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The incoming “Flyte” has arrived! And it’s a beauty!

Hello Everyone, just a quick post to let you know that things are moving very fast for For Tyeth this week. Not only did my Jedi robe arrive yesterday (20th Nov) BUT my new Ultimate Works Flyte saber has been delivered!!! YAY!!!

I received a notification quoting a Monday 23rd delvery but this morning a TXT message pinged my phone saying DHL were dropping the saber off today. And WOW oh WOW! The hilt is sleek, smooth, is nicely constructed and has a semi gloss piano black finish….plus it feels just right to hold for duelling. I found out it has some really nice sound fonts too (each set of character sounds is called a “font”) and this hilt has 6 fonts built in! But as a tease you will have to wait till my review to find out what sounds it has and see pictures of it but in the meantime here is the product picture again…

I won’t say too much more except that I am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase on first impressions…I’ll see how it holds up over the next few months etc.

Oh and the Jedi robe? That is something equally as spectacular – I’m gonna be the best robed Jedi in the galaxy – but again I’ll review it and have pictures in upcoming posts.

Thanks for checking out this post so I could share some positive news with you all, I hope you stay safe and you all have as good a day as I am having. Till next time…..

Legal stuff: For Tyeth and FTSabersite are NOT affiliated or connected to Ultimate Works or their distributor The Pach Store. I am just a paying customer and have received no payments or incentives. The “FLYTE” is a Trademark/Copyright of Ultimate Works 2020.

For Tyeth takes Flyte – I’ve added a new saber to my personal collection!

Hello Everybody, bet you didn’t think I’d be posting today and so soon after my regular weekend slot. WELL….I have some exciting news…I have managed to acquire through a game of chance a new lightsaber! Sort of! I discovered that a well known saber supply company based in Hong Kong was releasing a new saber for the Black Friday Sales and as I had some spare credits I managed to snag one of the first batch of 100 they were selling!


Image Credit: The PachStore

As you can see the hilt is named the “Flyte” and is quite a reasonable price. A very good price in fact considering the features this hilt packs (though after the first 100 are sold the price will go up to $139 and at the time of writing this there were only 8 left!) Not only is the saber machined from aircraft grade Aluminium but it features a chassis system to hold all the internal components securely so they don’t rattle around inside and get damaged. The hilt has lights AND sounds – multiple colours of light and multiple sets of sound effects so I can mix and match. One day I may feel a bit moody and switch the blade to Red, or another day I might set the saber to sound like Luke Skywalkers’. The on site video says that the sounds are configurable via the USB connector so I think I may be able to load new sets of sounds onto the saber when I get bored of the default effects. So this hilt has multiple colours, sounds and the sounds are “Blended” so they don’t have gaps or clicking noises when each recording starts/stops as you swing the hilt. It has the chassis to make the hilt “duel worthy” meaning when I’m at a Comic Con in future and any little Sith or Jedi have a swing at me the saber will withstand any potential damage 😀

The saber is available in plain silver, black or a vivid red finish though I chose a black version (I already have a regular silver coloured hilt and thought black would contrast nicely for a change).

The reason I got this hilt is so when I am at Comic Cons (hopefully) I will have my costume and two hilts so folk can pose with me and have a saber too if they don’t happen to have one. But for now I am eagerly awaiting for it to be delivered. I’ll let you know about it as soon as I get it and do an unboxing review.

That’s my news for today, thanks for checking it out. Now as long as I’m not breaking any rules I’ll leave the link to the PachStore’s saber pages below so you can take a look (they also sell movie collectibles).

The Pach Store Lightsaber page: https://www.thepachstore.com/collections/custom-sabers

Till next time…..

“The Flyte” lightsaber is a product of the PachStore based in Hong Kong. For Tyeth/FTSabersite are not associated or connected to the company in any way, I have just purchased one of these sabers on offer. Any trademarks/copyrights, images or IPs belong to their respective owners.