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Throne Room Saber -A Fully Operational Battle Saber!

Hello Everybody, nice to see you again for my regular weekly offering. I hope you enjoyed my little bonus post earlier this week celebrating ThatStarWarsGirl’s YouTube milestone achievement. I have left comments and links on her video and Discussion section but again I have yet to hear anything from her. In the meantime though I got back to designing (I do a lot of that!). You may recall I said I felt I had gained the basic techniques of 3D modelling in Blender and Neo Trinarty suggested I attempt a “full scale build”. I think he meant building the interior of a room or a piece of virtual scenery. I jokingly replied I might build a Death Star, well, I thought about it and I came up with this…

The first picture shows a part that could make an interesting emitter. It has a fluted emitter opening and what appear to be “windows” on the side. The second picture shows what I built for a hilt handle and the orange lines show the areas that I pulled out to form decorative ridges. In the next picture you can see the handle with it’s “skin” applied and it looks more like a handle complete with a matching fluted base. The fourth picture shows a large assembly of FIVE emitters around a central hub…what the heck am I building? In the fifth picture is a wireframe image of the pommel cap decoration and you might recognise the shape as the logo of the Galactic Empire or Imperial logo! The final image shows a wireframe picture of the whole saber complete with all five emitters and the logo cap on the pommel base. What would this look like with it’s skin rendered and what in space is it? Well here are a few glamour shots…

I did try to build the Death Star! Admittedly it doesn’t look like a round space battle station but it is meant to represent a very special part of the Emperor’s space station. I tried to recreate the Throne Room Tower where Darth Vader brought Luke Skywalker to face Emperor Palpatine and where the pivotal duel between father and son took place in Return of the Jedi! To help you visualise what I did here are the reference pictures I used…

As you can see I tried to recreate the tower and pods. The tower shaft forms the hilt handle and the pods form the emitters. The spire is replaced by the blade. In the cutaway image you can see the area where the ROTJ duel took place and the windows in the pods. Green blades usually represent the Jedi but the Death Star laser actually fired a green laser beam due to it’s Kyber Crystals so I gave this saber green blades. The activation switch represents the aperture that the super laser fires from. All in all I think it looks similar to the Throne Room Tower when stood upright on it’s pommel. This wouldn’t make an effective saber but it was fun building it!

It is that time when I have to end this post but as always I want to thank all my followers and viewers. Your support is greatly appreciated and keeps me posting. I have more sabers to come and more NEW designs in my head. There will be a saber for the “best fighter pilot in the galaxy”, a new hilt for a small robot with a BIG heart and a watery weapon for deep diving combat…I hope you will call back to see those in future posts. Till next time…

“Throne Room Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. All Star Wars material belongs to Disney/LucasFilm.

Bounty Lightsaber – Bossk’s Bounty

Hello Everybody, today I have another hilt I have been working on and I want to post this one as I may have the chance to meet this guy shortly, but more on that later! This is a saber for an anti-hero type Bounty Hunter who took his job seriously and did it with “honour”, so much so he belonged to the bounty hunter’s guild. He had many quarries to catch and had varying success. He worked with various other hunters including the likes of Dengar, Aura Sing, the legendary Boba Fett and even Ezra Bridger(?). But I think this character is an unsung legend and his name is Bossk, son of Cradossk. Bossk is a Trandoshan, the race of humanoid reptiles that were infamous for hunting Wookies (sorry Chewie!). Bossk’s weapon of choice is a Relby-v-10 Mortar Gun but he may decide to use a saber after he sees…Bossk’s Bounty…

