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Ecto-Plasma Saber – Inspired by the 1984 movie Ghostbusters

Helloooooo Everybodies!!!!!!!! It is getting near to that time of the year where the Ghouls and Ghosts, Spectres and Spooks all come out to play. And to help protect you all I have joined forces with fellow blogger and friend The Vintage Toy Advertiser to bring you some Ghostbusters themed adverts and a new Ghostbusters themed hilt!

As you may know back in New York of 1984, the city suffered from a wave of supernatural shenanigans and it fell to three Parapsychologists to save the day. Their names were Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler (and later) Winston Zeddemore otherwise known as the Ghostbusters. They were college professors and scientists who built some cutting edge equipment to catch and contain the ghosties. Unfortunately they weren’t politicians and fell foul of a devious city official. As a result they get arrested for operating without a license, just as a big paranormal event occurs and a large gateway to another realm opens above the city…allowing all kinds of spectral beings in!

Luckily this was a film from Columbia Pictures and the apocalypse never happened. The film however was a phenomenon and a range of toys and computer games were produced, and here are a couple of TVTA’s archive pictures of the Ghostbusters toys…

Now where do Ghostbusters and Star Wars come together? Well, they don’t really but after seeing my Knight Rider themed hilt a few posts back TVTA approached me to design a range of TV and Movie inspired hilts and so I thought “OK that’s a challenge”. I had built a saber to look like KITT from Knight Rider….how about building a saber to look like the Ghostbusters’ famous car ECTO-1! This is what I came up with….

Phew! This took me quite a while to construct despite the skills I have learned so far. Hopefully I have done justice to the iconic ECTO-1 which was originally a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. The emitter is meant to represent the chrome work on the radiator grille so reminiscent of cars from that era…it also sets off the “Slimer-Green” coloured blade quite nicely! The hand grip I attempted to shape as much as possible to look like the body of the car. I was even able to incorporate the famous red and chrome “Streamline” fins, chrome around the windows, a couple of Ghostbusters logos (with one on the roof acting as an activation switch!). You will even find I have included a yellow license plate and rear impact bars! And for the fans of flashing lights…yes I added an emergency services Light Bar on the roof. To see how close I got here is an image of the real ECTO-1 car…Ecto-1 Reference

OK! Some of you will have noticed a glaring mistake! I didn’t make a roof rack full of equipment did I? Well, I couldn’t add one to the hilt as that would make the saber hard to handle. It would be awkward just as it is. So my solution was to make a separate Roof Rack and use it as a cradle to display the saber on! Clever huh? And just as with the saber I tried to cram a few neat details into the roofrack too…take a look….

I think this Roof Rack might have more detail than the car! I made a frame from a rectangular cube but I deleted the panels to form the rack. Then I created the yellow capsule shaped canister and duplicated it so I had four in total. Next I made two “rolled up blankets” one blue, one red and a portable ventilation fan. But the real neat detail is the world famous “Ghost Traps”. I created four of them and arranged them on the rack so the saber can rest suspended on the handles of the traps. Interestingly, the real roof rack was so large that the filming crew had to ship it by air between the studio and some filming locations!

I think that just about covers my Ecto-Plasma Saber design and I have Stephen Dane to thank for the Ghostbusters props (Dane was the Hardware Designer on the film). I also have to give a big thank you to The Vintage Toy Advertiser for laying down the “challenge” to me. I must say that TVTA will be posting an article in a day or two with many more Ghostbusters themed advertising materials and images ready for Halloween so please check his blog out by clicking HERE.

As always thanks to all my viewers and followers you are much appreciated and I hope you all enjoy Halloween safely (should you be celebrating) and please call back to FTSabersite afterwards to see many more new saber designs in upcoming posts.


