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“Student”- A Saber for an Academy

Hello Everyone, today I have something a little different. As some of you may know I am active on another site called Lightsaber Combat on Google+. While moderating on this site I was introduced to a REAL Master of Martial Arts, Master Sensei Colin Bevan.


I learnt that Master Sensei Bevan also runs an Academy that teaches Aikido, and saber classes! I was mightily interested and impressed so I went to look at the Academy’s website. There I found a well presented site and I liked how the traditional martial arts, Sabers and the element of fun were carefully balanced to form a method of combat that promotes fitness and fun but still retains the values and disciplines on which martial arts are founded. I was inspired to create a design for Master Sensei Bevan and his Academy, this is Student…

I attempted to create a solid, uncomplicated design free of switch boxes and “Greeblies” that would get in the way of gripping the saber comfortably for duelling. I used my trademark FTE pommel to create a grip point at the base of the hilt for a traditional two-handed grip. I also located the switch section near the base so that the base hand thumb could operate the switches keeping the body free from obstruction. The hilt has a blue colour theme with the grip leather and blade colour as the Academy logo features a blue blade (there is also a Hasbro Anakin Skywalker lightsaber being wielded by Master Sensei Bevan in one of the site’s photos !)

These are a few quotes from the Academy website:

Master Sensei (Colin Bevan) started studying Aikido in the 1980s under the direction of Shihan Gwynne Jones (Shin Gi Tai). He gained the his Shodan in 1995 and Nidan in 1999.

Master Sensei started training joined the British Aikido Federation in 2008 and became the club assistant instructor in the Port Talbot club.  He currently holds the rank of Sandan under the direction of Sensei Don Morgan.

Master Sensei has a CRB check and has been instructing juniors and seniors for the past 10 years.

If you are interested and are near to Neath in Wales then please check out the Academy’s website for details of classes and party events and show your support to a REAL Master. I have a link to the Academy HERE or use the one provided in the Blogroll in the sidebar!

Finally I would like to thank Master Sensei Bevan for his insights and contributions to Lightsaber Combat forum and the hobby generally, I wish him continued success.

EDIT: This article has been revised by For Tyeth (20/10/2016)

“The Icon” – A lightsaber for the wrestler STING

Hello Everyone, this is my next offering, and as promised it is a Scorpion and wrestling themed design so …

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s the MAIN EVENT of the evening!

In this instalment I pay tribute to one of the most respected wrestlers in the business. He also resisted joining the biggest company in order to help build and establish TWO new wrestling companies, TNA and WCW! He became a legend at WCW and was instrumental in establishing a show called Monday Night Nitro. So much was he respected he was nicknamed the “Franchise of WCW”, “The Stinger” and is more commonly known as STING!

I attempted to capture the essence of a Scorpion and incorporate details to represent the wrestler also. To begin the saber has a brilliant white blade and a clawed emitter. Sting became synonymous with the famous “Crow” black and white colour scheme after he confronted the NWO and the Wolfpack factions and was forced to make a tactical retreat. on many occasions he was seen lurking in the rafters of the WCW Nitro Arena. He then used guerrilla tactics and attacked the bad guys one at a time! The body of the saber represents his padded leggings, which in turn were inspired by Masahiro Chono and were reportedly manufactured by NASA! The pommel is attached to the saber with a coupler that resembles the segmented tail, while the pommel itself is meant to look like the Scorpion’s stinging barb.

This saber was bitter sweet to design as I found out just I finished it, that the wrestler known as Sting had announced his in-ring retirement. Steve Borden as he was born, started out wrestling as one part of the tag-team called the Bladerunners (apt name!) and remained at the top of the business as Sting and I followed his career. I want to thank him for the sacrifices he made and the memories he gave me over the decades.

So for one last time let him shout, “IT’S….SHOWTIME!……WOOOOOOoooooo!”

Till next time thanks for looking in on this creation, I hope you liked it.

WCW, NWO and Wolfpack are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/Titan Sports.

The names “Sting” and “The Stinger” are Trademark/©Copyright of Steve Borden (Sting).


