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Golden Warrior Lightsaber – Gold Edition

Hello Everybody, today we are celebrating the crowning of the new NBA Champions – the Golden State Warriors. Firstly I have to congratulate BOTH the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State for their efforts in sporting competition. The finals matches were entertaining (from my limited knowledge of the sport as I’m new to the game!). The Warriors got off to a stellar start and lead three games to nil but the Cavaliers won game four, hinting at a comeback. At 3-1 the decisive game five started and as is usual the score swung one way then the other. However there seemed to be a subtle difference in this game which I will discuss after I show you the limited edition Golden Warrior….

Since I first posted Golden Warrior Lightsaber I have learnt how to apply layers of colour to the gallery pictures to replicate Powder Coating techniques. So as a result Golden Warrior does indeed have a golden sheen now! I feel it actually works nicely and wish I could have produced this earlier as my friend MommyHoldMe would have loved it. I hope he gets to see this as unfortunately I have lost contact with him. Speaking of  “missing” friends, the Cavaliers seemed to be missing the aggressiveness that they displayed in Game Four that hinted at the comeback. The Cav’s star player, LeBron James didn’t seem to have the same impact as normal whereas Golden State’s players gelled as a team with Durant having an MVP game. However as I say I’m no expert but that was the impression I got from the game.

Well the Golden State Warriors are your 2017 NBA Champions and I’ll let them return to the Oracle Arena and San Francisco with their Golden Warrior GE Saber to celebrate – but please guys – don’t paint the city gold!

I am approaching the end of this post but would like to thank all of my viewers and followers for checking out this update. I have had visitors from Italy and Russia this past week indicating word is spreading about FTSabersite, so thanks for the support and please keep telling friends about the site. I would love to see you and your friends here again to check out new designs in my upcoming posts. Till next time.

Golden State Warriors and their logo are Trademarks/©Copyright of the NBA. The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower and GSW logo images were obtained from Wikimedia.

Cleveland Cavs Lightsaber – Another NBA Sports Themed Saber

Hello Everybody, Hopefully you will know me by now as a fair person, I like equal opportunity etc and of course Balance. So when I realised I had created a saber for the Boston Celtics but I hadn’t created one for their opponents in the Eastern Conference Final, I had to rectify the situation! So here I present my design for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This saber took a while to create as it’s one with multiple layers of colour. But I won’t make you wait any longer here is the Cleveland Cavs Lightsaber…

This saber doesn’t have as many geographical inspired design cues as some of my other designs, it is more along the lines of the team colours. On my satellite system the Cav’s uniforms were white with red and orange trim so this saber shares those colours. The Orange bands on the grip refer to Bobby “Bingo” Smith famed for his long range jump shots. He helped the Cavs to an NBA Central Division Title in 1975 and was part of the Miracle of Richfield (game 2 of the Semi-Finals vs Washington Bullets). There are 7 bands to represent his jersey number. The red band near the emitter signifies the single Championship Title in the franchise’s history (2016). The emitter itself has several hoops as a reminder of the scoring power of “The Big Three” of LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Hopefully the followers of the Cavaliers will approve of this hilt. These Powder Coated hilts take more time to create (and can sometimes appear in low quality but sadly that is the graphics format the builder uses) however they do lift the design from just a basic silver and black hilt. I am always working on ideas for new hilts for characters and themes.

Unfortunately for this post we are running out of time and I will have to part company with you shortly. But as always I want to thank you for looking in today, it’s great to have your support. Please call back to see what new stuff my friends and I come up with in upcoming posts. Till next time.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Cavs and all names, logos and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team which is owned by Dan Gilbert and Jeff Cohen (Vice Chairman), Nate Forbes (Vice Chairman), Gordon Gund (minority owner), Usher Raymond (minority owner).