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Scavenger’s Twins Lightsabers (a pair of sabers for Rey)

Here is the next post as promised and I will be showing you a pair of sabers this time.

In the previous post we saw Scavenger, my attempt to recreate Rey’s staff weapon from “The Force Awakens”. There was speculation whether Rey would use her staff, or if the staff was a long forgotten Lightsaber staff or would Rey build her own new Lightsaber? I thought perhaps she would make her own weapon from salvaging parts from her staff and make two sabers. The ends of the staff resembled saber hilts already and some parts looked like the emitters of Darth Maul’s saber. Enough talking from me, I will now get to the pictures of the two designs.

This is Hilt One.

And as a bonus this is Hilt Two.

That concludes the picture show. Rey didn’t have two sabers in the film in the end but I still had fun designing these just in case. The “What if ..?” question helped spawn a few new sabers for characters who didn’t normally use a Lightsaber and I will post them here in time. Thank you for checking this post out and hopefully you liked what you saw.

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Scavenger Lightsaber Staff (Rey inspired replica)

One of the “Themes” in the design thread of Saberforge’s forum was “what if…?”. Members came up with saber designs for certain characters in the Star Wars saga and for other popular movie, comic book or animated series etc. In the run up to “The Force Awakens” there was a lot of speculation as to whether the staff Rey carried was in fact a lightsaber weapon. Folks wanted to recreate the staff and this is my attempt to do so. This also led to my next concept and a pair of sabers I will post next. Firstly though I will show you my interpretation of Rey’s staff.

I call this Scavenger…

I felt this was a pretty close likeness to Rey’s staff using the parts available. The last picture shows where my thought process was leading. I had the idea that Rey may use parts of her staff to create two sabers from the end pieces, and fight with two sabers, a style known as Jar’Kai.

In the end it turned out that….wait I won’t say what happened in the film (there may still be someone who hasn’t seen it yet!” Let’s just say it didn’t follow the pattern I had imagined but I still had two saber designs that Rey might have used. I will showcase these in my following post. I hope you will come back and take a look!

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Let me introduce “daft Pirate”

I introduced you all to my friend Borommakot and his Martyr Lightsaber. Well he is a busy lad who also manages his own YouTube Channel under the name of “daft Pirate”!

The channel was originally intended to talk about video games (namely Fallout 4) but has expanded with his wide range of interests. He has posted videos about his Lightsaber and will be posting more in future including reviews and unboxings of his new deliveries! So please go check out his channel and remember to like and subscribe if you like what you see. There is a link in the sidebar or you can click the link below.

daft Pirate YouTube Channel

Thank you all and remember there will be more of Borommakot’s designs here in future!

Mercurial Lightsaber Sceptre (Tribute to a Musical Great)

September 5th 1946, an important date in music history and as a result a date with a big influence on me. On this date Frederick Bulsara was born in Zanzibar. He moved to London, England and studied Art at college and befriended three other students. They formed one of the greatest bands in history. Frederick changed his name and a legend was born, he became Freddie Mercury, frontman of the band Queen. Freddie was way ahead of his contemporaries and his music was phenomenal.

Bohemian Rhapsody, all seven minutes of it becoming part of human history was released at the time I was born. Somehow there must have been a connection made as I taught myself to play piano and became hooked on Queen’s music.

So it is Freddie’s Birthday today and has been honoured by having an asteroid named after him. I can’t offer that but I can design a sceptre for the great frontman, this is Mercurial..

The red leather grips represent the robe Freddie wore to “God Save the Queen” at the end of their legendary concerts. There isn’t an activation switch as I believe Freddie would never fight, this is meant to be a ceremonial sceptre. And if you look closely  you may see the outline of his “Crown” in the pommel.

So this has been my thank you to a great musician, who I miss but take comfort from the gifts he gave us…his music.

Big Red One Lightsaber (A saber for Knytiri)

Maybe the one person who is most responsible for my journey into designing is the former administrator of Saberforge’s forum. This person was affectionately known as the “Big Red One” and was also known as Knytiri. Knytiri organised the little design contest that was held on the forum that I was fortunate enough to win. This boosted my confidence and convinced me I could design these futuristic weapons.

