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=HOMAGE= A saber pair by =OTTOMATIX=

Hello Everybody, I am slightly late with this post but I do have a valid reason! This last week I posted my 2000th post on the SaberForgeForum. I was congratulated by many of the members there and they thanked me for my contribution to the community. I felt very proud that I had made such an impression. One member even made a very tempting offer to help me expand my saber collection! One of the great people I have met on the forum is =OTTOMATIX=, who regular viewers and followers will remember from his “=Ottomatix=’s Slainte” St Patrick’s Day Saber Staff. Well today I have the honour of presenting another =OTTO= design, this one I have called Homage and I will explain the name after you have had a look …..

This is a really nice design that has a little detail that you may recognise, and that detail is an FTE Emitter Pommel! =OTTO= was one of the members who first congratulated me when I created the technique of using an emitter to make a lighted pommel, so when I saw he had used the same trick I was really pleased! As such I named the saber Homage (I hope you don’t mind =OTTO=) The hilt has a classic “Thin-necked” emitter and a lower section which looks as if it is a separate body part consisting of the switch, silver coloured coupler and the FTE pommel. But the brilliance of =OTTO= didn’t stop here, he also made a smaller version of the hilt to use in your weaker hand (also known as an Off-Hand hilt). And as I am feeling really happy at the moment here is a little bonus gallery to show off the Off-Hand version too!..

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The lower half of the hilt remains the same but just by changing the emitter to a version with a short non ridged connector results in a hilt that creates a perfect partner to the full Two Handed saber. And to help differentiate the main blade from the Off Hand’s blade it is a nice Cyan colour to compliment the Amber! I think =OTTO= has a great imagination and talent.coming soon

I would like to take this opportunity to thank =OTTOMATIX= once again for allowing his work to be displayed here, and for being a friend to me during my time on the forums. I am now running out of time but as you can see I have another hilt on it’s way (and so far no-one has guessed who it might be for – Andy Pines, you were very close however!). I hope you will join me when I reveal who the mysterious recipient is in my next post, but for now thank you all my viewers and followers for checking out today’s post. Till next time.

=Homage= is an =OTTOMATIX= design and is © Copyright of =OTTOMATIX= used here with permission. FTSabersite and all it’s contents are covered by © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

=Ottomatix=’s Slainte – A Saint Patrick’s Day Saberstaff

Hello Everybody, today I have the great privilege of introducing a new Guest Designer! This gentleman welcomed me into the crazy hobby that is Lightsaber ownership and my descent into designing! His name is =Ottomatix= and was the first person to interact with me on the forum we are both members of. That was 16 months ago and for fun here is a screenshot of our “meeting”The Meeting

Yes I used to be called Stan, or at least that was my nickname back then. Not only was =Otto= the first to speak to me when I joined that forum but he also has a Disciple saber! I reckon this means we both have good taste, and to prove my point =Otto= is also a talented and prolific designer himself. And it is his design I am proud to present to you now, on Saint Patrick’s Day here is…


I will be honest (and I have told =Otto= this already) at first I was a bit puzzled at what he was attempting. I looked at the design and just saw alternating colours on various parts as I scrolled through each segment. Then the eureka moment happened when I zoomed out and could see all the colours lined up next to each other. The flag of Ireland was there staring me in the face and I just thought it was an amazing concept!

=Otto= is a much respected member on the forum and I am glad to be able to call him a friend. Even through some rough times on the forum he is still there and we chat whenever we get the chance. I would have posted some of his designs here sooner but I have to be careful as not to recruit any viewers or followers etc from the forum as it’s against the rules. They don’t like people “borrowing” their members!

But as it is Saint Patrick’s Day (or weekend depending on how long you celebrate 😀 ) I couldn’t think of a better day or design to showcase his talent! I hope you enjoyed this design and maybe =Otto= will be willing to share more of his work on this site. I’d like to thank =Otto= for being my friend, thank you the viewers and followers of FTSabersite for your support and invite you back to see more new designs including Rita Repulsa’s new weapon tomorrow! Till next time.

“Slainte” Saberstaff is ©Copyright of =Ottomatix= and is used here with permission. This Guest Design and all other designs, material and related content within this website are covered by ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.