“Ghostbusters” and “Ecto-1”, “Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore” and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Delphi Films/Black Rhino Productions. Distributed by Columbia Pictures. “Ecto-Plasma Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

Caesar’s Spark Lightsaber – Inspired by Caesar the Ape

Hello Everybody, today I have something very different, it is still a lightsaber design but it is inspired by a movie about Apes! Ok I’m a little late getting into the Planet of the Apes franchise but my cable/satellite package doesn’t have the movie channels (I can’t afford those as lightsaber designers don’t make much money  😦  ) However I discovered that a terrestrial TV station had Rise of the Planet of the Apes on so I watched it. As most of you will know it is about a chimpanzee that is born to a mother chimp called Bright Eyes, that had been used to test a new drug on. The drug was meant as a treatment/cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and caused Bright Eyes to gain in intelligence. During a meeting at the Biotech company, Gen-Sys, to discuss the drug an incident occurred when Bright Eyes was removed from her cubicle and she went on a rampage and was shot. The reason for her actions wasn’t a side effect of the drug but because she was protecting Caesar, her new born. The drug project was terminated and the lead scientist Will Rodham adopted the baby chimp and left to care for his father, Charles, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Years passed and Caesar grew until an incident involving Charles and a next door neighbour led to Caesar being sent to a primate animal shelter. I will explain the inspiration and why Caesar needs this saber later, but first I had better show you it. This is Caesar’s Spark Lightsaber…

Whilst Caesar was incarcerated in the primate shelter, he was abused by the chief guard, called Dodge Landon. Caesar learns how to unlock his cage and escapes to the Gen-Sys lab and steals a canister of a new version of the drug his mother was subjected to and releases the gas on the other apes back at the shelter. Eventually a confrontation happens and Caesar ends up fighting Dodge, who is armed with a Cattle Prod! This weapon inspired this design, as a cattle prod handle and a lightsaber hilt are very similar looking items. The confrontation leads to Caesar being pushed too far and finally, he shouts out the word “NO!” Due to a freak turn of events Dodge is killed by the cattle prod when he gets sprayed with water whilst he was about to use it. So this saber is painted in the same Candy Orange colour of the cattle prod and has an emitter with three spines that resemble the device’s electrodes. The blade is an electric cyan colour for obvious reasons. This hilt also has a “Blade Plug” which is a part inserted into the emitter when a blade isn’t attached to the hilt. This is for real life safety so you don’t accidently blind yourself if you switch the saber on by mistake while looking into the emitter. In this case though it makes the saber look more like a cattle prod with it’s evil electric glow!

NO!…This isn’t a For Tyeth Edition! (Image Copyright 20th Century Fox)

The films climaxes with an action sequence on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Again I won’t spoil the ending, you’ll have to watch the film (though by now you probably have already!)

Sadly I have overrun on time and I will have to end here but I hope you liked this design, I have said inspiration can hit me from anywhere! I still have many more hilts in the works so I hope you will return to see those in upcoming posts. But for now I want to say thank you for checking this design out and thank you for your continued support (including Kathleen of Graphic Novelty2 who has just recently started following this site,) it is very much appreciated. Till next time.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes and all names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Chernin Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Big Screen Productions and Ingenious Film Partners. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Flux Capacitant Saber – Inspired by Back To The Future

Hello Everybody, I am pleased to report that The Silent Ghost Reaper liked the designs I created for him, so much so he was speechless momentarily! Today I am bringing you a design I have needed for a long time. You may have seen that I always run “OUTATIME” while typing my posts out, well my next saber is inspired by a Time Machine and will hopefully help me create hilts and post them before my deadline time arrives much easier. This saber is inspired by the fabulous time travel trilogy, Back To The Future and I call it

Flux Capacitant

This saber hopefully resembles the car used in the films (I’ll talk more about this later) and has the same monochromatic silver and black look to it. The car was built of unpainted stainless steel and had black fibreglass/plastic mouldings, which I tried to capture using the switch and body sections with strakes on. The pommel represents the front radiator grill and headlight assembly. You will have noticed I haven’t mentioned the emitter and that’s because this piece was inspired by an addition to the car seen in the film. To make time travel possible Doc Brown created the “Flux Capacitor” which was positioned between the seats of the car and looked like a three pointed star that lit up when activated. Well I recreated this by using a clawed emitter and painted the claws blue to imitate the illuminations. Saberforge actually make acrylic claws to attach to their sabers but haven’t included them in the ASP builder.Wait a minute For Flux

This hilt is heavily influenced by the vehicle Dr Emmett Brown transformed into his time machine. Most people know that the car was a Delorean DMC-12 model which was a “mixed” classic. The Delorean company was founded by John Delorean, who once worked for GM Motors, but decided he was going to produce cars himself using the engines he had access to. After some business and political wranglings and financial agreements he began building the DMC-12 in Northern Ireland. The car however wasn’t the most well designed vehicle and suffered leaks and rust/corrosion issues. The company had already gone bankrupt before the films were made, but the writers (Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale) recognised the car’s futuristic look realising it would look otherworldy in the film’s 1950’s settings and gave it the part!