Scorpio – A Borommakot Zodiac Saber


Hello Evereyone, as promised here is the second Zodiac sign saber for October from the talented Borommakot. This of course has to be Scorpio, and I am going to grumble, grumble and grumble again. Since Borommakot designed this saber, Saberforge altered the ASP virtual builder, so when I went to take the pictures for the gallery,the saber had changed slightly! Once more I will include both the pictures Borom supplied to me and the gallery pictures I created. Grumble, grumble…etc. Enough grumbling here is Scorpio..

Again I still think this is a nice elegant saber, though the little detailing points that were lost when Saberforge updated their parts is frustrating. I loved the subtle black ring and surround on the switch then it was replaced by the latter, blocky two tone design. However this saber leads smoothly to introduce the next saber I am going to posr. Scorpio is based on the awesome creature the Scorpion, well there is a professional wrestler who based his character on the awesome Scorpion and it is his tribute saber I will highlight next.

I am indebted to Borommakot once more for allowing me to display his work here so thank you my friend. Till next time.

This saber design belongs to Borommakot and is used here with permission. Guest Designers’s work and content on this site is ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016.

Libra – A Borommakot Zodiac Saber

Today I will continue the birthday theme and bring to you the next in my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac Series. And as it is mid October, of course the saber is for the sign of Libra. Now before I go further I will point out that since Borommakot designed this staff, Saberforge altered the parts in the ASP designer and the beautiful gold accents on the emitter parts used were replaced by not so inspiring black parts. I will include a before and after picture as I didn’t have a full set of pictures for the gallery. I make a point of making sure the designs I create (and post by other members of the community) are possible without Photo-Editing the pics as some people do. So now here I present Borom’s Libra Saberstaff..

I think it goes without saying that this design is BALANCED (sorry zodiac joke, I couldn’t help myself!). I also think that the original gold accents set the emitters off nicely with the amber coloured blades but alas SF decided that black was better! In the next in the series black definitely will be better as Borommakot has a beauty lined up with Scorpio. I hope you will return to see that one.

But for now I will take the opportunity to thank Borom again for allowing me to display his creations here and to remind viewers that you can see more of him on his YouTube channel, where he is known as daftPirate! He has videos on his Lightsabers and computer gaming. Here is a link:

daftPirate YouTube Channel

Till next time.

The Libra Saberstaff design belongs to Borommakot and is used with permission. This site and content is © FTSabersite 2016.


Augury Lightsaber – An Omen

Now that yesterday’s birthdays have been celebrated I need to get back to the serious business and that of course, is coming up with new saber designs. I realised that very soon the “birth” of the character For Tyeth will be approaching. I have been through quite a bit in this past year. I received my first “custom lightsaber”, made a name for myself and made many friends on a forum, then was let down by people I thought were friends which led to me creating this site. I will be honest those events saddened me but on For Tyeth’s birthday I will celebrate and move forward knowing I have survived and (hopefully) grown to be a better person. In recognition of this personal development I decided to create a new saber foretelling of changing times ahead, this is Augury…

This saber is made from the body of a Saberforge model called the Epoch, the emitter is from the model called Sinister Prophecy. Combining these two parts I came up with the idea of foretelling a new future because Epoch is the word for a period of time, like a millennia while the word Prophecy refers to a possible future outcome. This I condensed into Augury, or an omen, the sign of a coming event or happening.

I will progress onward and upward, all the while pushing myself to come up with more ideas which of course will be available to view here. So thank you for your support for this site and please visit again. Till next time.

Bombad Birthdays! (to two special people!)

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You!

Yes two special people are celebrating their birthdays today. The first is Boss Nass…Sorry I mean the voice of Boss Nass, the legendary Brian Blessed! This fantastic actor who brought us the iconic line, “Gordon’s Alive!” and appeared in numerous TV and film roles is 80 today (hope he doesn’t mind me saying). So I wish him, (and ok Boss Nass)…boss-nass-bombad-birthday-2

And also celebrating today is very dear friend of mine whom I won’t embarrass by naming but who has been a great support to me since I met them. I hope you receive all you could wish for. Enjoy your birthday card!

