Deadpool Katana saber – Inspired by the wise-cracking crusader

Hello Everybody, things are extremely hectic and stressful for me at the moment – the weather is terrible and I’m awaiting a vital parcel to be delivered to me. But in amongst al the upheaval and disruption to my normal routine I realised that I have met a famous mutant Anti-hero in the shape of Deadpool, at the comic con I attended last year but not done a Blender3D design for him . And Inow have a katana…but not a Deadpool themed katana….until now…

Lightsaber vs Katana? Not a fair fight really!

I discovered from my quick sparring session with Deadpool that a regular katana (or two as he uses a pair of blades) isn’t a match for my lightsaber so I felt bad and designed a set of hilts for him. These are Deadpool’s custom katana lightsabers…

I think the red, white and black colour scheme is very striking and I decided to include the Hamon inspired blade for this design. You will also see if you look closely that the pommel resembles the Deadpool logo complete with glowing white eyelets! And of course I had make a pair of sabers because DP uses two blades in a style similar to that of Ahsoka Tano (her Lightsaber Form or style is known as Jar Kai and uses a saber in each hand). It takes a lot of co-ordination to wield two sabers but after meeting DP I know he can cope!

So now I have rectified my oversight and bestowed my new friend with his sabers I’m afraid I will have to end this post early as I’m still waiting for the delivery I mentioned earlier and it is vital I get it. I will before I go say a big thank you to all of you who checked this saber out and for all the fantastic support, be it in the form of likes, comments or maybe even folks subscribing, it all means a lot and keeps me working. So whether you are new to FTSabersite or a regular….thank you! And next week I will be unveiling a completely original lightsaber for a special Jedi character….ME! I’ve finally designed one for myself, so I hope you’ll return to check it out! Till next time….

“Deadpool Katanas” are For Tyeth Editions created by For Tyeth in Blender 3D inspired by “Deadpool”. The design, 3D models and renders are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2023. The character “Deadpool” is a Marvel Studios creation and all names, logos, images and related materials belong to Marvel Studios.

6 thoughts on “Deadpool Katana saber – Inspired by the wise-cracking crusader”

    1. Hello Spira and many thanks. I did design a pair of swords for Deadpool way back in 2016 when I had to use an online web application to build “virtual” lightsabers using pre-designed parts (mix and match). The sabers looked like this:

      But since learning 3D modelling my imagination has been set free and I can build bespoke designs from scratch..
      And the parcel? I’ve had to arrange for it to be personally handed to me rather than sent by courier. I should get it on Monday….hopefully. Thanks again.

    1. Hi TVTA, thanks to you also. I just had to improve on the original designs that I just showed to Spira – though I have to say the originals were done 7 years ago now and with pre-made parts 😁

  1. Nice work on these twin sabers, Tyeth.
    I’m curious to see the saber you design for yourself!
    Have a good week, and I hope your package has arrived!

    1. Thanks Resa, yes I took your suggestion to heart and finally came up with a hilt for my character. After 500 sabers or so for everyone else it was about time I got round to the job!
      Hopefully I should get more news on Monday regards my package…maybe even a face to face handover of it. We shall see.
      Thanks again!

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