Well this post is slightly longer than normal, but this hilt doesn’t really work as a Time Machine…yet! So I will have to end soon but you know I always like to thank all my viewers and followers, new and regular visitors for supporting me and the site. Next week I have a post that is a little bit different as I get to present a fantastic Graflex Lightsaber built by a friend of this site (wait till you see and read about it!). I hope you will join me for that. Till next tiiiiiiime!

“Back to the Future” was written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. It was produced by Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures. “Back to the Future”, “OUTATIME” and all names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Delorean and DMC-12 are Trademarks/© Copyright of the new Delorean Motor Company owned and run by Stephen Wynne.

The Master Lightsaber – Saber for the Doctor’s devious frenemy.

Hello Everybody, a few weeks ago I posted Mondas – Saber for a Cybernaut, my Cyberman themed hilt, little did I know that they would be making a spectacular return to the current series of Doctor Who! (Or maybe it was one of my visions that prompted me to post it.. 😀 !) Either way, there was another character who made a “surprise” appearance at the end of the episode “World Enough and Time”, and that was the Doctor’s foe, The Master! The Master first appeared in the Whovian universe way back in 1971, and was originally portrayed by Roger Delgado. But as all Time Lords do (even rogue ones) he/she changed their appearance as the Master regenerated. To complicate the Master’s story he even switched bodies with other characters to prolong his/her existence (in the story The Keeper of Traken). This meant the Master was played by numerous actors and an actress, including…Peter Pratt, Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts (Movie), Derek Jacobi, John Simm and Michelle Gomez. However it is John Simm’s Master that I have based this weapon on, or rather on his “Laser Screwdriver”, so here is The Master Lightsaber….

This saber shares the same colour scheme as The Master’s Laser Screwdriver but I hope it has a bit more of an effective range! (I mean what can you do with a laser screwdriver? Build “laser flat-pack furniture”?) Seriously though, this saber has an amber blade to co-ordinate with the overall colour scheme and it projects from an asymmetrical emitter. The “Screwdriver” had three nozzles of varying length and this emitter best matched the part. The body represents the switch section, with a gold powder coated activation box. This control box doesn’t actually ignite the saber but is used to keep the look. The real switch section is next up and to finish the hilt there is a powder coated pommel which replicates the gold accented end cap of the screwdriver prop (seen below).

The Master and his Laser Screwdriver (copyright BBC TV)

So now the Master has his own saber to compliment his Laser Screwdriver, quite a pair! Oh, and remember I mentioned the actress Michelle Gomez? Well it turns out that her version of The Master, called Missy, will be joined by John Simm’s Master to form a pair in the season Finale! A double dose of distress for the Doctor!

I am running out of time on this post, but I have just enough left to tell you I am working on a “Missy” themed hilt (it only seems right I should) and one for a costuming group who do fantastic charity work. I’d also like to thank you all for looking in on this design and please call back to see upcoming posts, I appreciate your visits! Till next time.

“The Master”, “Missy”, the “Laser Screwdriver” and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC TV.

Ace Assistant Saber – Ace’s new companion

Hello Everybody, here is my new design and as you can see from the title it is for the seventh Doctor’s companion named Dorothy Gale/McShane or simply as Ace. Ace is a teenage human from a suburb of London, who has a love of chemistry but failed the exam in the subject. One day a cosmic and timesplitting incident occured whilst Ace was performing an experiment to separate Nitroglycerin from Gelignite (where on earth did a 16 year old get Gelignite?). This “Time Storm” whisks young  Ace up and transports her to the future and a frozen food retail complex called Iceworld. It is here on the planet Svartos, that she meets the Doctor and his then companion, Mel, who at the end of her adventure decides to part company and so Ace becomes the Doctor’s new Assistant. Ace would turn out to be an Ace Assistant which is apt as that is the name of my saber design for her, here is Ace Assistant…

This saber should be perfect for Ace as I based it on one of her favourite weapons….a Baseball Bat, which she once used to good effect against some Daleks back in 1963! The hilt represents the handgrip of that bat and even has a body section which looks like it is wrapped in non slip sports tape. The grip has a pommel which is called a Rebel pommel by the manufacturer. The colour scheme is black with silver and the white blade stands in for the bat’s shaft but with more of a cutting edge (sorry bad joke!) perfectly matching the bat seen onscreen.


