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Mobile Beam Saber – Inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam anime

Hello Everybody, today I have a fairly simple saber offering which comes as a result of me scouring the Internet and social media. I went for a virtual walk around the Internet and a few weeks ago someone on the Ultrasabers forum mentioned the classic Anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam” and the weapons used in the show. The series was created/directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1979 and featured large “battle suit Mechas” known as Gundam armours. These “robots” were piloted by human operators during a disastrous war that wiped out half of Earth’s population. The show ran for 43 (initial) episodes before various factors led to it’s partial cancellation. A few years later Gundam was re-worked and edited into three movies and a new toy line was created featuring models of Gundam suits (Gunpla I think is the toy range’s name). Well it turns out the Gundam were armed with specialised weaponry and one such weapon was the “Beam Saber”. The Beam Saber is very much like a lightsaber in appearance and function, a hilt with an extending “plasma” blade which can cut through armour plating. So knowing these details I modelled a quick Blender 3D version of the Bandia toys replica of the Beam Saber…here is the early build pictures…

I thought this was ok as a starting point for the saber and posted this to the Ultrasabers forum but I knew it wasn’t really as sharp as I’d like. However I kept working on it behind the scenes, a little detail here, another there. Then I discovered a new add-on tool that helped me greatly to add much more crisp detailing features. The add-on assisted in making cut-outs, slots/windows and recesses as well as fusing separate sections into one solid part. As I was tinkering I also ventured onto social media and one particular FB page where I discovered that a member of the group was also asking about this particular saber – i.e. “had it been made as a custom lightsaber”. Well a fellow 3D designer and “unofficial” admin for the group said “Yeah I could probably make one…if you get me more pictures”. To build my model I used one image that I found on the net of a replica Beam Saber toy made by Bandai and the toy looked like this…

Bandai Toys replica Beam Saber electronic toy ©Bandai Toys Ltd

So I don’t think my first attempt was too far off, but with the new add-on I knew I could do better and I finished adding the missing details to come up with this final version I am posting now…another gallery (check out the new switch section area!)

I finished the design off by adding my own take on the pommel as you don’t really see the speaker grill/vent on the replica toy image. I could have looked for accurate pictures of the toy from other angles but adding my own pommel just sets this hilt aside from being a straight copy. But I have to say I like the way the switch section turned out! The new add-on allowed me to create a beautiful and sharp looking recessed area complete with the three bar switch plungers. I even added a socket for a recharge cable near the pommel and the black recessed grooves along the body of the hilt.

All in all I’m happy how this model looks and it proved to me I am getting more accurate and detailed in my recreations now – and it was created from ONE reference image. And that just about wraps up this post, I could have gone into detail about the TV show but it has a history spanning 40 years and numerous re-incarnations and reboots, not to mention DVD releases and computer games, which is all covered in a large Wiki Fandom page. I will say that the 2-3 episodes of a later series I watched for reference were raw and more adult orientated than I expected so maybe not suitable for Younglings!

Thank you all for looking in on this design, it was interesting and fun building it – especially as I once again completed my version before the “big guys” in the industry finish any they may be working on. However I have a lot more original and bespoke designs firmly based in the Star Wars universe so I hope you will call back for upcoming posts featuring more saber models and starships. As always thank you for your visit and support, it’s much appreciated and till next time….stay safe!

“Mobile Beam Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inpsired by Mobile Suit Gundam also known as First Gundam or Gundam 0079. Gundam ’79 is a televised anime series, produced and animated by Nippon Sunrise. It was created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, The Beam Saber image is Trademark and ©Copyright of Bandai Eectronic Toys ltd. The 3D model and renders were created by For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020 and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020.