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Rogue One – For Tyeth’s Thoughts

Hello Everyone, I have just this parsec got back from watching Rogue One! I am physically and emotionally drained. I had high hopes for this film when I saw the trailer but I was not prepared for what I was about to see. This film hit me hard, imagine the impact of the previous 7 movies combined with the power of a “fully operational battle station” and you would still not be anywhere near the force with which this film hits. I am not an expert in film reviews, I studied media and acting at college so always find myself picking faults and technicalities out but here I saw a film that was so compelling and powerful that I watched, riveted to the action.

My design for Director Krennic

The film begins by explaining how Jyn Erso gets to be in the position she finds herself in and the relationship with her parents. This was done really well, avoiding the messy introductions we saw with The Phantom Menace – which had to cater to old and new viewers, and cramming too much into too little space. As a result Gareth Edwards paces the movie beautifully, always with a sense of tension making you want to carry on watching and investing in the characters you are watching. There is plenty of morality and emotional conflict but this doesn’t mean that it is taking a stand on either side, rather it shows the struggles of conscience people find themselves in in such circumstances.

My Jyn Erso inspired IRebel Hilt

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna worked fantastically opposite each other. The performances were powerful from all of the cast, though I have to give a big mention for Grand Moff Tarkin who was a cleverly constructed CGI replica from footage of the late great Peter Cushing (minus his slippers). At first I thought Tarkin was played by Wayne Pygram but apparently not!  Donnie Yen also needs a mention as Chirrut Imwe who provided a brave connection to the Force.

My K-2SO inspired Katuso Hilt

There were moments of humour with great one-liners, all of which were appropriate for the particular scene they were in. The special effects were amazingly done (though they skirted with overdoing the amount of Tie-Fighters once but they needed to, to  reflect the overpowering odds). The sound was awesome and you could hear each and every word spoken. There were great speeches, amazing action and everything you would want in an adventure movie like this. And bearing in mind some “older” fans will already know the outcome this movie still succeeds. I am planning my next viewing already.

I could go on but I feel that you need to see the film for yourselves, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do also.

There is another VERY special CGI appearance but I won’t spoil it for you.

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D.P. Pair Lightsabers (Technology for Dance Music Pioneers)

Hello Everyone, I am turning to my musical roots today for my inspiration. I was brought up on the music of the 80’s and 90’s era, while at the same time teaching myself to play piano and keyboards. I have an ear for music and was able to listen to a track then play it after a few minutes’ practice. This was great as I had a Jukebox like repertoire. In the nineties music started to become Technology driven with Sequencers and Samples being used to create a Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger musical style. You may have guessed by that last passage who inspired me and the design for these next TWO sabers. Yes, I am talking about the Electronic Duo of Daft Punk. I was first made aware of this duo on a Saturday morning music video show, the song was called Da Funk and featured a video with a poor unfortunate Bassett Hound dog with a broken leg. But from this unusual beginning a raft of great music followed and a film score too. So here is my tribute to Daft Punk, this is D.P. Pair Amber…

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And D.P. Pair Cyan…

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The duo are a powerhouse of music, who after starting out playing rooftop parties and dance music competitions went on to perform with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams and Niles Rodgers of Chic. On top of all that they performed a spectacular stage show of totally unheard material with an unbelievable interactive lighting show built on a pyramid! I felt these two designs looked industrial, technological and have the colours of the famous duo. Not only that but they wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from TRON LEGACY, oh yes that was the film score they wrote! I hope Daft Punk would approve of these, knowing their love of tech and helmets!

This brings to an end this offering and I want to thank all of you for looking in, the site even received a visitor from New Zealand so hello to them! I have more designs to bring to you in upcoming posts and I hope you will join me again. I will leave you with a double-double act in the form of two final pictures. Till next time.



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Youngling Lightsabers – (Second Batch)

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all bought your bargains by now or the stores will have sold out of stock of everything! As promised I am about to bring to you my next pair of Youngling sabers, this time based on the hilts of the movies themselves. So for the “Little Luke” and “Kid Kenobi” in the family these might catch their attention! The first design is based on the Lightsaber owned by the first Jedi Knight we saw in the movies, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s saber . This is Youngling Kenobi…

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This saber has a replica of the emitter from Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber with the famous ribbed “Grenade” section grip. In the real prop this ribbed piece was made from an old World War 1 British Rifle Grenade, like this..


Looks familiar doesn’t it? The switch section and pommel on the original props and full size replicas have been criticised for being difficult to hold and awkward to use so for the youngsters I redesigned the lower section. I used a smaller switch but it still has the activation box look and I changed the pommel for smaller coupler pieces. The prop used a tap/faucet knob as it’s pommel and had a large circumference for little hands. This is a picture of a plastic replica (as the original parts are getting rare!)..


I think my slim-line version is still recognisable as Obi-Wan’s but should suit smaller hands. Ok, I think it’s time for the second Youngling Saber and this one is based on Luke Skywalkers’ saber from The Return of the Jedi. I know there are a lot of wannabe Lukes out there so here is Youngling Luke..

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Luke built a new saber in the time between the end of  The Empire Strikes Back and the start of Return of the Jedi. This new saber is the now iconic Green bladed weapon Artoo Detoo fired out of his dome for Luke to catch, on the desert skiffs during their escape from Jabba the Hutt. Luke’s new saber looked a little like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hilt because the Jedi had a tradition of honouring their Mentors by making similar looking sabers. Luke’s saber has a black and silver ringed section rather than the “Pineapple” ridged part of Kenobi’s, but the blade holder is very similar. Again because of the similarities, Luke’s saber also had a large activation box and pommel arrangement on the original props (as the prop makers had to mirror Obi-Wan’s saber). This makes the saber just as awkward to use and handle, so I modified this Youngling model the same way as the Kenobi version, using smaller but similar parts. As these parts are modular the saber can be upgraded later to make them full sized and have full electronics set up inside.

This concludes today’s double post and I hope I haven’t caused the kids out there to pester their parent’s too much because they want a saber now! I hope you enjoyed these designs and will return to see more in future posts. Don’t forget you can leave comments, likes and register to follow this blog (and get notifications of new posts!) by using the “Follow this blog” tools in the menu and sidebars! Thanks for looking in. Till next time.

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Big Red One Lightsaber (A saber for Knytiri)

Maybe the one person who is most responsible for my journey into designing is the former administrator of Saberforge’s forum. This person was affectionately known as the “Big Red One” and was also known as Knytiri. Knytiri organised the little design contest that was held on the forum that I was fortunate enough to win. This boosted my confidence and convinced me I could design these futuristic weapons.

After some ups and downs within the forum (including a famous battle against Spammers attacking the site) the point in time came where Knytiri felt he had to leave the community he had helped hold together. A very sad day. The members left messages and well wishes but I wanted to go further and designed this Saberstaff in his honour..

This is Big Red One..

I hope that Knytiri gets to see this design one day, as sadly I didn’t get to exchange contact details with him before he left the community. So this has been my thank you to him and I wish him well.