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The Silent Ghost Reaper’s Request

Hello Everybody, I bet you didn’t think you would be hearing from me today! Well to be honest this is an impromptu posting for a very important message I have been asked to share with you all, especially the Younglings in the galaxy. It is a message from a friend of mine, The Silent Ghost Reaper, who I designed a pair of lightsabers for (click here to see them). SGR has his own YouTube channel and he became aware of a “fad challenge” going around involving Tide Pods. He posted a video about the dangers involved with this stupid challenge and asked if I could help warn folks by posting his video here too. So may I present The Silent Ghost Reaper and his plea to you to stay safe…

As you can see, this is a very dangerous craze that has been started so please don’t put anything like this into your mouths! Washing and laundry chemicals can be deadly and even if you are lucky to survive you could have lasting health effects for the rest of your lives. So please kids, stay safe!

The Silent Ghost Reaper


Now as this is a lightsaber themed site I had best include a little bit of lightsaber entertainment too, so I will show you one of the videos SGR posted on his channel which brought him to my attention. SGR recently purchased some sabers from a company named Ultrasabers, that offer customers the chance to buy a Mystery Saber that come with random colours, hilt models and the possibility of it having sounds. This is his “Unboxing” video of one such Mystery Box Saber….

As you can see he is very excitable! But then getting your first “real” saber with sounds is exciting, as you don’t have to go around swinging your saber making “Shwish! Vroom! Vroom! Shwish!” noises anymore! There are many more videos about SGR’s lightsabers and his very funny informative reviews of technology products on his channel. Due to recent changes made by YouTube SGR needs all the help he can get to keep his channel running, so please go and support him and his efforts there Here is a link to his channel page for your convenience:

The Silent Ghost Reaper YouTube Channel

Back here on FTSabersite, I have good news to share too! It appears that the other big lightsaber manufacturer, Saberforge have announced they will be adding new parts to the ASP System which means there will be even more choice and options to create new saber designs. And as always, I will be creating more designs with these new parts while I get a computer that can run Computer Aided Design software to make my own custom sabers!

Thank you to Silent Ghost Reaper for his public announcement message, I’m glad I could help you in some small way. And I’d like to say thanks to you, my viewers and followers for looking in on this post and for the support you give. It is much appreciated. Please call back in a few days for my next post with a BIG GREEN RAMPAGING MACHINE! Till next time.

“The Silent Ghost Reaper” and his videos appear here with permission and are ©Copyright of The Silent Ghost Reaper 2018. FTSabersite and all content within is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.