I think you can see what I attempted here, the saber sort of looks like Bossk himself from top to bottom! The emitter I felt had a bit of a facial look to it and when coated in the powder coat called Mocha Metallic gives it the alien reptilian look of Bossk’s head. The body replicates Bossk’s flight-suit with it’s yellow main casing and the white ribbed grip section. The suit in reality was actually a high altitude survival suit for RAF pilots called a Windak suit. The white vest like chest piece is part of the air supply filtering system I believe. The suit is so Sci-Fi looking it was used in a few other British Sci-Fi TV shows! The switch is a fairly standard one just functional really, but the pommel I used is a little gift to Bossk. Let me explain, when I went to the cinema way back in time to watch Empire Strikes Back and saw Bossk on screen I was slightly concerned that he didn’t have boots to protect his feet (you may remember the scene on Darth Vader’s ship with the other bounty hunters and Bossk’s claws were hanging over the edge of the platform they were stood on.) As a result I decided to use this pommel to look like boots…but his toes STILL stick out, those are the little brown accents. I think I may have designed the first pair of Trandoshan Toe Boots…hmm I might have to branch out into fashion design too  😀 !

Stick with sabers Tyeth!

That was Bossk himself and I hope he likes his new saber design, if not the boots! Now I mentioned earlier that I may have the chance to “meet” Bossk shortly, well I hope to get to visit a Comic Con where the actor who portrayed him will be attending! The gentleman’s name is Alan Harris, and he also appeared in the next film Return of the Jedi as Bossk too. He is very versatile as he also played a Stormtrooper and was a stand-in double for Terence Stamp! Hopefully I might be able to get his/Bossk’s opinion on my design!

I will have to let you all know how that goes, if I can snag tickets to the convention. But I am afraid time is running out here and I need to bring this post to an end. As always thank you for looking in today, I realise you have to wait a little longer for my designs but I hope it’s worth it. Your support is really appreciated. So please call back and see what I have in store in my upcoming posts…Till next time.

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Mon Calamarian Lightsaber – A Sub-Aquatic Saber

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber I am pleased with, so we will need to check our Jedi Respirators and your SCUBA diving gear as we visit Mon Cala! This saber I designed a long time back but only just rediscovered it and I envisaged that it belonged to Gial Ackbar. Gial Ackbar was born (hatched?) and raised on the aquatic world of Mon Cala where he became the Captain of the Mon Calamari Guard and chief military advisor to the King, Yos Kolina. However this was during the time of the Clone Wars and nothing stayed peaceful for long, even under water. Sadly King Kolina was assassinated by Separatist Riff Tamson, but the credit for the crime was taken by another faction so as to start a civil war on the planet. As a result a new King couldn’t be crowned which Darth Sidious sensed as an opportunity to take advantage. He sent Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) to muddy the waters. This prompted the Republic and the Jedi Council to send Senator Amidala and Anakin Skywalker to assist Mon Cala. Anakin had a saber so I thought Gial Ackbar would benefit from owning one so here is my design for him, this is Mon Calamarian…

I attempted to capture the look of the creature that probably inspired the look and design of Gial Ackbar, the Squid! The emitter has a oceanic cyan coloured blade and is reminiscent of the pointed bulbous head of the squid and Ackbar himself. The switch and body have scale like accents and blocks to represent the coarse skin of the calamari. The pommel is once again one of my FTE Emitter Pommels, and looks perfect as the tentacles that help propel the squid through the water and catches it’s prey.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Admiral Ackbar (Tim Rose) Photo Credit: David James ©Lucasfilm 2015

As you can see from the picture above Gial Ackbar is of course Admiral Ackbar famous for leading the Rebel Alliance against the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, oh and his famous line “IT’S A TRAP!”. With help from Anakin and another Jedi, Kit Fisto, Gial Ackbar was able to win the battle for his home world. A new King was crowned and new allegiances pledged. Ackbar went on to command in the Rebel Alliance and much later was enlisted by General Leia to help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order and Starkiller Base.

So that was Mon Calamarian and we have learned a few facts, firstly, Admiral Gial Ackbar was a formidable military tactician for many years and secondly, Lightsabers can be made to work UNDERWATER! (You can see Anakin’s saber used underwater in the Clone Wars cartoon telling the above story of the battle for Mon Cala, so it is canon!) I hope you liked this offering and will return to see more new designs in upcoming posts. Thank you for looking in today and supporting FTSabersite! Till next time.

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