After some ups and downs within the forum (including a famous battle against Spammers attacking the site) the point in time came where Knytiri felt he had to leave the community he had helped hold together. A very sad day. The members left messages and well wishes but I wanted to go further and designed this Saberstaff in his honour..

This is Big Red One..

I hope that Knytiri gets to see this design one day, as sadly I didn’t get to exchange contact details with him before he left the community. So this has been my thank you to him and I wish him well.

Batman Original Lightsaber

I mentioned “Themed Sabers” in my last post of Borommakot’s Martyr Lightsaber. This refers to a topic on the Saberforge forum where members would design sabers based on a particular theme. They ranged from “what if…” concepts, movie crossover designs and even a series of hilts inspired by Wrestlers! At the time members were excited about The Dark Knight film and Batman. I submitted this design (modified from my first) as a possible weapon for Batman to use.

It was described as “Wow that’s Monstrous!” I think that was a compliment to my design but I’ll let you decide..

This was the first time I used an Emitter as a Pommel but you’ll note it isn’t lit yet, I had that idea a little later. Some people who know me and my designs may notice this has a different coloured blade from when I first displayed it. I thought later a yellow blade worked better, but here are two pictures of earlier variants..

So this was my first foray into Themed Saber designs. I went on to design hilts based on sports teams, movies, comic book heroes and a series of sabers dedicated to Wrestling stars (One wrestler was a member of the forum!). I will post more of these designs in upcoming galleries but for now thanks for checking this design out!

Batman and related names are Trademark/©Copyright of DC Comics.

Borommakot’s Martyr Lightsaber

Another busy saber enthusiast I have the pleasure of knowing is Borommakot. He has a large portfolio of designs and this was I believe, the first he actually purchased. There is a subtle elegance to the design, all the lines flow seamlessly and the dual-tone finish sets off the colour of the blade nicely. Once he got the special washers to align the parts as he wanted this saber turned into a real beauty, here are the render pictures…

As I mentioned Borommakot purchased this hilt and when he received it posted a review online and here are a few pictures he included of the actual hilt..

I would like to thank Borommakot for permission to post this fabulous saber for you all to see. I hope to add more of his designs in future, as I know he has a nice range of “Themed” sabers based on the Signs of the Zodiac.

Till my next post, thank you for looking in.

Jonnys95s10’s Resolve Lightsaber

Yes the name Jonnys95s10 should be familiar, it is the person who credited me with the honour of the “FTE” and “For Tyeth Emitter Pommel”. Jonny is a very creative designer himself and this is his design titled Resolve. The saber is very solid and would not look out of place on any Star Wars film set. He did not stop here with the build either, but more on that later, here are the initial pictures..

As I mentioned Jonny didn’t just stop here, when he received this saber he went on to modify it and make it even more his own. He tinkered with parts and has more improvements in store, but for now here is a second gallery of the actual hilt.


I think you’ll agree this is a really nice build and I thank Jonnys95s10 for sharing this beauty with us, and keep looking in as there will be updates in future!

Empire Droid Lightsaber

New photos have been released for the upcoming Star Wars story film Rogue One. They feature a new Astromech droid called C2-B5. What is striking about this android is the all black finish it has. This prompted me to design an all black hilt to celebrate the Empire finally “getting the droid they were looking for”?

This is called Empire Droid,

I imagined C2-B5 being owned by a Dark Lord and similarly to R2-D2 had the ability to store a Lightsaber for it’s owner to use in times of need. It will be interesting to see if C2-B5 builds as big a following as R2-D2 has. Who knows they may even have a (lightsaber?) battle between themselves. We will find out soon.

Till then thanks for looking in once again.

Star Wars, A Star Wars Story, Rogue One and related names are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

Trinity Lightsaber (designed for a friend)

I should have designed this saber a long time ago and I apologise to my friend who inspired this creation. He was a great friend to me on a forum where we both made a name for ourselves. We exchanged Memes to entertain our fellow members and discovered we shared a lot of common interests and tastes (especially comedy and music). I learnt that he had one of the most difficult jobs anyone could do in my opinion and I have great respect for him.

But now onto the saber I have designed for him, I named this design Trinity.

I hope my friend likes this saber. I want to thank him for his friendship and advice (I did eventually gain the courage to act on it, hence I now produce this website). Until next time, thank you all for looking in.