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Master K Saber – An Obi-Wan Kenobi inpsired hilt

Hello Everybody and welcome back to my regular posting slot. I hope you all enjoyed my mid-week post featuring PsychoSith’s fabulous artwork. Today I return to my usual schedule and have a saber inspired by the hilt owned by the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. I noticed that his saber although nice was a little bit angular and looked as if it had sharp edges, Obi-Wan_Kenobis_first_lightsaber_-_SW_Card_Traderso I wondered if I could make a model of it and “soften” the corners around the emitter and on the handgrip. I set to work and came up with this new contoured version…

I remodeled the ridges of the handgrip but kept the scalloped shroud (I’ve grown quite attached to this style of shroud!) however if you look closely at the original hilt there were two notches located just where the heel of your palm would rest so I removed them to improve comfort. I also smoothed and rounded the cutouts on the emitter shroud. I have held a few real life replica models  of Kenobi’s hilt and the aluminium could be a bit sharp. I modified the pommel from my “Trooper” hilts as they were originally inspired by Obi-Wan’s to start with. So being as there wasn’t too much work needed to remodel this hilt I felt I should create a few variants…

And with a simple switch of paint this hilt takes on a sleek sinister Sith look. The hilt details are still there but black objects don’t show very well against other black objects and I decided to make an alternative Sith hilt with a red and black marble like handgrip…Obi-Wan SithObi 1 MK

Now I had made two Sith hilts, I thought how about a nice golden Jedi hilt? I painted a version in gold but I think it kinda looks more like C-3PO. I added a Jedi Order logo printed on the underside and I think you can just see it…

Now some very long time followers may remember a hilt I designed inspired by one of rock’s greatest guitarists (and part time keyboard player) who also has a name with three initials….EVH….well this next image shows an updated EVH hilt…OWK Eddie van Halen MK

And if you haven’t guessed, the guitarist is none other than Eddie Van Halen, famous for the songs Eruption and JUMP! This saber’s colour scheme was created using the same technique as my Sharkaradon Saber hilt and is coloured the same as Eddie’s famous Frankenstrat guitar.

I stopped here as I was getting carried away. But I think I proved that a single hilt can be made to look like many different styles.

I have to apologise there aren’t any “Studio Pictures” but this past week I have been really busy creating some animations for a special hilt I’ve built for a YouTuber I’ve recently met whose nickname is Nothin’ Nerdy. I commented on a video, then left a comment on her livestream and to my surprise Nerdy immediately responded to me! I have had a few chats with her since and said that when she reaches 1000 subscribers I would post a design for her. So if you are interested in the computer game Star Wars The Old Republic then please check out her YouTube channel Nothin’ Nerdy where she livestreams sessions playing the game. And if you subscribe and help her reach 1000 I will be able to post her saber sooner!

So I think that just about covers everything for this Obi-Wan Kenobi inspired saber, I hope you liked it and all it’s variants. I still have many more saber designs to come in future posts including the new Nothin’ Nerdy hilt. There are also my “Master Series” hilts and more new original hilts. I want to say a big thank you to you, my viewers, your support is fantastic and keeps me posting. I’ll end here, Till next time….

“Master K Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi’s saber from “The Phantom Menace” and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “The Phantom Menace” and all other Star Wars related names, logos, images are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney?LucasFilm.

BeeGud Lightsaber – E.T.’s Saber

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber design for one of the lesser known characters in the Star Wars Saga….E.T. the Extra Terrestrial! No I haven’t gone mad, E.T. sort of made an appearance in The Phantom Menace. This happened because of a deal made between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. In the film E.T. the little alien and Elliott went out “Trick or Treating” and in the street was a young girl wearing a Halloween mask of….YODA! E.T. who was slightly confused tried to follow the girl, pointing at her saying “Home!….Home!” There were also other Star Wars toys dotted around the sets to appear in the film. In return for this “un-official” advertising and promotion, George Lucas promised his friend that E.T. (or at least members of his species) would appear in the next Star Wars film, this was The Phantom Menace. So I will show you my design for E.T. and if you are “Goood!” I’ll explain some more about this story later, this is BeeGud Lightsaber…

E.T is an Asogian, from the planet Brodo Asogi. During the last decades of the Galactic Republic, the Asogians were represented at the Galactic Senate (you know that big round room with the floating platforms!) by a delegation of Senator Grebleips and a trio of aides. When the Galactic Republic was turned into the Galactic Empire by Palpatine, the Senator was charged with treason and the planet was absorbed into the new autocratic government structure. This picture shows Senator Grebleips and two of his aides, well I think it is him and two aides but as they don’t wear clothes it’s hard to tell them apart!


Back to the saber, the emitter I used to represent E.T.’s head as it has two large ovals that look like eyes. The switch section represents his chest and abdomen and when a lighted activation switch is installed it would glow orange just like his “GlowHeart”. The blade is also orange to match that GlowHeart and E.T.’s healing finger (“Ouch!”) The couplers which form the grip are meant to look like the wrinkled, folded skin of his stomach and the pommel is used as his paddle shaped feet. I think if you were to attach two arms onto the hilt, it would complete the look!

Well I hope you enjoyed this little design, I have to say E.T. does seem to get around a bit. And it seems I’ve been around a bit, my next post will be my 200th! Can you believe that? I hadn’t realized how quickly time had flown but sadly, once more, time has beaten me and I need to go “Home!” to my workshop to prepare for the next 200 posts! (maybe). So thank you for visiting today and supporting FTSabersite over the past 199 posts, it really is appreciated. Till number 200!

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Elliott and all related names, quotes and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures.