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(V)isitor Lightsaber (Inspired by the 80’s miniseries)

Hello Everyone, today we are going to have more “Visitors” as I look back on a TV miniseries that spawned a full length series and multiple movies. That show is about a race of aliens who are in search of chemicals and materials to help save their dying planet. They arrive in 50 large saucer shaped ships which position themselves over the major metropolises of the world. They proclaim to come in peace and an agreement with Earth’s Heads of State ensure they are welcomed as friends but shortly strange events begin to unfold. A television news cameraman sneaks aboard one of the alien’s motherships and the whole charade is brought to light. The series is of course “V” which aired in 1983, though the younger viewers may be more aware of the 2009-2011 version starring Morena Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort. The aliens were called “Visitors” as is my saber…(V)isitor…

The Visitors appeared humanoid except for having to wear protective sunglasses and that their voices had a strange resonance. However the beautiful leader Diana and her followers hid a much scarier secret and fascade, beneath their human skin lay their real identity, carnivorous reptilians! This saber represents their secret identity and I tried to make the saber look reptilian and gnarly. The blade is the same colour as the famous graffiti scrawled logo “V” of the show but also helps make the emitter stand out. The emitter has two shell like shrouds that slant towards each other forming, yes, a “V” shaped groove. The remainder of the hilt resembles the scaly skin and features of the exposed aliens. The grip is shaped for a more claw like hand to handle it so it is still usable by the aliens. The red blade also signifies the red jumpsuit uniforms the aliens wore, though in the recent reboot the uniforms were changed to blue for some reason!

Well I am afraid we are approaching the end of this post but the battle between the people of Earth and the Visitors raged on through many episodes and spin off films. Who would have thought the aliens would turn on us after we held a welcome parade for them…the marching band even performed the Star Wars theme! Oh well, I am out of time now but I hope you will be a visitor again and return to my site to see more new saber designs, thank you for looking in today. Till next time.

(P.S. May I thank ALL of the people who have visited this site, we have officially passed the 2000 views mark in less than 5 months. Your support is much appreciated.)

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Staff of J-Far (Staff inspired by Stargate SG1)

Hello Everyone, after the slight change to my schedule yesterday to introduce Christopher Walkden I am returning to my planned posts. If I were to mention Richard Dean Anderson, gadgets and adventures, what would you think of?….(MacGyver!) Er, no not quite, I was thinking more along the lines of the extra-terrestrial exploration series Stargate SG1. The show centres around a covert Government team that have possession of a piece of alien technology that allows them to teleport between planets, this tech is called the Stargate. However as with most transportation devices, it can be used to travel in BOTH directions and one particular person came back from another world. This visitor was called Teal’c from the planet Chulak. He was a high ranking official on his planet but became disillusioned with his race and joined the SG1 team who had been captured on Chulak. After helping the team to escape, he became a member of the squad. The warrior ranks of his race used a particular weapon called a Ma’Tok, a 2m long staff that fired bolts of energy from an emitter. Sounds like something I could try to replicate in the ASP builder, so here is my attempt. This is Staff of J_Far…

“This is a weapon of terror. It’s made to intimidate the enemy.” ―Jack O’Neill

The real Ma’Tok staff has very strong Egyptian and Snake-like design cues and I tried my best to recreate the look. The emitter of the Ma’Tok is actually a pod made of two halves which separate to reveal the barrel and allow the weapon to fire. When opened I thought it looked a little like the double axe bladed emitter in the builder, though this emitter can’t open/close (but someone clever might be able to modify one!). The staff extends with a smooth body section leading to the lower body grip. Here I used a part with a series of parallel lines cut into it, making the handle look as if it had scales, like the Cobra snake I believe the original prop may have been influenced by. The staff is finished off with a pommel that actually glows in the series according to descriptions I’ve read (though I never saw that in the episodes I have seen). I hope I came pretty close to making a staff Teal’c might use.

I am afraid it is time to go back through the Stargate (I wonder if there is a route to Coruscant!) as this post is coming to a close. Thank you for looking in on this design and my next offering is inspired by a Sci-Fi mini series of the 80’s, so I hope you will “Visit” to see it. Till next time.

