a Sith Apprentice and a Sith Lord…a Princess plus a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST….but do you know what? I will tell you the story instead it will be easier! (But please stick with this post it is four pages long ok!)

I received the mission briefing early in the morning and I was instructed to go to my local Comic Con to gather intel – yes it was that time of year when my local comic con takes place. Well, what better place to hide and blend in than with a lot of Star Wars fans? I was told an Imperial Droid that belonged to Darth Vader had some really vital information stored within him and I had to get it!

DSC_0458 SmlMK
That’s the Droid I’m looking for!! Quick Tyeth move!

Upon arriving I met up with an old acquaintance called Takamatsu to get my first lead on the droid’s whereabouts. Takamatsu is well known as and I think IS the best Bossk the Bounty Hunter cosplayer in the UK. But this time he wasn’t dressed as Bossk, oh no…he was “Edrio Two Tubes” this year! What a costume…and all hand made by himself…unbelievable!

DSC_0461 SmlMK
Takamatsu as “Edrio Two Tubes”…this guy is amazing!

Edrio told me that news of my arrival was already known and forces had been sent out to stop me. And Edrio wasn’t kidding…take a look at these Imperial troops!

DSC_0469 SmlMK
Yikes! Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts and a Tie Pilot!

They seemed determined to stop me but hadn’t detected my presence yet so I had a chance to meet up with my second informant…and you can meet him too on page two, just click the page link below!

Arbitrator – A tribute to Ultrasabers’ Arbiter

Hello Everybody, after last week’s tribute and offering to Shameem Moshrefzadeh I am about to introduce a design I came up with last year but never posted. It is a “tribute” design of a lightsaber called the Arbiter (and it’s Darkside version) which is designed and built by the company Ultrasabers. Ultrasabers have a wide range of custom hilts and the Arbiter is considered by fans who own one as a great all round saber. So I will keep you waiting no longer, here is my nod to Ultrasabers, this is Arbitrator….

I think this is a nice hilt and would make a fantastic duelling saber due to having many gripping options. I was able to recreate these handgrips by using multiple coupler sections normally used to combine two separate hilts into a staff. The rest of the saber was easier to recreate as the original design which just seems “solid” in my opinion. The reason I never posted this design is that I couldn’t really post this on either Ultrasabers’ or Saberforges’ forums without breaking forum rules. Now I have this site however I can finally let it see the light of day!

And for the sake of balance I will include links to both Ultrasabers’ and Saberforge’s websites and forums at the end of the post so you can check them out. I also have a few more “Inspired by…” designs for upcoming posts but next up are some hilts for a group of galaxy defenders. I hope you’ll join me again to see those. Now, as you can guess I am about to run out of time and I need to say thank you to all of my viewers and followers (and I have noticed a spike in visitor numbers from Germany so hello to you too!) Your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

Ultrasabers links:

Store Website: ultrasabers.com    Forum Site: saberforum.com 

Saberforge links:

Store Website: saberforge.com     Forum Site: Has now been shut down by owner.

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Ordained Saber – A design for Shameem

Hello Everybody, after the excitement of last week’s new delivery of my new saber, I felt I should post a design to help explain why I want to attempt an install of a lightsaber myself. Well in November 2015 I finally had the funds to buy my first (and so far only) custom saber as a combined birthday and Christmas present to myself. And as an owner of a saber I decided to join the forum of the company that built it and it was here where I discovered talented folks who built their own sabers and installed electronics etc. I was amazed and as part of my “training” I wanted to build my own too. One of the talented individuals I learnt about was a gentleman called (wait for it….) Shameem Moshrefzadeh, or as most saber fans know him Shameem! Shameem had installed many sabers including a fabulous saber based on the Aliens from the self titled movie franchise and he has built a few Qui-Gon Jinn replicas. I liked the Aliens hilt but obviously I was drawn to the Qui-Gons. Shameem posts videos of his creations and I have enjoyed watching them and was inspired. I also realised he had shared his talents to build all these sabers for other people…but no one had designed one for him so I did! So here is my hilt for Shameem, called Ordained…

Now it transpires that Shameem is a follower of the Baha’i Faith and he posted a series of videos to celebrate the Ayyam-i-Ha, a big religious holiday for followers of the faith that emphasises charity and giving to persons more in need than themselves. So I designed this saber and tried to incorporate aspects/elements that would hopefully have a relevance to Shameem and his faith. The first aspects are the rings of the grenade grip and the inserts between the forks of the emitter which I  “powder coated” in green, a colour I believe represents Predetermination and was the colour of the Bab’s turban. Predetermination can also mean Ordained and I believe Shameem was meant to be as successful as he is and so this is how I came up with the saber’s name. The second aspect is the number 9, which I have read is associated with perfection and is the numerical value of the word “Bahá’” This I incorporated by colouring nine rings of the grenade grip section of the hilt. The pommel also has a lit emitter used as a crystal chamber pommel with, of course, a green crystal. The emitter and pommel are meant to represent the beautiful houses of worship (actually the one I have seen is more a cathedral!) and an acknowledgement to the faith itself.

I came up with this design on March 3rd 2017 and tried a couple of times to contact Shameem and send him a copy of the pictures but I had communication problems (I don’t have Facebook or Twitter so the Imperials/Empire/First Order can’t track me ;D ) Since then Shameem has posted a saber video on his YouTube channel which is called “Remembrance” Custom Lightsaber – Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah Baha’i Faith” This saber echoes my design in using aspects of the faith and embodying them in saber form. Obviously his saber is much nicer than mine and you can view his channel by clicking the link HERE where you will see his video playlist (including his Aliens and Qui-Gon sabers!)

I hope Shameem approves of this design and I want to thank him for the inspiration to make me want to try and install my Qui-Gon hilt. I also want to thank you, my viewers and followers once again for your support it is never taken for granted and means a lot to me. I am running out of time so I hope you will visit again for my upcoming posts. Till next time.

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