The Doctor helped Ace by letting her learn and work things out for herself rather than just spoon feeding her knowledge. This meant Ace developed over the two earth years in which she appeared in the show and became an independant and confident young woman. Sadly BBC Television decided to end the run of the show at this time.To discover what happened to Ace you will need to read the numerous novels and check out the audio plays that are available.dr who

Ace is portrayed by the wonderful actress Sophie Aldred, who is still instantly recognisable! I am currently on my way to the Comic Convention where Miss Aldred is appearing along with Mr Harris who played Bossk in Empire Strikes Back and I hope to chat with both, and show them their sabers. Hopefully I will get their permission to let you know what they think!

I am shortly about to enter the Comic Con (depending on when you read this of course!) so will have to bring this post to an end. But please call back and see the outcome of my adventure. Whatever happens I’d like to thank Miss Aldred for bringing to life such a feisty and memorable character…always ACE!

Till next time.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. The Cybermen, Dr Who, Ace, the TARDIS and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.

Mondas – Saber for a Cybernaut

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber that I had mislaid but have rediscovered! It started as I looked up details about the Comic Con I am attending on Sunday. I knew about Mr Harris who played Bossk being there, but I have since discovered details of another special guest. This person appeared in Dr Who and had a run in with the characters that inspired this saber. I will tell you more about this special guest later, but now I need to present my saber for the space warriors known as the Cybermen. They come from a planet of ice and my saber shares the name of that planet, this is…MONDAS…

So, this saber is based on the warriors, the Cybermen. The emitter is representing the boots this time and the switch is the legs of the figure. The body has the diamond cut knurling which reminds me of the Cybermen’s suits…but the crowning glory of this design (at least I think so) is the pommel, which at a glance looks like the famous helmet of the Cybermen life support unit.

Hopefully you can see where I got the inspiration, I think it’s a pretty close similarity! There are ridges on the side which look like the tubes either side of the Cyberman’s head. Plus as I type this, I have just noticed that there is an oblong slot in the pommel that matches the one on the forehead of the helmet!

The Cybermen, The Doctor and Ace (source BBC TV)

As you can see from the picture the Doctor and his companion posed for publicity shots, and hopefully I will get the chance to meet one of the six people in the picture above on Sunday. If all goes to plan I will be able to tell you all about it in an upcoming post with an accompanying saber design. I hope you will join me then to find out who I get to meet and see the new hilt!

I am running out of time here, as I have to make myself look presentable to go out on Sunday (the Jedi do let their beards get untidy sometimes!). But I want to thank everyone who has visited the site recently and those who have supported me long term. Please do spread the word of FTSabersite and call back to see more. Till next time.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. The Cybermen, Dr Who, Ace, the TARDIS and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.

Trillian’s Toaster – Lightsaber Knife

Hello Everybody, welcome back. I had a strange dream last night and dreamt that an intergalactic construction company had won a contract to build an interplanetary highway….the only problem? They need to destroy planet Earth which happens to be in the way of the new road! Well I would need something nutritious if I were about to take on this problem…I need some…Toast! But don’t worry, I was only dreaming about the movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. However it got me thinking and you may remember that Trillian (played by Zooey Deschanel) had a rather nifty little gadget….a Lightsaber Toasting Knife. Well, here is my attempt to recreate one, this is Trillian’s Toaster….

As you can see I have tried to recreate the knife Trillian uses to slice the loaf of bread. The cool thing about it was that it toasted the bread at the same time. This design I hope is equally cool. It has the same red blade which is activated by twisting the two coupler sections (the two ring sections) on the body. One ring activates the saber/knife and the second ring adjusts the length of the blade. This wouldn’t work in real life but you could use a regular length blade, then swap it for a short (6-8inches) long blade used on Kylo Ren style cross-guard sabers which would look more knife-like!

