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For Tyeth’s First Build – The Update!

Hello again Everybody! Yes this is post number two and it has some exciting news for me. A long time ago in a cave workshop, For Tyeth bought a new lightsaber handle that looked like Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinns’s. Unfortunately, it was just a hollow hilt with no electronics so it didn’t light up or make any “Swoosh!” “Swish!” or any other noise actually…however I intended to install some electronics and make it a fully operational custom hilt! Here is my saber arriving and a picture of the hilt itself…

Yes way back in March 2018 the Stormtrooper brought me a OneReplicas Qui-Gon Jinn replica saber and the next two pictures show how it looked. I love the hilt but as I mention…it was just a display piece. You can read my initial post here

Fast forward 2 years and I finally had the means and opportunity to start constructing the internal electronics to make this hilt function. I had priced up circuit boards (also known as a soundboard) that produced the light and sound effects in custom sabers but whenever I found one I felt would suit my needs it was either too expensive, hard to purchase (because the vendor operated through Social Media sites not a website) or they sold out. Long story short, the Force and the planets aligned recently and a new soundboard was launched and I finally had some funds to buy one. I also purchased a few other parts needed to complete this project…here is a quick gallery of parts….

The first image shows the circuitboard or Soundboard and this particular one is produced by KR Sabers, a UK based supplier of replica hilts and parts to build your own lightsabers. (I WILL JUST ADD HERE THAT I AM IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THE MANUFACTURERS OR VENDORS MENTIONED IN THIS POST – I AM JUST A CUSTOMER AND AM NOT RECIEVING ANY PAYMENT OR GRATUITY). Now I have cleared up the legal stuff I’ll continue to discuss the items I bought. So the soundboard can store a set of sound effects on a Micro SD memorycard which can be updated when you get bored with the noises. It also controls the lighting and effects of the blade. It does this by sending varying amounts of power to three individual LED diodes (bulbs) which are red, green and royal blue in colour. In a similar way to how a TV mixes colours so too does the soundboard electronics meaning this saber, when installed can have any colour blade I program it to have….it also flashes a bright accent colour when the blade hits another, just like the movies! The second image shows an LED assembly and there are three small dots (in this case two red and one white) that are in fact LED bulbs mounted on a polycarbonate base disc called a Star. The LED shown is a Red/Red/White meaning it would shine red and flash a white colour but mine has three colours so I can program any combination. This is all very good but there is one thing I have to point out…the LED Star assembly is less than 1inch in diameter….less than 25mm so this thing is TINY and I have to solder wiring onto it! Then the saber needs power and unfortunately working Kyber Crystals aren’t available on planet Earth so I had to buy a couple of high power rechargeable batteries called Li-On 18650 cells. All of this and a speaker and the activation switch, have to be installed into a plastic printed chassis/frame then inserted into the hilt….oh and that measures at 1 inch in diameter internally so it s going to be a very, very tight fit!

This is a redacted screenshot of my order form with a few of the other needed parts in the list of bought items – there is a battery charger, the speaker for the sound effects, the LED and a polycarbonate deuling blade. And I have to say I was so impressed with the service and their delivery time. (AGAIN, I AM NOT ENDORSING ANY COMPANY) I ordered this package of parts on Sunday evening (the 20th) and by 9:40 am on Monday morning (the 21st) I had recieved an email with my tracking info saying the parcel had been prepared. I had it on my doorstep on Tuesday afternoon….less than 48hrs after I placed the order,,,phenomenal.

I still have some sundries I need to buy (such as the various lengths/gauges of wiring, soldering supplies like flux and solder itself and a few various other bits) before I actually start building anything but I have come a big step closer to realising my dream of building a “real-life” saber, I will post further updates on my progress and hopefully it won’t take 2 years for the next installment! Thanks for looking in and I hope you cal back to see if I succeed in becoming a fully fledged Jedi Installer. Till next time….

Some images courtesy of KR Sabers via their webstore Images are Trademark/©Copyright of KR Sabers/The SaberArmory.

For Tyeth/FTSabersite has no affilation/connection to KR Sabers/The Saber Armory, I am just a customer describing my purchase and am recieving no payments or gratuities.

Callous Saber ISB-021. A saber for a Double Agent.

Hello everybody hope you are well. Something strange has happened recently, I noticed a spike in my viewing figures yesterday and when I investigated I found something funny. It turns out somebody that posts on the video gaming/entertainment site Polygon has linked to my site….only they linked to a picture of Padme Amidala in her Geonosis outfit I included in my “Aggressive Negotiator” post! So the people clicking to view my site are just looking at Padme. Luckily I have something for you all to see today in the shape of a new saber design.

This saber is a tribute to Agent Kallus, the Imperial Security Bureau operative famous for chasing the crew of the Rebel ship The Ghost in Star Wars Rebels. Agent Kallus came from Coruscant and attended the Empire’s top academy, graduating as top pupil. He joined the Imperial Security Bureau and earned a reputation of wanting peace – but the Empire’s view of peace. This led to crushing several outbursts of rebellion and even wiped out a whole species after using a devastating new weapon. So being that Kallus is an Imperial and he has already wiped out a society….why would I make a new saber for him? Well, his story takes an interesting change later and I’ll tell you about it after I post my first gallery. Here is Callous Saber – ISB 021….

This saber is inspired by the uniform Agent Kallus wore as an Imperial officer and I incorporated details that look like his body armour and rank insignia. The blade is a plain white colour (similar to those my Trooper inspired hilts had). It projects from the emitter which has a distinct “panelled” look to it that represents both the interior of a Star Destroyer and the chest armour of Agent Kallus’ uniform. Below the emitter is the switch bezel ring with the red and blue segments, this represents the rank insignia badges the Empire use that consist of the coloured square blocks.

