“Speedster – Flame” a proper Hot-Rod Speeder!

Hello Everybody and welcome to today’s offering and this time it is scorching hot! Well, it is painted in a hot colour scheme…. You may recall I have designed a new Speeder-bike style vehicle based on the BARC Speeder-Bikes and I have shown you a few variants in different colour schemes and model types (the double sidecar for example). Today I felt that I wanted to show off a true “Hot-Rod” styled Speedster with a flaming paint job. I know that George Lucas (remember him? The guy that created Star Wars…before Disney?) had a love of custom cars and hot-rods and so I decided on this version in tribute. Lucas’ first major film was a movie titled “American Graffiti” and it featured a (very) young Harrison Ford and a certain Ron Howard. It was a “coming of age” comedy-drama centred around the culture of “Cruising” and Rock ‘n’ Roll which were popular within Lucas’ generation. It was also produced whilst Lucas was working on his other sci-fi movie “THX-1138”. Anyhoo, I have babbled on about the background and need to showcase the new Speedster, here is Gallery One…..

This Speedster comes in a classic black, trimmed with red and features a neat flame pattern on the Cameo pendent shaped upper fuselage panel and the two outrigger wing plates. I was able to colour match the flame textures to the material I used in Blender on the model textures so they are almost seamless. Whilst I was rendering the images however I discovered I had made a mistake and had created some pictures of an earlier version which has the flames going vertically up on the panels BUT on one or two images I had made a modification which I forgot and placed the flames horizontal. I didn’t want to have to re-render the images so we will have to pretend and imagine the flames aren’t painted but are really pixelated display panels (like you see in window displays and at sports stadiums, you know Diamond Screens)….and the flames react and move in sync with the Speedster’s moves. For example as the Speedster takes off….

Whilst the Speedster is resting on the ground the flames go vertical but as it lifts up and starts to move forward the flames rotate and display horizontally as if blown by the rush of wind! OK? We don’t make mistakes here…we just have (Bob Ross the artist’s) Happy Accidents! Besides I think the streaking flames look good. I hope you do to as I’m afraid this post has to be a short one again and I will have to end soon. Once more I need to re-assure you that I still have much more to come in future posts including the Puss in Boots darkside inspired version, a repaint of a TIE-Defender, another Marvel movie Katana…and a saber based on a very famous landmark building found somewhere on Earth!

And now I have to say my usual big thanks to everyone for sticking by me and FTSabersite through this unpredictable period I have been going through. I’ve not been 100% certain as to whether I was coming or going as I have been so busy, but I still managed to post. As Yoda said, “Do…or do not, there is no try!” So thank you for the support and whether you are a regular visitor/friend or are new to FTSabersite, you are all appreciated! Till next time…..

“Speedster – Flame” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the Speeder-Bike BARC vehicles seen in Star Wars The Clone Wars. The design, nodels and renderings were produced by For Tyeth in Blender 3D and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2023. “Speeder-Bike BARC” and all other names, logos, images and Star Wars related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.

9 thoughts on ““Speedster – Flame” a proper Hot-Rod Speeder!”

  1. Bob Ross and Americam Graffiti, 2 of my favourites. I like the piss yellow exhaust ports. There a real Duece

  2. Hi FT. Very cool design! First thing that came to my mind was that it reminded me of the Diablo Stallion from Grand Theft Auto III, one of my fave-looking cars in the GTA franchise.
    PS. Hope the secret mission is still going well 😎

    1. Diablo Stallion, GTA III…damn, Ford, that took me waay back!
      (Played every single one of them…still visiting V every now and then 🙂)

  3. Hello everyone, I finally managed to get a few spare minutes to get online and respond to you all. Thanks so much for the kind words as always. I did have George Lucas and American Graffiti in mind whilst doing this repaint. If I recall correctly there were cameo appearances by both Harrison Ford (his first movie appearance?) and a young Ron Howard….I think they also had parts to play later in the Star Wars movies as a scoundrel and a director! Thanks again and I’ll be posting back to normal soon with some epic tales!

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