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I am a Star Wars fan and Lightsaber enthusiast who discovered a talent for designing Lightsabers. I am now into my eighth year of running my blog and have still got more designs to display. But more importantly, I have made a lot of new friends along my journey so far. So please have a look around I hope we get to chat.

Jonnys95s10’s Resolve Lightsaber

Yes the name Jonnys95s10 should be familiar, it is the person who credited me with the honour of the “FTE” and “For Tyeth Emitter Pommel”. Jonny is a very creative designer himself and this is his design titled Resolve. The saber is very solid and would not look out of place on any Star Wars film set. He did not stop here with the build either, but more on that later, here are the initial pictures..

As I mentioned Jonny didn’t just stop here, when he received this saber he went on to modify it and make it even more his own. He tinkered with parts and has more improvements in store, but for now here is a second gallery of the actual hilt.


I think you’ll agree this is a really nice build and I thank Jonnys95s10 for sharing this beauty with us, and keep looking in as there will be updates in future!

Empire Droid Lightsaber

New photos have been released for the upcoming Star Wars story film Rogue One. They feature a new Astromech droid called C2-B5. What is striking about this android is the all black finish it has. This prompted me to design an all black hilt to celebrate the Empire finally “getting the droid they were looking for”?

This is called Empire Droid,

I imagined C2-B5 being owned by a Dark Lord and similarly to R2-D2 had the ability to store a Lightsaber for it’s owner to use in times of need. It will be interesting to see if C2-B5 builds as big a following as R2-D2 has. Who knows they may even have a (lightsaber?) battle between themselves. We will find out soon.

Till then thanks for looking in once again.

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Trinity Lightsaber (designed for a friend)

I should have designed this saber a long time ago and I apologise to my friend who inspired this creation. He was a great friend to me on a forum where we both made a name for ourselves. We exchanged Memes to entertain our fellow members and discovered we shared a lot of common interests and tastes (especially comedy and music). I learnt that he had one of the most difficult jobs anyone could do in my opinion and I have great respect for him.

But now onto the saber I have designed for him, I named this design Trinity.

I hope my friend likes this saber. I want to thank him for his friendship and advice (I did eventually gain the courage to act on it, hence I now produce this website). Until next time, thank you all for looking in.

Cade – The Last Skywalker Lightsaber

Cade Skywalker was the last known descendent of Luke Skywalker. Cade however struggled with his connection to the Force and became a pirate and bounty hunter before being drawn back into the conflict between Light and Dark. One of the most powerful Sith Dark Lords, Darth Krayt wanted to cleanse the galaxy and begin a new era with him as it’s leader. Krayt tried to turn Cade to the Dark side as he knew Skywalker was a threat and powerful. A climactic battle ensued…

I won’t reveal the ending but I will display my interpretation of Cade Skywalker’s hilt. I call this Cade – The Last Skywalker.


I think this is a good representation of Cade’s Lightsaber, I hope you liked it.

Darth Krayt and Cade Skywalker appear in Star Wars Legacy and are Trademark/©Copyright of Dark Horse Comics.

Saberstaff Design Lightsaber

A new promotion has been launched at Saberforge (around the 28th August) and their advertising material features a double bladed Saberstaff. It caused a stir on Saberforge’s forum page and some members asked if it was possible to build and if so how they would go about it.

Well, I always like to rise to a challenge and so I came up with my version of the weapon on display. One of the parts isn’t available in the virtual builder so I substituted the part for another but I feel it still looks pretty similar, hence why I am not claiming this as my design, just proving to everyone these designs are possible.(Though when building one in real life you will need some knowledge of how to assemble the parts and electronics!) Here is my version of their staff..

As mentioned above this is just my recreation of the Resilient Saberstaff in Saberforge’s promotional material.

And again I am NOT employed or connected to Saberforge.

Kubo Inspired Katana Lightsaber “Glowing Edge”

Hello Everyone,

I am a bit of an old guy and sometimes struggle to keep up with current movie releases and popular culture (I have to keep up my lightsaber training and designing!) but I have discovered this…

There is a new animated film titled “Kubo and the Two Strings” which heavily features a traditional Katana. I did notice however that the blade is depicted as very shiny or glowing, so I decided to design a “replica”. This is “Glowing Edge”


Hopefully I have done this design justice,

Kubo and the Two Strings is a Trademark/©Copyright of Laika Entertainment.

LS Combat Community Lightsaber

This design I created for the Google+ Community which my friend Master Eddlyss Arceane founded. He then honoured me by asking to help him Moderate his group as he was familiar with my past experience and work. I wanted to create something that was striking and looked modern. I am pleased to say the Community members liked the saber so I will share it here.

I made the saber more comfortable by positioning the activation switch at the pommel, allowing for a two-handed grip while giving it a streamlined look.

I have included a link to the Google+ Community, called Lightsaber Combat, in the sidebar Blogroll. Lightsaber Combat has some great folks on it including a member who runs their own Lightsaber Academy!

Savannah95’s Blinding Light Lightsaber

This is the next design from Savannah95’s collection. I particularly like this saber as there is a nice balance between the black and aluminium parts. My favourite thing about this saber is the grooves on the switch section appear to run “through” the hilt and can be seen in the grip of the handle (as seen in the Reverse Detail picture). This is reminiscent of the grooves in Qui-gon Jinn’s saber.

Once more thank you to Savannah95 for allowing me to post this design. I hope everyone has enjoyed these designs so far and there will be more from this talented lady in the future.

Jedi Master Skywalker Nex Gen Lightsaber

As Ezra Bridger has developed in Star Wars Rebels, so too have other Star Wars characters, namely Luke Skywalker. I decided to design an improved saber for the Jedi Master, as a “what if?” concept. I felt Luke would modify his hilt from Return of the Jedi during the approximate 30 years till the new film’s events. We didn’t see the famous green bladed weapon in The Force Awakens however it could have looked something like this…I call this saber “Temple”

This saber uses the original emitter but I added another variation of the FTE pommel. Hopefully we will get to see Master Skywalker wield his saber again in Episode 8, maybe he will have a new weapon, personally I can’t wait to find out.

Star Wars and all related content are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney Lucasfilm.

Junction Saber (Ezra Tribute)

This is one of my newest designs. It is inspired by the new lightsaber the hero of Star Wars Rebels uses in series three. As Ezra Bridger has become older he has a new saber, a possible sign of maturity and development of his abilities. I call this saber “Junction” as he faces further decisions over which direction his life is to travel.


“Ezra Bridger” and “Star Wars Rebels” are Trademarks/Copyright of Disney Lucasfilm.