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Nion Rebel by Christopher Walkden

Hello Everyone, I have something a bit different today, a design from a new Guest Designer. Recently a new member joined the Google+ community I help moderate on. His name is Christopher Walkden, and yes we all had to take a second look thinking it read Christopher Walken! It wasn’t the actor but Christopher has some talents of his own. He is currently writing a screenplay for a fan-film and decided to create some lightsaber designs for his characters using Saberforge’s virtual builder. Christopher’s story is slightly different than normal as it is based on Earth because his lead character is in exile. The young Jedi fled after the murder of his Master and whilst hiding from his pursuers, he trains in the ways of the Force. As you will know young Jedi have to build their own weapon as part of that training, this is the design Christopher came up with, this is Nion Rebel…

This is a nice, elegant saber. You can tell some thought has gone into it by the way the parts compliment each other and “flow” from emitter to pommel. There are no things to get in the way of handling the saber such as activation boxes or decorative pieces (called Greeblies) making this a comfortable saber to duel with. In fact it looks like a modernised weapon of a Roman gladiator with the hand guard around the emitter. Sometimes less is more! I think Christopher has a good eye for detail and that will help him with his fan film, which I hope to be able to share news of with you here.

I hope you liked this design and leave a comment or two of encouragement for Christopher as he begins his adventure in film making. I’d like to thank him for supporting FTSabersite and to you my regular visitors also. I will return to my scheduled posts next time and would be pleased if you could join me. Till next time.

Nion Rebel is ©Copyright of Christopher Walkden and is used here with permission. This website and contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016.

Sagittarius Staff – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everyone, today I would like to get back to a section of the site I have neglected recently (well I got side-tracked actually) and return to the Guest Designers! I am going to bring to you another of the fantastic Zodiac Series of sabers from Borommakot. At this time of year if you are celebrating your birthday (like me shortly) you will have been born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur Archer. I never realised how much I resembled the attributes of the sign. Looking at the details I was a track athlete when I was at school and I was very good at shooting, archery and even darts! But I digress, we are talking about sabers here and so I present to you Borommakot’s Sagittarius Staff…

I really like this design as Borommakot made the staff look a bit like a compound bow. The staff is obviously symmetrical but the little detail of lining the activation boxes on the switch sections just gives the illusion the staff has curves in it. It is subtle but inspired! The green blades are projected from two elegant fluted emitters which in themselves look like turrets of a medieval castle of ye olde times. The central body section has a nice plain brown leather grip with two inlaid bands either end, almost Celtic looking. As with most staffs, this appears as though it would be well balanced and a formidable weapon out in the field!

Regrettably we are near the end of this post but I would like to direct your attention towards Borommakot’s YouTube channel, where he showcases his videos under the name of daftPirate. He has many video gaming videos and some unboxing videos of his sabers he designed and bought for himself, so please take a moment or two and check him out. Here is a link to daftPirate’s YouTube Channel for your convenience. Be sure to call back to FTSabersite however as I have the privilege of welcoming a NEW Guest Designer tomorrow. Thank you for your support once more. Till next time.

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Inferno Lightsaber (for a Rescue Robot)

Hello Everyone, as I brought to you the Law Enforcer of the Transformers, it only seemed fair that I bring to you a saber that belongs to the fire fighter of the Autobots, Inferno! Now Inferno was one half of a pair of robots who represented the fire department, the other being Red Alert, but Inferno was the fire engine! Inferno loved to fight fires and would be the first on scene should a conflagration (Wow, that’s a big word Tyeth!) break out, however if a FIRE FIGHT broke out he would be even quicker to respond to it! Inferno had a fire proof armoured body and fire retardant equipped blaster, but he didn’t have a saber….until now! I have come up with a weapon that may help save a few lives as well as defend a few, this is simply titled INFERNO…

Again with this design I tried to tie it into the look of the character. Did you guess what I based it on? If not don’t worry, I tried to recreate the fire fighting hose and nozzle that all fire trucks carry. The emitter and switch represent the nozzle of the hose itself, reinforced by the white blade that looks like the torrent of water gushing out from it. Another little detail is the ridges on the switch section which look like the rungs of a ladder. The body of the saber is meant to represent the old style canvas hoses, in the way the leather grip is wrapped around the hilt. A coupler connects the two body parts to give the saber some length and leverage. To complete the look, the saber is finished with a pommel that resembles the locking mechanism for connecting the lengths of hose together. This weapon should be more than capable of defending Inferno against the Decepticons and be able to cut through the rubble and debris of a building engulfed in fire!

Now the fire has been extinguished, the humans are safe, Inferno can call it a day. Sadly this brings to an end this post too, but I hope you enjoyed this design and will return to see more in upcoming posts. I have the return of the Borommakot Zodiac series, in case you thought I had forgotten it but for now let me say thank you for supporting this site. Till next time.