Now for the saber fans out there I will post another entry in a little while! Till then thanks for looking in, see you soon.

Explorer LC Lightsaber (inspired by Lara Croft)

Hello Everyone, I haven’t posted in a few days, sorry ’bout that. I had an invitation to go an adventure which took me out of communication range. I was asked to stay at a holiday camp and when I got there I discovered that there was no Internet connection, mobile/cell phones only just had the range to operate, it was out in the wilderness of the Outer Rim of the UK. This sense of adventure I experienced triggered the designer in me and when I got back to civilisation I started on the 3d builder.

While switching between parts I noticed a colour scheme that reminded me of one of the most famous explorers of all time (albeit the creation of a talented computer games studio). The image that popped into my head was of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider games from Eidos. The connection was so strong I thought it would be a great “Crossover” design, so here is ExplorerLC…

I thought the design had a nice edge of technology and tribal elements. The clawed emitter is reminiscent of a torch like the sort seen in movies hanging on cave walls. The colour of the blade and the metallic strips on the switch section match the colour scheme used for the Anniversary Edition of the Tomb Raider game. The black, amber and metallic sections seem to blend nicely and I can picture Lara with her trademark pistol in one hand and ExplorerLC in the other cutting through the jungle undergrowth and discovering an Inca (or Jedi) temple!

I will finish here with a word of caution, if someone you know offers you a free holiday in the Redwoods Retreat, don’t do what I did and get excited thinking you’re gonna get to go to the National Park (famous for it’s giant Redwood trees) where Return of the Jedi’s scenes on Endor were filmed. I discovered the Redwoods Retreat was the name of the section of the caravan/trailer park I was staying in! Anyway, the few days in the countryside did me a world of good and recharged my batteries for more designs.

I hope you enjoyed this one and please come back for future posts, I have checked my stats and discovered that this site has had visitors from Hong Kong and the  Philippines recently and I want to thank you all for visiting.

Tomb Raider (Anniversary), Lara Croft are Trademarks/©Copyright of Eidos Entertainment. Star Wars, Endor and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

Aggressive Negotiator Lightsaber (the weapon of a forthright Jedi)

Hello Everyone, this design is one of the new creations I mentioned a few posts back. Certain parts within the ASP builder, to me, have a personality or aura to them. Every now and then I will have a part lined up and then I’ll select a connecting piece and the result turns out pretty nice. This bit of luck then can bring out an idea which is what happened with this saber. The first part I had lined up was the body section, an aggressive, no nonsense looking piece, by the time I added the remaining parts I had Aggressive Negotiator..

The body piece as you can see is striking and the block pattern is loosely based on the shape of an old World War Two era hand grenade (the grenade was nicknamed the “Pineapple” for obvious reasons). These types of body section in Lightsaber designing are known as Grenade Grips. The switch section actually comes from Darth Maul’s famous double bladed Lightsaber staff, again an aggressive weapon. This combination along with the clawed emitter finishes the saber, the only part not being overly mean looking is the pommel, which I chose as it’s rings matched the body section! The saber is nice and clean, as if cared for and has a Jedi coloured blade. This could be the weapon of a determined, no nonsense negotiator sent to settle disputes throughout the galaxy.

I hope you enjoyed this offering. If you did maybe you could tell others about this site and maybe leave a comment or like, all of which would be much appreciated. As mentioned in other posts I still have a lot of other designs in my portfolio to come and more from my fantastic friends and Guest Designers here, so please check back and see what’s next!

Lightsaber designs posted here are ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016. Guest Designer creations are ©Copyright of the Guest Designer and used with permission.

Cowboys Lightsaber (my NFL team)

I understand some viewers, particularly in the United States of America think of English football as “Soccer” and to them the real football is played in the NFL! I am ok with that as I am a well travelled Jedi and actually support an NFL team, get ready to groan! Yes the Dallas Cowboys! Again I was a victim of circumstance in being chosen to support the ‘Boys but I will explain. Back in 1986, the NFL introduced the “International Game” which was played at Wembley Stadium in London England. The first featured the teams of Chicago and Dallas. In the UK all the promotion, media and fan attention was focused on the Chicago Bears. Everywhere you looked there were the blue and orange jerseys (see I didn’t call them shirts!) of Chicago, and one jersey in particular – William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s 72! Again, because I wanted to be different and all the jerseys were expensive and hard to obtain for a youngling I chose to support the Cowboys instead. Now I have the means to create saber designs I can honour “America’s Team” with their own lightsaber! Here is Cowboys..