Kallus ascended through the ranks despite not always having success in his missions. On one mission he was hailed by the Empire as he quashed an uprising on the planet Lasan – but at the high cost of wiping out the native species. He then spent a whole year chasing The Ghost and Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndula and Garazeb Orrelios (aka Zeb) In another skirmish, he and Zeb become stranded on a moon of Geonosis and the pair have to fight together to survive. This wasn’t easy as Zeb was the lone survivor of the attack on Lasan, a warrior of the species Kallus wiped out. After working out a truce both men were rescued and went their separate ways.

Ok enough talk I think it’s time for gallery two….

These pictures show that this hilt is versatile as it can be combined with a second hilt to form a staff weapon. The two hilts have a locking mechanism integrated into the pommel design. The pics also show the pommel grille looks like the Empire’s cog logo…back to the story though and things were about to change for the Imperial Agent….

Having failed to capture the rebels, this brought the situation to the attention of Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader. Vader and Tarkin arrived on Lothal and immediately clamped down in an attempt to quell the rebel activity which was affecting production of Imperial TIE-Fighters and weaponry. But in a strange turn of events the Rebels started receiving vital information from a shadowy individual codenamed “Fulcrum”, allowing the Rebels to evade the traps set by Tarkin. The Grand Moff realised that the Empire had a spy in it’s ranks and eventually uncovered and captured the traitor. That traitor turned out to be…Kallus. During another attempt by the Empire to capture the Ghost’s crew the Rebels escaped once more but also rescued Kallus. Alexandr Kallus….Agent Kallus….Fulcrum….then became a fully fledged member of the Rebellion, helping the Rebels win key engagements and defeating the Empire on Lothal and later in the Battle of Yavin resulting in the Death Star’s destruction.

Finally, Zeb took Kallus on a journey to a mysterious uncharted location and on that planet lived a group of long lost Lasat people – the Lasat being the species that Kallus thought he had wiped out (with the exception of Zeb). The Lasat had heard of Kallus’ actions helping the Rebellion and felt he had redeemed himself, and so forgave him. This is why Alexandr Kallus in my eyes sort of earned a For Tyeth designed saber.

That just about wraps up this post but before I go I mentioned the TIE-Fighters being built on Lothal….well I have built one myself and given it a For Tyeth twist! You’ll be able to see that spaceship and a whole crate load of sabers including a very colourful graffiti inspired staff. Plus I have a super special saber based on a special Force sensitive canine species! I hope you’ll call back to see those, but in the meantime it’s the thank you messages. Thank you so much for looking in on this design and for all the support you have given me (even if you just wanted to see Padme 😁). You are all very much appreciated, so stay safe and….Till next time….

Callous Saber ISB-021” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. The design is inspired by the character Agent Kallus seen in Star Wars Rebels. “Agent Kallus” and all names, images, logos and reated material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

First look at my new hilt!

Hello Everybody, so I have had a day to admire and mess around pretending I am a Jedi with my new saber – but I imagine you will want to see it too! So I have a couple of pictures for you today. I apologise they aren’t the best quality but I only have access to a mobile phone camera at the moment, my “Android” tablet bricked up last year and I haven’t been able to replace it yet….the Jawas haven’t been in my neighbourhood to sell me a new ‘droid 😀 !!

As you can see it already is a BEAUTY (the saber not me!) It is a Qui-gon Jinn inspired model called the “SSQY Super Stunt” made by a company named One Replicas. The company is well known for making great (and much sought after) hilts but sadly I couldn’t afford their early released products but I managed to snag a hold of this one! It is not quite “screen accurate” as the grooves on the hand grip aren’t as deep as they are on the real life prop Liam Neeson used in The Phantom Menace but I don’t care I love this hilt anyway! It is 28.5cm long (11.3 inches) but is sooo slim  – it measures in at 3.8cm at it’s widest, that’s 1.5 inches! As a result the chamber down the middle where all the electronics have to fit is only 25mm or 1 inch in diameter….that’s going to make it a VERY TIGHT fit. Luckily I have plans and there are some parts which will make installing this saber a little easier. But for now I am back to saving up funds to buy those.

Keep your focus on the here and now and save your pennies Tyeth! (Copyright Disney/LucasFilm)


I hope you like the hilt, I know I love it. It was the saber design I originally wanted to own over two years ago but couldn’t afford the models that were offered by other manufacturers. But thanks to One Replicas they have brought my dream of owning this classic lightsaber a little closer to reality. Thank you for checking out this post and please keep an eye open for future updates, they won’t be as regular as my scheduled designing posts but should still be fun!

“One Replicas” and “SSQY Super Stunt” are Trademark/©Copyright of One Replicas. “The Phantom Menace”, “Qui-gon Jinn” and all other related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 1999-2018. FTSabersite and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

There has been an arrival!..did you hear it?

Hello Everybody, just a sneak peek into my cave/workshop. I have received a package today did you hear it arrive? What’s in the box? Oooh it’s a Mystery! What could it be? Well this guy delivered it!…

F.T.) Aren’t you a little short to be a Postal Worker?  S.T.) Very funny Tyeth!

As you can see my little postal worker has brought me the first pieces of my build and if you want to know what’s in the box then I will have a few pictures to share with you in my next scheduled post (and hopefully the pics will be better quality – I only have a mobile phone camera 😦 but you should be able to make things out!)

My adventure and journey has begun…I hope you will stick around to see how I get on. Thank you for looking in today. Till next time.

p.s. And if anyone knows where I can get a second hand for my Stormtrooper friend I would be very grateful if you could let me know! I saved this trooper after he was discarded because he suffered an injury and lost one 😀