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Prowler Lightsaber (Law Enforcer Transformer)

Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the trip to Mystic Falls as today we are returning to the world of the Autobots and Decipticons. I am about to introduce you to the Law Enforcer of the Autobots, Prowl. This Autobot was rebuilt by their spaceship, The Ark, into the form of a highway patrol vehicle. With the Decepticons not following rules, I thought Prowl could benefit from a Lightsaber, I mean he doesn’t have a Nightstick, so here is my design for him. Here is Prowl(er)  1701…

This saber I hope gives off a Law Enforcer type vibe. I used parts to resemble the lighting bar found on the roof of police patrol cars and gave the saber red and blue lighting to match the lights. There are two switch units as I had the idea that this saber could be used as a single bladed weapon, but should the need arise Prowl could ignite a second blade (which would eject the plug in the pommel). This would surprise the Decepticons! I think I should add a siren to this saber as well, or at least program the electronics to recreate the noise. Now some people may wonder what the numbers mean in the saber’s title. Well that is to acknowledge a friend of mine who I know from the Ultrasabers company’s forum. I am also a member of this forum and there is a member who suggested I join, and he is a Transformers fan with the forum name of Prowl1701. This saber is my thank you to him.

This brings to an end this post, I hope you liked my homage to Prowl. Believe it or not, I still have more designs to post so I hope you will return to see those. Thanks to all of you for looking in and supporting this site and don’t forget you can leave comments below. There are also widgets in the menu bars to request email notifications when I update the site! Till next time.

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El Enna Lightsaber (A Saber for an Undead Heroine)

Hello Everyone, It has been brought to my attention that a famous TV show, and part of popular culture is sadly coming to an end shortly. The show’s fans are in the build up to the final episode of the final season, however I think the programme will live on for much longer, a bit like it’s central characters. These main characters are the Vampire (and part time female vampire) Damon and Elena of Mystic Falls. Of course I am referring to The Vampire Diaries, adapted from the novels and shown on CW Network. The story tells of Elena, a descendant of a lady called Amara, and her relationship with Damon who is a vampire. There are many twists and turns throughout the story spanning centuries, but for a breed of humans that survive as long as vampires do, then they will need a suitable weapon for the future. This is my design for a weapon for the heroine of the story, Elena, this is El Enna…

As you can see I based the saber’s colour scheme on one of the show’s promotional photos of Nina Dobrev, the talented actress who portrays Elena. The red blade signifies the blood that runs through the centuries and the story’s characters. The leather grip and gloss black handle match Nina’s outfit perfectly even down to the satin band running the length of her trousers! (Who knew I was aware of fashion?). The pommel is a part called the Relic pommel in the builder and has a look of antiquity and age to it, almost Gothic in this case. The emitter represents the Vampire’s natural weapon, their fangs! Overall the saber also shares the colours of the show’s logo.

Sadly this is nearly the end of this presentation, and the TV show itself. But the show will have a loyal legion of fans and a following for years to come which means I will be able to get the show on my entertainment device to watch over and fill in any gaps I missed! So I want to thank all of you for taking time to visit the site and hope you will return for more designs in the future and I will leave the fans of Mystic Falls one last picture, which shows I may have to reconsider giving Elena a Lightsaber! Till next time.

Ooops what have I done?

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Madness Lightsaber (For Mrs Foley’s Little Boy)

Hello Everyone, as advertised I am about to bring you the second half of the Tag Team known as The Rock and Sock Connection. This means I need to introduce you to Mrs Foley’s Little Boy, Mick Foley. Mick Foley was a fan of wrestling and managed to get tickets to see a show at Madison Square Gardens where he saw a Cage Match, where the ring is surrounded by a 15 foot tall cage structure. After seeing Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka perform a diving move from the top of this cage to win the match, Mick realised he wanted to be a grappler. He began by wrestling in his backyard and sending home movies of his antics to the wrestling companies. He eventually became a professional and was hired by the WWF (now WWE). Mick performed as a mad escapee of an asylum, called Mankind. Mankind wore a leather mask, ripped clothing and was famous for taking big risks, usually falling from great heights. I felt that he deserved a saber and this is the design I call Madness…