As with Mancunian Red, there are a few design features linked to the Cowboys, starting with the emitter. The emitter reminds me of the supports that held up Texas Stadium (Yes I know they have moved to Arlington, but I did like the old home) with the claws. There is also the light blue blade to match the uniform’s colours. The main body of the hilt is silver again to represent the colours as is the Cobalt Blue leather grip. To round the hilt off there is a “Texas Stadium” pommel, the grooves representing the panels of the roof and the sound vent reminding me of the roof’s opening albeit without the “Laces” support beams!

So it was ironic that I was a goalkeeper who played as a wide receiver, who liked a team with a wide receiver called Gordon Banks (Gordon Banks is also the name of the England Football team goalkeeper of the 60’s who prevented Pele from scoring famously!). We didn’t win that first Wembley game but hopefully this saber proves to be a winner.

I hope you enjoyed this offering and return in future to see more, I appreciate your visits. Till next time…..GO BOYS!   sorry!

Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and all NFL related names, logos and materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the NFL and their respective owners.

Mancunian RED Lightsaber

Having posted the Golden Warrior saber yesterday reminded me that after all this time I hadn’t created a design for “my team” yet! I have now fixed that and present it here.

Who are my team? Well the title may give a clue and yes I support Manchester United Football Club. Now there is a lot of ridicule if you support this team, some people accuse you of being a “Glory Hunter” or they will say “why don’t you support a team in the town you come from?”, that sort of thing. In my defence I am proud to say my support began way back in 1983 when the first big match I got to see was Manchester United vs Brighton and Hove Albion. This was a BIG match, this match was the F.A. Cup! (Sorta like a Superbowl!).

My mother managed to buy the last Manchester United scarf in the local market (because she had never heard of Brighton’s team, Sorry!) and I became a fan of Manchester Utd. It didn’t start smoothly however, as the first match resulted in a 2-2 draw, and as there was no extra time periods like in other sports the match had to be replayed. Manchester Utd won this match comfortably 4-0! I should stop reminiscing and get on to showing you all the saber, so here is Mancunian RED..

Manchester United’s nickname is “The Red Devils” which can be seen on their crest, and this saber has a Treble (the word Treble will be mentioned again shortly!) clawed emitter to represent the Devil character’s Trident. The body has a Manchester United red leather grip to look like their iconic shirts. Now a little bit of history. Some observant viewers may have noticed the three black rings near the grip, this represents Manchester United’s achievement of winning THREE tournament cups in one season. They won the English Premier League Trophy, The Football Association Cup (F.A. Cup) and as champions of England took part in the European Champions’ League competition and became champions of Europe! This was the famous year of  The Treble in 1999. The team and their manager, the great Sir Alex Ferguson became legends.

They weren’t however the first legends at this most famous club as the observant viewers will have noticed the black accents on this hilt and the lighted pommel. Back in the fifties another famous group of players sadly met tragedy. This group were “The Busby Babes”, a young team that were destined to be the force to beat in years to come. Their manager was the legendary Sir Matt Busby. The team were flying home from a European match and had to stop in Munich for fuel, unfortunately bad weather closed in around the airport. The pilot attempted to resume the flight home but the conditions caused the aircraft to run off the end of the runway, killing 23 of the passengers including most of the team. As a sign of respect black markings were added to the team’s kit and this saber also wears black in their memory and has a beacon of light in the pommel. As indelible as the date of February 6th 1958.

Manchester United rebuilt and went on to become the giant heart and soul of the game it is today so thank you for taking the time to look at this very personal saber for me.

Manchester United Football Club (MUFC), The Red Devils and all logos are Trademark/©Copyright of Manchester United F.C.