“Can I cut through anything with this?”

As you can see my version is fairly accurate, to be honest the original was just an ordinary three rivet paring knife found in most kitchen knife blocks, and Industrial Light and Magic (ILM the special effects company set up by George Lucas!) added the lightsaber blade! So the handle might be different but the blade looks the same  😀 !

Now after all this designing I really feel hungry, please could I have some…

Image from Yourprops.com


I hope you enjoyed this little design (and breakfast!). It might be early in the day but I am running out of time for this post and will have to end shortly. But first I’d like to thank you all once again for visiting and supporting me and FTSabersite, you are all very much appreciated. Please call back to see what designs I have coming up from myself and my friends in future posts. Till next time.

Trillian and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy were created by Douglas Adams. Trillian, The Hitchhiker’s Guide and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Douglas Adams, Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Everyman Pictures.

Sand Worm Saber – Inspired by Arrakis’ Annelids

Hello Everybody, I hope you enjoyed the contribution from my latest Guest Designer, Roger Redux. I am sure he will produce more great hilts and I will hopefully be displaying them here too. Today we take the perilous journey to the desert sands of Arrakis, the planet nicknamed Dune once more. In the classic Frank Herbert saga these deserts are the mining locations for the most valued commodity in the Galaxy, a substance called Melange. This substance is commonly known as “Spice” and is a powerful drug that enables certain species that ingest it to warp and bend space. This makes the distances between planets insignificant and transport between planets is almost instantaneous. Having this ability would give you an advantage should you wish to rule the Galaxy. However getting the Spice is difficult due to the creatures that live around the mining sites…the giant Sand Worms of Arrakis, and they inspired this hilt. This is Sand Worm Saber…

This is Sand Worm and I think it represents the creature well. The worms have large mouths which open and close almost like the bulbs of Crocus flowers, so I used the emitter with the scalloped edges. The switch section is ringed just like the Annelids (collective scientific name for worms!) and looks a little like the “saddle”section of a worm. The saddle section is clever in that if the worm was injured below the saddle, say it’s tail was bitten off by a predator, then a new tail would regrow from the saddle stump! However based on the size of Arrakis’ Sand Worms I don’t think they have many predators! They are so large that Paul Atreides “tamed” several of these worms to carry and transport his Fremen Army.

As you can see from the above picture on the left, Sand Worms are HUGE. If you look closely there are two dots on it’s head, those are Paul Atreides and his general! The second picture is of course a Sarlacc. I posted this as I wonder if the two creatures are related in some way, especially when you look at the appendage in the middle of it’s mouth that extends out, just like a baby Sand Worm. Back to the saber, and I used the body section that had the parallel lines and a pommel which “tails off” to finish the look of a worm. And if you feed this saber it will grow…here take a look!….

Well on that little joke I am afraid I will have to end. I am drawing close to the finish of this post but just like a worm that loses it’s tail and grows a new one, I will be back with another post. First though I’d like to repeat my thanks to all of my viewers and followers, your support is much appreciated. I hope you can join me again for more new designs very soon. Till next time.

Dune, Arrakis and all names, images and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of the Dino DeLaurentis Company (Dino DeLaurentis). Dune was written by Frank Herbert.

Fade Lightsaber – A Saber for the Harkonnen hope

Hello Everybody,  After yesterday’s quick paced design we slow things down and return to the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. I mentioned in the post Fremen Leader Lightsaber, that the galaxy was ruled by an Emperor and had two warring noble houses. Both of these noble families had young heirs, Paul of House Atreides and Feyd Rautha Harkonnen of House Harkonnen. These two men were the product of a secretive Sisterhood called the Bene Gesserit who used genetic selection and engineering to produce a “superbeing” to help them attain power over the Galaxy. The plan was for a Sister called Jessica to bear a son to Feyd Harkonnen, but Jessica was the concubine of Duke Leto Atreides and she gave birth to a son by the Duke. This child was Paul Atreides and by a twist of fate Paul turned out to be the “superbeing ” called the Kwisatz Haderach. Paul when of age decided on a path of action to end the war but that would bring him into conflict with Feyd. Well, as battle is about to commence I had best present my saber design for Feyd, this is FADE…