Mick was famous for “No Holds Barred” matches that took place all around the arena and usually ended up in the stadium’s boiler-room, so I made the hilt weathered to look grimy as if it had just been found in a basement. The orange blade represents the fires in the boilers. The brown leather grip represents the facemask and leggings Mankind wore. The saber has the same part used on both ends which makes the saber look somewhat symmetrical, almost like a capsule or tablet, which I thought looked a bit like the medication which Mankind probably took in the asylum. Now I have rattled on quite a bit and not explained the Sock, well in Mankind’s tortured mind he created friends for himself which sometimes became real. One particular “friend” was called Mr Socko which turned out to be sock puppet, which he kept in his wrestling tights! When Mankind was about to perform his winning move The Mandible Claw he would reach into his tights, pull out the sock then put the puppet on his hand and render his opponent unconscious. After a while Mankind would be teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the team “The Rock and Sock Connection” was born. This team was highly amusing and entertaining.

The Rock and Mankind aka Mick Foley

Mick Foley is now a successful children’s author and the Rock is well, The Rock. So this brings an end to this instalment, I have to go now and decide which saber I will bring to you next. I’d like to thank you for looking in and checking out Madness, including the new visitors I have had recently from as far away as Australia and Singapore! I hope you will tell your friends about FTSabersite and return for more new designs. Till next time.

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Brahma Lightsaber (Third Generation Saber)

Hello Everyone, earlier in the week I brought to you Kakau, a Disney Moana inspired saber. I also later found out after designing it that the character of Maui, who I created the saber for was voiced by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne is due to appear in another upcoming movie Fast and Furious 8 (release April 2017). It almost seems as if the most electrifying man in entertainment is trying to take over the world! He is everywhere it seems, but it wasn’t always like that. Dwayne Johnson started out following in his Father and Grandfather’s bootprints as a professional wrestler. His father was Rocky Johnson and his grandfather was very important as he was High Chief Peter Maivia. This link is important as Peter Maivia was a real Samoan High Chief and had tribal family tattoos which were the inspiration for the animated character his grandson, The Rock voices, Maui! So for someone with such a rich heritage I felt Dwayne needed a saber, this is the design I came up with, this is Brahma…

Back in 1996 at a Pay-per-View event called WWF Survivor Series, Rocky Maivia made his debut as a traditional Samoan wrestler, honest and hard working. He gained experience and even more confidence, leading to championship belts and success. With the success came a change in name, style and wardrobe. The saber is made using the colour scheme found in one of The Rock’s famous silk shirts, black with silver, white and blue patterns. The actual shape of the saber I thought looked like the US Bank Tower of the Los Angeles Hollywood skyline which can be seen in his entrance videos (The final picture in the gallery I created using a picture of the skyline as it’s background). The blade has an ocean blue colour to it (maybe I had a Force Vision and knew he was to play Maui 😀 ) and the FTE pommel shares that same shade. This was one of my first designs with the switch placed near the pommel which set a bit of a trend just like Rocky himelf.

I hope this saber was a success and represents The Rock well. Dwayne had success as a singles competitor but he was also part of a famous Tag Team so please come back for tomorrow’s post where we will meet his wrestling buddy and I’ll tell you about “The Rock and Sock Connection”! Thanks for looking in today, till next time.

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Abietes Conum Youngling Edition (Good and Bad versions)

Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a good day, mine has been “unusual” in that I had a conversation with someone in the Google Community I help moderate on. Nothing unusual about that, but they described me as “intelligent and cool”. I’ve never been considered as cool before! Anyhow, I must get on with business and I promised to bring you two versions of Abietes Conum Youngling and I aim to please. The first is as the title says the embodiment of good and I call this design AC Youngling Angel…

This a saber to inspire youngsters to do the right thing and to help people as opposed to the upbringing that youngsters of the Sith religion are given. Speaking of the Sith there is also a version for the not-so-good people, this is the design I call AC Youngling Korriban…

This saber version is named after the home world of the Sith movement. I haven’t designed this to promote bad behaviour, but to illustrate that for the Lightside to exist there has to be an opposite to compare/measure it against. It is this balance that the inhabitants of the Star Wars Universe are trying to achieve and preserve but as with all societies, there are always going to be elements within that alters the balance in one direction or the other. As long as there is this state of flux there will always be need for Lightsabers.

Hopefully that last sentence didn’t sound too pessimistic, I’m supposed to be “friendly, intelligent and cool”! I will end here and hope you have enjoyed the Youngling series of sabers, I may work on more in the future. Thank you for looking in and for your continued support. In upcoming posts I have a Rock and a Sock so please call back and I’ll explain all! Till next time.