This is the weapon for the favoured nephew of the House of Harkonnen, Feyd. This time I will begin my description with the pommel. The pommel(and body) is the same architectural looking part I used on Fremen Leader to signify that Feyd and Paul come from the same genetic conditioning of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. The body however, this time represents the leather combat suits that Feyd and the Harkonnen soldiers wear. To reinforce this likeness the switch section has silver accents which resemble the buckles and adornments on those suits. The emitter gives off a much more nasty and aggressive look with the three claws, reflecting the Harkonnen Army. The blade is a blood orange and is almost the exact same shade as Feyd’s distinctive spiked hairstyle. Here is a picture of Feyd so you can see what I mean (You may recognise the actor as a certain singing superstar called Sting!)

I don’t want to use this! Give me a For Tyeth Edition saber!

It seems my designs are much sought after! I think I have captured Feyd’s character with this hilt. As always if you want to know the outcome of his pivotal battle with Paul Atreides then you will have to watch the movie, no spoilers here! The story of Dune continues as do I! I am always working on new designs and I would be honoured if you would return to see what I have to show in upcoming posts.

As you can probably tell I am drawing near to the end of this post, but I’d like to say thank you for looking in today, and if you’re a regular follower thank you for the continued support! That’s all for today…Till next time.

Dune was written and created by Frank Herbert. All names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Dino DeLaurentis Company (Dino DeLaurentis).

Fremen Leader Lightsaber – Inspired by a Frank Herbert Classic

Hello Everybody, today we visit a desert planet that is part of a galaxy ruled by an Emperor, has giant worm-like creatures with big teeth. It even has a band of rebellious fighters, a strange mystical and magic religious order and a prophesied “Chosen One” to restore peace(?) to the galaxy. Sound familiar? Yes it is the Sci-Fi classic we all love….DUNE! What?…Wait a minute Tyeth you were describing Star Wars weren’t you? Er…No I am describing Frank Herbert’s classic story of Dune and the planet called Arrakis, the noble houses of Atreides and Harkonnen, the drug called “Spice” and the man singled out to restore peace…Paul Atreides…Usul….Paul Maud’Dib!

Paul Atreides became the leader of the rebel desert fighters called the Fremen and used his knowledge and skills to train them to become a formidable army. This army he would use to end the war between the two noble families of Atreides and Harkonnen. The war was fuelled by the desire to control the drug Spice which gave it’s users abilities to navigate vast areas of space and he who controls the Spice controls the Galaxy. So Paul Atreides became the Fremen Leader and this is my design for him…Fremen Leader….

This a saber for the leader of desert fighters. It is simple and rugged to withstand the rigours of the planet nicknamed Dune. The blade is a similar colour as the sun, sand and storms that makes the planet special. The emitter and switch section work together to create a wonderful choke point (grip section) for holding the saber, enabling smooth spinning and secure grip. The body has another section that is ribbed and this represents the famous Fremen moisture suits that they wear. The suits trap the waste moisture exhaled and released from the body and recycles it to give the wearer a clean source of water to drink helping them to survive the desert! The pommel looks architectural, like the base of a pillar. Paul Atreides’ secret Fremen name is Usul which means “base of the pillar”!

Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides…Usul…Paul Maud’Dib….Fremen Leader!

That was Fremen Leader. Now the film based on the book was over 7 hours long originally so I couldn’t possibly cover all the events in this short post, however there is always a character in opposition to the “Hero” in these stories, and we will meet him and his saber in an upcoming post. Oh and the book was published in 1965, TWELVE years before Star Wars!

I am drawing close to the end of this post but as mentioned the story of Dune is EPIC so I will be returning to it. I sincerely hope you will all return to see these posts which have brand new designs. I want to say thank to you all for visiting today, including the recent viewers from as far away as Trinidad and Tobago and Spain! Till next time.

Dune, Arrakis, Paul Atreides/Maud’Dib and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Dino De Laurentis Company (De Laurentis). Dune the novel was written by Frank Herbert.